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Telford make decision on manager while issuing statement with relegation confirmed

Telford make a decision on manager Kevin Wilkin while issuing a statement with relegation from the National League North confirmed.

The Bucks were relegated from the sixth tier on Tuesday night, confirmed after Farsley Celtic’s 2-1 win over Brackley Town.

This leaves Telford 18 points behind safety with only five games remaining, meaning they will play in the Southern League or Northern Premier League next season.


Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, we have been unable to secure the necessary points and position to retain our place in the league and results on Tuesday night confirmed our relegation from the National League North. We know this is a great disappointment to you all.

When the Board and I started planning for the 2022/23 season it never crossed my mind that we would find ourselves in this position. We had a very healthy playing budget, the highest ever set, and plans in place to make sure we would not be in this position but for a multitude of reasons as the season played out, we now find ourselves going into Step 3 football for the 2023/24 season.

We share your pain, anger, and disappointment with this outcome, and I will take responsibility for some decisions that have been made and the outcome they have brought. Every decision I have made over the past few years has always been made with the football club at heart and to make sure we have a sustainable football club that can kick off every Saturday afternoon at 3pm and my commitment remains as strong as ever and I fully intend to see us back to where we belong and beyond.

We now must be positive and focus on our preparations for the upcoming season with renewed determination and commitment to achieving our goals. Kevin Wilkin inherited a situation in October and worked hard to rectify our league position and we are delighted that Kevin and his team will stay for 2023/24 season to help us fight back. Over the past few weeks, we have held very positive talks with Kevin regarding his plans to bring us back to Step 2 football as soon as possible.

In you, our supporters, we have some of the most dedicated and passionate fans any club could wish for. We appreciate each and every one of you more than we could ever say. Now, more than ever, our message to you all is that we need your continued support on and off the pitch. Together we can support Kevin, as he builds a squad for next season, our aim being to bounce back and bring success back to the New Bucks Head once more.

We will be holding a Fans forum in the near future, details will be posted soon.


Chairman, Andy Pryce


“It’s one of disappointment, it’s not any easier that you’re resigned it is going to happen, it doesn’t become any easier,” Kevin Wilkin told the Shropshire Star on Wednesday.

“I’m disappointed, I have all sorts of feelings, it’s not something I’ve ever experienced and is new to me, but we’ve got to try to move ourselves forward any way that takes, as the days goes on try to progress so we can be successful next season and get back to this level at the earliest opportunity.”

“Discussions are ongoing and hopefully we can get to a point where we’re all together on this and feel we can move forward together,” Wilkin added to Shropshire Star this week.

“That’s what I want to do, it takes plenty of conversation and understanding on all sorts of fronts.

“Make no bones about it and I don’t want to over-egg it but it’s bad news for the club, moving to the level they are – and that’s no disrespect to the level – but a club the size of Telford needs to be performing on at least the stage it’s currently at.

“You find yourselves moving down and all of a sudden the whole structure has to change and pulled together again, a platform has to be put in place.

“For all sorts of reasons it’s bad news for the club, people know that and will have their own ideas why, but it’s not good, pulling it around and getting it back up to this level is going to be a real challenge.

“And let me tell you it’s not going to be an easy challenge, but I don’t want to make excuses now, that’s where it sits. We’ve got to do our best and hit the ground running, move forward by winning games.

“I came to the club to bring smiles to faces, that drives me, to give the feeling people can associate with a team, that togetherness, the enjoyment.

“Fans will be here when players have gone, I’m gone, they are the most important people and maybe right now they don’t feel as important as they should.

“I’ve watched several games already this season, at the level below, to understand and see what it’s about, I’ve seen the challenge won’t be easy but it’s not one I’m afraid of, I don’t want to sound arrogant but I suppose my skillset and understand would lie at the level we’re at the moment but I’m always up for a challenge, I like a challenge, but generally at the sharp end if at all possible.”

This is what fans said as Telford make a decision on the manager while issuing a statement with relegation confirmed…

@SarahLeeder1: So pleased Kevin is staying. We need consistency now more than ever. As always, me and my family will support Kevin and our team. Let’s rebuild our team and hopefully get back where we belong.

@realguysmith: Very sensible. Kevin is a superb manager. He will build a new team and get you straight back up.

@chrisbMOT: Happy about this I feel Kevin can pull us out of step 3 for sure , gutted for relegation for us but I’m sure we will all continue to support every week in numbers. Up the bucks

@bucksman1955: Good news at last, we go again

@mvclayton: Great news

@Dang93_: Best news possible for Telford right now

@supersonicbri: Good luck Kevin . Last season I were in a no win situation by the time u came in we had a team full of misfits which had nothing to do with u , and I know that you felt the same . It was obvious we were going to struggle . So now it’s all yrs Kev . Good luck .

@the_real77: Kevin Wilkins Telford army ⚪️⚫️🦌

@kyewazza: we love wilkin

@marcusfinzi37: My gaffer 🦌

@AndyLee666: You’re suppose to feel miserable when you get relegated but I’m excited for next season. Thank fuck this season is nearly over and we can rebuild and enjoy football again.

@Manaagh: Never made the play-off semi circa 2008, interested to know people’s thoughts on this ground? Looks a bigger setup than I remember seeing during highlight clips on YouTube.

@RRWB_: The highest budget we’ve ever set but Dumb and Dumber suggested otherwise. So glad Kevin Wilkin is staying. Aside from Flowers and the obligation on Gibson, there’s a chance of a complete overhaul. The hard work starts now.

@Lee__P32: Roll on next season! #UpTheBucks ⚽️

@Darren_J96: Up the Wilkin. We’ll be back

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