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Tanguy Ndombele left disgusted after what Eric Dier did to him in training

Tanguy Ndombele could be seen left disgusted after what Eric Dier did to him in training in front of his teammates, staff and fans.

Supporters were seen attending Spurs’ open training session at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at the weekend as training began at 11am on Saturday.

Those in attendance familiarised themselves with the latest government guidance on staying safe while using public transport, including face coverings and social distancing where possible.

Onlooking spectators were left surprised however after seeing Eric Dier taking no prisoners against Tanguy Ndombele, who was certainly not best pleased about being upended.

In a video doing the rounds online, Ndombele laid on the ground annoyed at what just happened, before then getting back up and could even be seen throwing an object in disgust, as can be seen below….

Alasdair Gold has already revealed that the Premier League outfit are more likely to cash in on Davinson Sanchez than Eric Dier this summer.

The journalist said on his YouTube Channel (as quoted by TBR Football): “Spurs, I was always told, had the intention of trying to get two new centre-backs.

“It will depend now on whether Davinson Sanchez goes. He is the one you’d imagine – out of him and Eric Dier – that is more likely to move on.

“Purely because there’s more of a market for Sanchez. He was at the Copa America and played decently. Sevilla are interested and there’s a couple of others around Europe are.

“If he was to move out the door then Spurs would start looking at other players on the list.”

Fans reacted with Tanguy Ndombele left disgusted after what Eric Dier did to him in training…

@spurstransfr: Atalanta are you watching this? Thats how good he is. I hate to say this bit you can have him for free. 😥

@xOGxKing: Its always dier. Man also snapped sons shin in the doc… clown

@TanguyNdembele: We’re unhappy with all his other tackles

@wbaker78: Tanguy needs to suck it up… hardly a fierce challenge.

@FplWinx: Shockingly late tackle uneccesary yc and if it was in a match his lack of awareness would have have meant he was the last man and therefor red card. Why is he still here

@THFCJACK92: Ndombele came across like a gimp here. That must happen 50 times a week!

@SaintJusX: #fuckdier

@jefe94889115: If ever a clip summed him up that’s it

@Whats_Goode_: Guy infuriates me. Tanguy that is.

@EmlynMiles1: That’s him out injured for three months!

@N17Keane: Reason 33842 why he’s got to go

@JaiP72: He’s such a show pony

@ChilversDaniel: Ndombele is unhappy he had to move quickly. He doesn’t like doing it.

@ndxmbxle: This made me hate dierrhea 100 times more

@Cummins_1992: He’s honestly good for nothing and needs to be sold ASAP!!!!

@NathCOYS: Swear down all this mf does is sulk

@Archie_Tashjian: Poor thing. Did he get tackled? Did he get up and tried to win it back? No. Tart. Not a winner’s mentality

@SpursDeleAllii: Dier has te GET OUT FUCKING SHIT

@ross_dipple: Melt 🤦🏼‍♂️ 🤦🏼‍♂️

@MarkSal68104301: Two things? One, that weren’t that bad a challenge ya wimp!! And two, there was no need to bring your team mate down in a training session so do one Dier bye bye 👋. COYS

@kix4r: Dier should be solf immediately, he is really bad at CB and he could potentially harm our best midfielder for the season with dumb shit like this.

@THFC_Nunes: Get rid of him ffs

@Spursofficial_1: Gives us more reasons to offload him

@Monkeyaround19: Just sell him. Been useless since he arrived. Dier’s probably trying to give him the kick up the arse he needs.

@thfctanganga: eric doesn’t even apologise

@Coys1979: SELL DIER

@TomR555: Both shirt wasters!

@riptotnum: sell em both!

@GarfordTom: Dire useless at defending again, absolute liability

@Jon1Labi: Do me a favour. Get up and get on with it. Ffs. There will be worst challenges in the premier league so get used to it

@stah_xx: Can’t blame him. The guy is made out of glass. Dier could have killed him there ngl

@VM_2710: @Atalanta_BC take him as your replacement

@DattareyaC: Dier pack your bags mate

@thfcousmane: fucking hell run

@jonboyes: This guy’s attitude sucks. Going to be a huge expensive passenger this season.

@Yid14: Moans, slow to get up, doesn’t track back and his team concedes 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

@H1thfc_: Dier is so bad, hes getting spun in a training match

@__James011: get dier out of this club man.

@Tonyyoungy1: Get on with ya tart. Give him a whack back. It’s a physical sports. Sulking baby.

@Raineyballs: Look at the state of him. Attitude is absolutely stinking. Sell. Reinvest. Move on

@lovingtheSPURS: Get rid of them both!

@Swizzul: Dier, can’t wait for him to be sold

@AdanOsmand: Can’t stand Eric 🤡 Dier. Get the donkey out of Tottenham

@alsoforrest: This is why he isn’t favoured over anyone else. He’s probably our most talented player but his attitude is trash..

@Rolfybodo: Get rid of the pair of them, deadwood

@demorash009: I wish hojbjerg was. Around to slide into Dier.. shitty player.

@Kreformed11: Get Eric dier out of this club man

@TP1___: dier is a clown

@TingzTootsie: Get that fucking slap head dier out of this club

@ThfcRatios: Hes an idiot imo

@thfcscarpacked: sell dier for that

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