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talkSPORT under scrutiny by fans after controversial Leeds article emerges

talkSPORT have come under scrutiny by fans on social media after a controversial Leeds article emerges by the radio station.

For a long while now, the broadcaster often air out some of their callers phone calls over various debates and matters that arise throughout the seasons.

However, some of the quotes coming out of these are so ridiculous that talkSPORT have been criticised, with many saying the callers aren’t from real fans, but instead those of theirs trying to cause a stir.

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Well this is one of the things being said for a so called ‘Danny the Leeds fan’, who has made a statement that is one of the many ridiculous comments ever said on air, and it’s not the first time he has seemingly got through and had his words posted about.

talkSPORT explain how an ‘outraged Leeds fan fears relegation from the Premier League with ‘clown’ Marcelo Bielsa in charge of the club.’

They add that ‘Danny, who may be the only Leeds fan in the world to not rate Bielsa, was left fuming after their 5-1 mauling at Manchester United.’

This caller Danny is said to be fearing there won’t be a trip to Old Trafford next term before calling on the club to hire ‘someone like Sam Allardyce’ to tighten the defence up.

“This is a bad defeat, we haven’t learnt anything from last season. Last season was a bad defeat losing 6-2,” Danny told GameDay – Your Verdict.

Gabby Agbonlahor begrudgingly compliments Leeds for 'outstanding' second  half of season after calling Marcelo Bielsa 'naive' and 'a myth'

“We’ve just been embarrassed in front of 75,000 people and those watching worldwide to our biggest rivals 5-1.

“I’m sorry but it isn’t good enough. I believe if we stick with this clown [Bielsa] in charge we will get relegated.”

Host Faye Carruthers immediately asked Danny to clarify if he called Bielsa, who got Leeds back into the Premier League after a 16-year absence, a ‘clown’.

“Judging by the performance, 100 per cent,” Danny replied. “We need someone in like Big Sam, who’s going to tighten up at the back.”

Gabby Agbonlahor had his say in the studio, believing a massive re-think is needed by Bielsa for when they player the bigger teams.

“Leeds need to change their tactics for different games and they’ll get better results,” Agbonlahor said. “How can you lose 6-2 last season and have the same tactics this season?

“It’s naïve from Leeds. Pushing too many bodies forward, allowing Manchester United to have that many players go forward.

“You have a Mason Greenwood one v one, Paul Pogba one v one, Bruno Fernandes running through the midfield with no one following him.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense and Leeds are going to get a lot of these defeats this season if they still play like that. You have to change your tactics for each game.

“It’s different if you’re playing Norwich, they’d probably get away with that. When you’re playing Manchester United, the first home game of the season, they’re always going to be on the front foot. Leeds need to change the way they play against bigger teams.”

And this is where talkSPORT come under scrutiny by fans after the controversial Leeds article emerges, one user did some research, and found this wasn’t the only time ‘Danny the Leeds fan’ has got onto radio station…

@Tommeh_7: @Ofcom maybe you need to take a look at @talkSPORT using fake callers to generate stories?

@LeeCartlidge: Is it big sam’s agent?

@JasonAppleyard: It’s almost like they’re making it up isn’t it 🤔🤯😂😂

@robwestwood76: Isn’t it just 😂 agenda do you think 🤔

@Leeds_Untied: Danny the Leeds fan……. Something tells me this might be a an employee of Talkshite and certainly not a Leeds fan 😂

@peanutnappa: It’ll be a Talkshite employee, trying to stir up unrest with Leeds fans. Ignore them. Their pundits are crap and there whole ethos is to cause strife amongst the most passionate fans.

@mark_p_foley: Do you make this stuff up?

@dazgrimmer: We all know its bullshit. Thats why i dont listen anymore

@jamespozzi: Stop this pseudo controversy bollocks.

@stephenfoster81: These are fake callers..

@Biglucoops: Fuck Talksport. Blocked them ages ago. Embarassing radio station.

@ConnorRiley_: Haha every time Danny the Leeds fan asking for big Sam 😂

@LUFCEclipse: 4 fucking K hahahah #LUFC

@dannyrevell0502: Caught out there @talkSPORT

@parmadiggyd: Danny the canteen staff at Talksport.

@Skippy561: This is not a Leeds fan TalkSport. You’ve made up a fictional character to increase your call ratios. I was a regular listener before retiring & know your game.

@LanceHirsch: Talkshite fishing for listeners

@m4rkj: Danny the Leeds fan is on @talkSPORT payroll.

@LJ_YH2: You know as well as we do that it wasn’t a Leeds fan that phoned up – no Leeds fan would ever say that 😂

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