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talkSPORT pundits slam Wolves’ Matheus Nunes for going on strike to try force Man City move

talkSPORT pundits slam Wolves’ Matheus Nunes for going on strike so that he can try to and force a move to Man City before the window closes.

The Portuguese midfielder has refused turn up for training with Wolverhampton Wanderers since the back end of last week, with a fine the likely punishment.

Wolves have demanded at least £60million to sell Nunes having already turned down City’s opening offer of £47million, though it’s suggested that City have submitted a new bid for Nunes, this is yet to happen.

Nunes didn’t play in Wolves’ 1-0 Premier League win at Everton on Saturday, due to a red card shown to him in their previous outing, a 4-0 defeat at home to Brighton.

Man City now have until Friday at 11pm to complete the signing of Nunes.

Ally McCoist has said on talkSPORT that if he was Man City boss Pep Guardiola, he would have pulled the plug on signing Matheus Nunes.

“I think Nunes is out of order.”

“My problem is with people like Nunes [that] he shouldn’t have signed a contract if he wanted to move. He should’ve signed for 12 months or he should’ve signed for 18 months. That’s my point. If you’re happy to sign the contract and take the dough, you should be happy to see the contract out. Of course, I get it. I’d be wanting to go to Manchester City.”

“We all would. But the fact of the matter is when you’re offered a contract, some of them just look at the money and go, ‘that’s great. That’ll do for me.’ You don’t look at the time period.

“If I’m Pep, I say to myself, ‘do I want someone who is willing to go on strike and not honour a contract?’ Or is he doing something…I’m not saying for a minute he’s been told to do that but he’s decided to do it. I just think if you’re a coach or a manager, or somebody at a club, you want good people.”

Jordan meanwhile said: “This is not being treated properly. Not being treated properly is not being paid not being treated properly is not being given the privilege. Everyone strikes for their own self interest and he wants to be able to but this is continue his career somewhere else. But this is a ludicrous situation.

“Fine. You’ve signed a contract at this moment in time when you signed that contract, you have sound body and mind and you wanted to sign a contract for X amount of economics and X amount of time. And now the circumstance stances have changed and something else suits you. That’s not really a legitimate reason in anybody sane man’s mind to say that’s a strikeable situation.

“Want a player, they’d just put him in the under 21 and they’d have to pay him rot and they’d have to pay him and they’d have to meet their obligations. They wouldn’t be able to try and get out of their obligations. The only way they’d have to get out of their obligations is if the player was prepared to move somewhere else.

“So in this situation, I think it’s incumbent upon wolves to spell out the fact of life to this kid. You will do as you’re damn well told. And if Man City pay 60 million quid for us, you can go. We’ll send you around in the cab.
But if they don’t pay 60 million quid, you’re not going.

“You would dash a poor guy’s dream. He wants to play for Pep Guardiola, but it works the same way for the boy that went from Brighton to Chelsea. He got his move in the end because he conducted himself in the appropriate fashion. I know there’s a school of thought that says nice guys don’t win, but good players always come to the surface.

“If you’re a good player, you will find an opportunity to go somewhere. And right now, Wolverhampton Wanderers have his registration. It is their gift. Because his agent didn’t put a release clause in his contract, his responsibility is to do as he’s damn well told and for the good of football. Wolverhampton Wanderers should be sat there for the
good of the well being of their football club, for the solidity of their management structure, reminding him of who’s in control at this moment in time, because they are. They’re in control. And they should have the courage of their convictions to sit there and go, you can sit in the reserves,

“I’ll have you that we’ve got one another. Then I’ll take your career and I’ll flush it for the next two years and then see how much fun that is for you. Or we’ll find an accord, or you get your busy sodden of an agent to go back to Man City and say it’s 60 million pounds or it’s no deal. End of discussion.”

Fans gave their reaction as talkSPORT pundits slam Wolves’ Matheus Nunes for going on strike to try force the Man City move…

@WittoWWFC: Absolute prick, by all means you wanna join city and don’t blame you, but you still do your duties and obligations to the club that currently pay your wages. Big headed fuck

@CFCJohnnyB: Always thought this. Why would you want a player who behaves this way? Will do the same thing to your club when they feel it like it.

@Russt_29: Go check his second yellow card against Brighton too….. seems someone didn’t want to play last weekend for some reason. As a Wolves fan I have no problem with a player wanting a move to City, but he’s a disgrace for the way he’s behaved. Good riddance.

@saintbannerman: No such noise when its the Dippers & VVD etc. Then, it was, “Let him leave and better himself” etc. The narrative and peoples morals change from club to club and player to player, depending on what the agenda is. Hypocricy running through football and the media that supports it.

@adamgj03: Incredibly stupid from him. We’ve got an entirely reasonable valuation that we shouldn’t budge on, the only reason he’s not wearing a city shirt is down to city themselves.

@Russt_29: Bang on Simon Jordan. Was happy to sign a 5 year deal when it suited him. Nunes is no doubt extremely talented, but he’s had a handful of decent games since he joined Wolves for a very large fee. City are welcome to him assuming they meet Wolves valuation.

@wolvesmolinews: The reality is, at no point have wolves said that he can’t leave. Wolves are holding out for what’s best for business, they’ve got a very saleable asset which they aren’t going to let go cheaply.

@PortuWolves: Spot on. This club is far bigger than one player. Pay what we want or he’s staying.

@Rees_wba: Another classic of players think they’re bigger than the club, happening far too often

@southbank82: Well said! I hope Man City have reached what we wont for him and I’ll drive him there.

@jonnysprague: Absolutely bang on! Wolves haven’t stood in his way and played their faces about him leaving, we simply want a fair valuation in this current market and for him to ‘strike’ is ridiculous and speaks to his character as a person.

@nikkipowelly: If he performed like he was expected to upon moving to us, then strike and force the move. But when he’s performed way below his potential and then has the audacity to strike, get him out! Let him rot on City’s bench and pick up trophies he doesn’t participate in earning.

@freezinwolf: There should be a std clause in a contract that says the moment you go on strike you forfeit your contractual benefits going forward (loyalty bonus etc) and you will be legally obligated to repay 50% of your contract value to date. It stops this overnight, I think.

@ShamickP: I don’t get why more players don’t put a buy out clause in. Put something in which gets good value for the club and for the player it shows that the paying club believes in you as they’re paying a premium.

@VanWalt009: Anthony Gordon did it to push his move to Newcastle and Eddie Howe seemed OK with it. As long as the manager gets his player I doubt he is bothered how it comes about. He has never lived up to expectations and never really looked bothered anyway, cash in now.

@chadsoutham98: I don’t like Wolves but they should let this clown rot with the under 18’s for the remainder of his contract. Footballers being paid thousands of pounds per day refusing to work because they want to go somewhere else and earn even more. The power they have is ludicrous. #WWFC

@falmouth_wolf: Fuck him off sooner rather than later if he don’t want to be here 🤷‍♀️ hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the fans or set the league on fire has he?!

@lennyb1983: Hate all this. Honour your contract until the club that YOU signed for agree a suitable fee for your services. I’d let the petulent little shit rot in the reserves

@__LuciaE: Well he can piss off then. The club doesn’t need players like him throwing their toys out of the pram, especially at the moment. He can go and I hope he stays on the bench the whole time. #wwfc

@dcomiskey90: This player power bollox has to stop. He signed a contract. The should be able to stop his wages while he’s not fulfilling his contract.

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