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Tearful young West Ham fan delivers hilarious dig at Tottenham in BBC interview

A tearful young West Ham fan delivers a hilarious dig at Tottenham in his brief interview with the BBC after the cup final victory.

One young fan was unable to contain his tears after the historic win, giving a passionate speech before getting so emotional that he turned away and received cheers for fans walking past him.

During an interview with the BBC, the young kid said: ‘I feel absolutely amazing. This is the best night of my life, I just can’t believe I’m here!

‘I think I’m dreaming… I just can’t believe West Ham have won something. We’ve won more titles than Spurs now!

‘Come on you Irons. West Ham are the best club in the world!’

The young Hammers fan could not hold back tears, as tears rolled down his face, but this isn’t the first time he caught everyone’s attention.

Just a few months earlier, the same child went viral after giving a hilarious account of West Ham’s Conference League match with AZ Alkmaar.

After their 2-1 first-leg win, he gave an interview and produced an iconic line, after saying: ‘the airport is that way, Prague is this way. We’re getting to that final, I’m telling ya’.

This led to club captain Declan Rice going on to say the phrase himself after the second-leg win over the Dutch outfit in a post-match interview.

@westhamfantvofficial “How Can We Lose To Alphabet FC?” Young Hammer Reacts to #westham 2-1 #azalkmaar in the #europaconferenceleague #semifinal first leg #coyi⚒ ♬ original sound – West Ham Fan TV

@westham We’re going to Prague! ✈️ #WestHam #DeclanRice #UECL ♬ original sound – West Ham United

Here’s what social media users are saying as the tearful young West Ham fan delivers a hilarious dig at Tottenham in his BBC interview…

@KieranKyze: More titles than Spurs where make it make sense lol Google is free little boy 🤡🤣

@Hunty_S92: Why are you so triggered by a kid? Grow up pal.

@simonbass10: And this right here is why we love football !! It touches people like nothing else can !!

@StevenWeb0: Those who turn their nose up at the Conference League need to watch this and then take a look at themselves and reevaluate.

@CHeeSYBaNJo_UTD: Awww saw little dude’s mum’s Tiktok of her telling him he was going to the final, he was so excited!! Delighted for him.

@Fresh_Isthename: Kid had to sneak in a spurs dig 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@NickDowningSCD: Raw emotion. Although still time to get in, “we’ve won more trophies than Spurs.” 🤣

@Ray_trader_: The dig at spurs. Legend 😂😂😂😂👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

@OliverG89371871: What football is about. You can have your oil money but look at what it means to that little man

@MadGeordie3: Any club starved of trophies would celebrate this like winning the champions league! We at Newcastle would celebrate like this winning the same or a league cup! Enjoy your cup lads 🤙🏻 I mean Chelsea spent 650 million to be empty handed and no European football 🤷🏼‍♂️

@lauragale1989: Bless him, I see his mum’s video on tik tok when she told him he was going. What brilliant memories for them ⚽️🛠

@Saladabap: Doesn’t matter who you follow doesn’t matter at what level doesn’t matter what trophy you win football just has the innate ability to give you this pure unbridled joy and emotion ..brilliant 😁

@greer_wilson: Enjoy it son. That’s the highlight of your football life. Hope you had a lovely night.

@mcmahonandy12: That’s what football all about delighted for young lad those tears and passion

@alice196849: Bless him ❤️ What a thing to tell his grandkids when he’s older “I was there when west ham won the trophy”

@MufcWonItAll: Alot of people saying the Conference league is a plastic cup. For clubs like West Ham they can’t compete with teams in the UCL so to them it’s massive. “We won more titles than spurs.” 🤣

@Saints_Mike7167: This is what supporting your football club means. It doesn’t matter which club it is. Fair play to the lad, a proper little Hammer.

@One_Bobby_Moore: Every west ham fan last night… Love this kids reaction.

@CrambazzledTask: None of this ‘we’re entitled to silverware’ bollocks you get from glory supporters. Genuine and meaningful joy. Would love to see Leeds in that position.

@SilentRefusal: The rise of this little legend the past month or so has been so heart warming. Only @WestHam would you get a cheeky little character like him 🥲 #EUROPEANCUP #ECL #WestHamAreMassive

@CazShan: Best club in the world! 😁 Love it ⚒ #IRONS

@elainejones_1: You have to love the dig at Tottenham even in a West Ham victory. What a legend #EuropaConferenceleague

@GiallorossiGal1: You can’t help but love this 😂 footballs more than a game

@lewisjonwood: ‘It’s only the Europa conference league’ 🥴🥴 this is what footballs all about. buzzing for West Ham. ⚒⚒⚒

@AndrewHarding9: I LOVE THIS GAME ⚽️🏆 so happy for West Ham fans this morning! Enjoy it ⚒️

@Myke_88: Fair play to West Ham but all they care about is Spurs, its literally the definition of rent free… They just won a trophy and first thing they wanna speak about is Spurs…. They have like 5/6 major honours, fs… We have more if you just count our FA Cups 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #THFC

@BukaMania89: What football is all about. LOVE the dig at Tottenham as well 🤣

@Ejmiller25: This kid is a legend. Crying tears of joy and still able to make fun of Spurs! Champions of Europe…. you’ll never sing that.

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