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Tempers flare at full time with Wrexham’s Phil Parkinson sent off for confronting Barnet keeper

Tempers flare at full time with Wrexham’s Phil Parkinson sent off for confronting Barnet keeper Laurie Walker and the referee.

The Welsh outfit picked up a draw at Barnet, despite having 10 players for almost half of the National League match.

29 year old Callum McFadzean was handed a red card for striking Barnet goalkeeper Laurie Walker with his foot early in the second-half.

Wrexham needs six more points from the remaining three matches to secure promotion.

Interviewer: Clearly tensions boiling over at the end there.

PP: I’m not happy with the role that the goalkeeper played in McFadzean’s red card. Well, I’m not happy with the role the referee played in the sending off, first of all. I mean, you know, that’s a soft red card. I just can’t see that it’s his it’s his trailing leg. There’s no real intent there, and for me, he’s got it wrong.I  thought the keeper made a meal of it, in all honesty, and obviously that influences the referee’s decision. Obviously. The next game now coming up on Tuesday, Mendy obviously missed this one as well. McFadzean, who’s come in to replace him, obviously going to miss that as well now.

Interviewer: Gives you plenty to think about ahead of Tuesday.

PP: Yeah, but we’ve got other options for players to come in and take up that role and Jacob might be fit anyway, so yeah, frustrateD for Callum, because I thought he was excellent. He’s the first game for a longtime and he played really well. But the lads have dug deep today. Barnet a good side. They’re up there in the contention for the playoffs and we’ll take the point. It’s another point on the journey where we need to go to massive. We mentioned before the game, Barnet weren’t going to make it easy for you, but you’re still in that drive and seat.

Interviewer: Laurie, first of all, we’ll talk about the game, but just at the end, then Phil Parkinson come up to you. What was he trying to say?

LW: I basically trying to say that I was cheating, but I’m sure you guys can see it. Evidently, come straight through and kick me straight in the face. So that’s all I’m going to say on it. Fair enough.

Interviewer: Laurie, chances going forward, but defensively, you’ve got to be resilient against a team like Wrexham, two massive saves from you today in that game.

LW: Yeah, no, I think as a whole unit, we defended fantastically the whole game. We didn’t really give him a chance, but when called upon, I’ve got to do my job. Just like these guys spend 95+ minutes doing their job. So just doing my part as they have all game, all season, to be fair, they’ve been fantastic, and as a unit, we’re tough to break down.

Interviewer: Laurie, you mentioned that all season as well. The size that you’re playing against in and around you, you’re making it very difficult for them, aren’t you?

LW: Yeah, no, look, it’s always nice to get points off teams like this who are running away with the league at the moment. They’re two fantastic teams, both of them, and they show serious amounts of quality, but we can match them step by step, so there’s no reason why we can’t get promoted as well.

This is what fans said as tempers flare at full time with Wrexham’s Phil Parkinson sent off for confronting the Barnet keeper…

@WAFCTomX: my gaffer

@GrahamG14843952: Parkinson is an idiot – how can he accuse the ‘keeper without seeing the replay ? Moronic from PP.

@rhysclough: No surprise to see Phil Parkinson still be an absolute ballbag

@SteMcgreal: Wrexham spitting their dummies out. Stop crying Wrexham, sorry I mean cry more. Moaning cause use didn’t win

@oscar_bfc: Come on Notts over to you. Hand these creeps to us and we’ll smack em up, for football

@holly_m_rogers: I love this man 🙌

@LSharp88: All he did was walk up and talk to the keeper and that warrants a red? Ref ran over just to give the the card and has no idea what was said! If that’s a red then every confrontation in football is a red

@dannyadams111: What’s he getting sent off for? Having a chat with the goalkeeper. Ridiculous

@jsmartin1994: Fairy of a GK that Barnet lad

@CardinalACS: Hard to take when the referee treats you like every other team in the league and all that Hollywood money doesn’t buy you 3 points 🤷‍♂️

@tomhwilliams23: Thing is, I think people are right when they say this is due to pressure. However, a lot of that pressure was alleviated on Monday. Maybe this is a reaction to the pressure that’s built all season. Avoiding defeat here all but confirms the title for #WxmAFC. Bizarre either way

@modmcdermott: I hated him so much me, making a right meal of getting out of that division with a Championship budget…. divvy.

@chelhumphreys: My manager 🫶🏼 that’s passion right there. I bloody love the guy ❤️

@StewM86: Big shame the keeper didn’t drop him

@olly_plevin: Grandad showing his age

@NickBucco1: The games gone 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@JoshuaHirst13: Imagine being 4 points clear at the top of the league with 3 games left and losing your heads this much

@theelitephilz: wrexham bottling it again as they did last season

@Wrexhamisdname: Go on parky lad 👊

@rhodrijtenor: that bloody ref! totally useless all game! Not allowed to say anything anymore!

@CountyRoadPie: 104 points, top of the league, on the cusp of promotion but given the resources at his disposal and barring Chelsea obviously, probably the most underachieving manager in the top five divisions over the last two seasons!!!

@MashStPaddy: Promotion pressure head loss but wouldn’t think this derails Wrexham in anyway. Take the red card L and keep it moving.

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