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Ten Hag calls Rashford’s trip to nightclub after derby defeat ‘unacceptable’ as player apologises

Erik ten Hag calls Marcus Rashford’s trip to a nightclub after derby defeat to Manchester City ‘unacceptable’ as the player apologises.

Rashford seen in nightclub hours after 3-0 loss, and while Erik ten Hag called it out in his press conference, he says, apart from that mistake, Rashford is “doing everything right to help team”.

The party, which happened last Sunday night, had been pre-planned, and attending the gathering didn’t stop Rashford from arriving on time for training on Monday.

Ten Hag wasn’t happy at the optics of Rashford being seen out in an exclusive Manchester nightspot, hours after he had played a part in his side’s poor showing in which Man Utd were comprehensively outclassed.

The manager refused to say whether Rashford, who turned 26 on the 31st of October, had been fined, saying it was an internal matter.

“Yes, I am aware of it, I spoke with him about it,” said Ten Hag when speaking with the media on Friday. “It’s unacceptable. I told him. He apologised. And that’s it. For the rest it’s an internal matter.”

The Manchester United forward, pictured here with fiancee Lucia Loi, went out clubbing after his side's derby defeat

This isn’t the first time Rashford has left Ten Hag disappointed.

In the 2022/23 season, the boss left him out of the starting line-up for a Premier League game at Wolves for oversleeping and arriving late to a team meeting.

But Ten Hag rejects suggestions that previous lapses mean Rashford isn’t matching the standards set by the manager.

“Your suggestion is not right,” Ten Hag said. “He’s fitting in [with Ten Hag’s policies]. He’s very motivated to put things right. I know which effort he’s putting in. He’s totally with us.

“He makes a mistake but it doesn’t say he isn’t fitting in. I see him every day, on the training, what he’s doing, I know. Make one mistake. But also, off the pitch what he’s doing, how he lives and I’m sure he’s doing everything right to help the team to perform and to let us win.”

Rashford’s form has also been questioned, scoring just once so far for United this season, coming in the match against Arsenal on the 3rd of September.

This is similar to the form we saw two years ago, seeing Rashford scored just five times.

He signed a five-year contract extension back in July 2023, with Ten Hag keeping the faith Rashford to turn it around.

“He has to be as close as possible to the opponents’ goal because that’s where his qualities are,” Ten Hag said.

“There, he is so important for us and will contribute so much to our success and so we have to get him there, as a team and an individual.

“Also he has to get his timings and movements right to arrive [in front of goal] in the right moments. I’m sure he will be back.”

Ten Hag also defended the character of his squad, who received jeers and boos on Wednesday after defeat to Man City was followed by another 3-0 loss at Old Trafford, this time to Newcastle in the Carabao Cup.

He says it’s not right to question his players’ character, despite the team losing eight of their first 15 matches this season.

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This is what Twitter users had to say as Ten Hag calls Rashford’s trip to a nightclub after the derby defeat ‘unacceptable’ as the player apologises…

@Wards187: Starting to like ten Hag more and more. He’s one of the only ones at the club fighting for the club. He’s making big mistakes as well but he’s clearly giving everything to try and wade through all the shit!

@DaveDeeney11: But why is it unacceptable? What’s this obsession with footballers not being allowed a social life? Maybe if egg head lightened up a bit performances would improve

@26Rjohnno: Hopefully this means he now has his excuse to drop him because constantly playing shit obviously isn’t a good enough reason

@RhysJL00: A man celebrating his birthday is “unacceptable” and you forced him to apologise? Yeah, it’s no wonder why no one puts a performance in on the pitch for this bald fraud 😂

@nhawkes55: Am I the only one that thinks it’s really stupid that they can’t enjoy them selfs just a bit

@softsoyboyy: So stupid. It was his birthday. And even if it wasn’t, still si stupid. These are human beings not playthings who get to have fun if they please fans. We cannot infantilize footballers like this, then expect them to act with maturity and leadership

@LeronSamuel: I’m so confused how this is a problem? Footballers have a life of their own as well. If you have a bad day at work you may like to go to a nightclub on the weekend or whatever it is you enjoy doing to take your mind off it.

@jackbradylyons: Sorry family, I can’t come to my own birthday party because we lost today 😵‍💫

@LukeRobboLFC78: Unacceptable for having fun and enjoying his life? Do some managers just expect players just to sit and home and do nothing until they retire?

@paulpmcg: Lad should be allowed to enjoy his birthday. Get over it.

@Michael98060695: Why is it unacceptable? It’s none of my employers business where I am on a Sunday night.

@cigarraider: Yes, I remember when I had a bad day at the office on my birthday and my boss couldn’t believe that I still celebrated my birthday.

@BroadbentChris: Erik ten Hag’s derby defeat was more ‘unacceptable’

@WorldOfBeck: Hate to say this but even footballers deserve work life balance. What he does outside out “work” is his business. Hes not causing harm to anyone by having a birthday party. Footballers do a lot worse with their spare time lol.

@Ralph_Hapschatt: Why? So they lost against the best team in Europe, why shouldn’t he celebrate his birthday outside of work? How much control over his workers’ private lives does he think he should have?

@SSE_LTFC: Manchester United seem in complete chaos and I don’t think we will ever have a better opportunity to gain something at Old Trafford next week. #LutonTown #COYH

@Rob_Gibson_: Think people forget it’s a job at the end of the day! Imagine your boss saying because you didn’t hand in that report on Friday you’re not allowed to go pub on Saturday with your mates🖕🏻

@CurtyB86: How on earth is it unacceptable for a man to celebrate his birthday after losing a football match? What does he want Rashford to do? Sit in a dark room and whip himself with nettles until the next training session?

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