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Tamworth v Nuneaton abandoned with fans fighting, flares thrown, stewards punched and spat at

Tamworth v Nuneaton ended up being abandoned in the 60th minute with fans fighting, flares thrown, stewards punched and spat at.

The decision was made after trouble played out during the Southern League – Premier Central fixture at The Lamb Ground.

Match officials discussed after taking the players whether to call time on the game, stopping play and then made the decision. Now footage as well as photos are emerging showing what took place as you can see below…

Tamworth wrote: “60 | Match had been stopped due to the safety of players and Management Teams. Everyone has left the pitch.

“After discussions with Police and Match Officials our match against @NuneatonBoroFC has been abandoned. We will update you in due course.”

Nuneaton tweeted: “Both teams have left the field after fans of both sides began throwing projectiles at each other.


Boro head coach @Andrewdanylys90 posted via his Twitter: “Why should I go to work and be racially abused??? Why is this deemed ok because it’s at football. This isn’t the 1st time this has happened within this ground.”


A keenly contested football match between two local rivals was being enjoyed by the vast majority of the 2156 crowd inside the Lamb ground on Tuesday evening. The date of this fixture was selected by the Southern League following the original date not being available due to Tamworth’s involvement in the FA Trophy. In line with league rules, this game had to be played within 42 days of the original date. Unfortunately a very small minority of Nuneaton supporters in their segregated area instigated ugly scenes by throwing flares and other objects onto the pitch and into a group of Tamworth supporters when the home side scored their second goal.

The stewarding team, which had been supplemented by an outside company, worked very hard to restore order. At that point the Tamworth supporters were asked to move away from the top end of the ground to create a sterile area from the halfway line and we would like to thank them for their orderly manner and swift evacuation to other parts of the ground..

The Police, who were aware of the fixture, and had earlier escorted some Nuneaton supporters from the town centre to the ground, then attended. With regards to allegations made on social media that batteries were thrown, following a thorough search inside and outside of the ground no evidence of this happening was found. There was substantial damage caused to the toilets in the Nuneaton supporters segregated area and also to the first of two segregation barriers in the away end.

The game was initially suspended and then abandoned by the referee after around 60 mins with Tamworth leading 2-0.

Tamworth Football Club totally condemns this behaviour which spoiled a very good evening and should have been a showcase for Non League Football. We are now working with the Police to identify the perpetrators of this behaviour using CCTV, social media and still photographs. The incident is being investigated by the authorities and we will update supporters once we are aware of the outcomes. The club will not be making any further comments at this stage.


This rivalry has seen previous trouble with vile chants were made about Morgan Hehir, a Nuneaton supporter who was stabbed to death in 2015.

A disturbing comment was also made about the male on the Tamworth Fans FC Facebook group with the club banning the responsible person, report Coventry Telegraph.

League officials are to determine whether either team will be punished after the game was abandoned, but a number of media outlets are asking for a comment from them.

Ciaran Morrison, who went to the match with a mate, said to Birmingham Mail: “It’s crazy. We’re at the train station now but as we left the ground there was a large police presence and police dogs.

“Away fans were kept in whilst home supporters made their way out. It all got out of hand after Tamworth scored their second.

“Tamworth fans nearest the away section were escorted out and that defused the situation. Tamworth came out to restart the game but Nuneaton didn’t appear.

“We’re just neutrals who wanted to enjoy a night out watching some local non league football.”

Another person who went to the game, Jordan Bradbury, added also to Birmingham Mail: “Don’t get me wrong we’ve got the usual ten or so muppets that just want a fight but which club doesn’t? I’ve done 21 Tamworth games this year and had no issues as far as I’m aware.

“The only issue was the first game of the season when some idiot threw a stone at the coach.”

The report goes on to add that West Midlands Ambulance Service had been called to the stadium but later “stood down before arriving as the patient did not want ambulance help”.

This is what social media users said with Tamworth v Nuneaton abandoned after fans took to fighting, with flares thrown and stewards punched and spat at…

@SDCSTEPHEN: What a disgrace. Had a lovely day with grandchildren in Tamworth. Not enough Stewards and no police had to leave. As objects thrown towards children 9 and 6 No gates open very poor management from Tamworth Fc we had to get one the turnstiles

“We will update you in due course”
No you won’t.
You never do.
You will brush it under the carpet as per normal, hoping the thing will go away.
You’ve got a real problem there, yet you fail to address it.
Don’t try and fool people into thinking this is an isolated incident.

@ChurchMatchdays: Would be interesting to know how many of those causing the trouble are even regular supporters of either club. Assuming a very low number. Part-time ‘fans’ ruining non-league football for the rest of us.

@DPB_81: Fuck off Boro your fans caused this and you don’t want to come back out cause your 2 down

@sammyleeeeeeee: As far as fan bases go Tamworth have some of the most stupid fans I’ve ever come across. I’ve supported the club for almost 20 years and the club constantly reproduces cretins. Nuneaton were pretty shite too.

@jayphillips1992: Regardless of the Nuneaton fans trying there best to game abandoned at 2-0 tactically cus they are out a title race. The response from police a good few hundred by the way all sat in there cars or stood outside there cars outside the ground is an absolute disgrace .

@Thomas18_TFC: 2-0 up and everything kicks off with their fans throwing shit but what does security do nothing absolutely shocking and the police just sit outside. Disgusting from all fans of both clubs involved. What happens now I don’t know but that was our game and could cost us big time.

@Shipley2Craig: Atherstone ball game during the day, all day drinking followed by local derby- what could possibly go wrong!!!

@davidpercival42: As for Tamworth football club what should have been a super evening turned ugly because they failed miserably in their matchday security .sadly now both clubs will face fines im sure and spoils it for fans that go just to support their teams win lose or draw .sad night

@town_away: Regular occurrence with your lot though this isn’t it. Always involved in an incident. Your not doing enough to stamp it out!!

@hopwas2010: Dark day for Southern League

@ooshgaar: Tamworth, a good and proud club, doing great in the league. I feel sorry for the players, they’re representing their club well but some of their fans are spoiling it. Take a lesson from Barrington. NEVER AT THE GROUND. Preferably never at all, but at least start there.

@samrawlings93: To have a local derby and have very little stewarding or police in a attendance is a joke this was always going happen

@Jord_GK: Embarrassing, 3 stewards in the whole ground. Not one policeman to be seen

@nonleaguenext: A steward punched repeatedly and knocked out just trying to do his job. Unacceptable matchday security!

@holtender103: Awful stewarding. They let tamworth fans right up to the away corner and did nothing about the nuneaton spiceheads throwing bottles and flares.

@hartt121: You need to get a handle on your fans @tamworthfc. I hear it’s your fan yet again that have let down your team. You were 2-0 up. Your so called supporters who abuse the opposition fans, players and coaching staff should be ashamed. Play behind closed doors!

@LeeHertsCooke: Big fines and points deduction needed for both clubs. @tamworthfc you have to stop this rediculous behaviour. @SouthernLeague1 STAMP THIS OUT!!!

@ChubbyBrown_95: Embarrassing from the club to be honest. You’ve got stewards who don’t have a clue. No police. Your stewards stand there next to me smoking while the trouble kicks off. Embarrassing from Tamworth. Was there to support them too. Not worth the money I paid. Shambles of an owner

@Jacobrowley15: Disgraceful No Fucking Police, throwing bottles and flares at the shed Where’s our Fucking Forfeit win six fingered Scumbags 😡

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