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talkSPORT duo left ‘speechless’ as Grimsby fan says he won’t celebrate if England win Euro 2020

talkSPORT duo were left ‘speechless’ this week as a Grimsby fan calling in says he won’t celebrate if England win Euro 2020.

The supporter of his newly relegated club stunned the radio station with caller Viv telling them that the team have been so underwhelming he wouldn’t be cheering on a victory.

While many were electrified by England’s last few performances, Viv described the matches as “mundane” and “lacklustre”.

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Sports Bar presenters Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein were baffled by the claims, questioning whether Viv was being sincere or winding them up.

The 21-year-old fan said: “We have been so underwhelming, we didn’t do much against a poor Ukraine team.

“It’s pretty mundane viewing. Beating teams like that should be formality, as should winning the tournament. I don’t think I would even celebrate if we won.”

When the shocked presenters questioned that, Viv doubled down on it.

He said: “We’re not playing as well on the pitch as our team looks on paper.

“[If we get to the final] I will watch the game as a normal viewer.”

When Andy Goldstein pointed out all normal fans would be celebrating, Viv responded: “I can’t get excited over it, it’s just been so lacklustre.”

He was also asked whether England deserved to win the competition.

Viv replied: “No, not one bit.”

Grimsby fan Viv speaking to The Sports Bar's Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein

talkSPORT duo left ‘speechless’ as Grimsby fan says he won’t celebrate if England win Euro 2020

He said that after watching France – who were knocked out by Switzerland – he felt they were more worthy to win based on their performance.

Jason said the Grimsby fan sounded like the Grinch for criticising the team as they approached a final for the first time in decades.

“If you can’t get excited about winning the first major tournament since 1966…” he said.

The duo also pointed out that at only 21, Viv hadn’t seen the heartbreak of many of England’s major defeats during the 90s.

The presenters suggested he should watch Wimbledon instead if he was so disappointed.

Jason said: “I don’t know what to say… It’s not often I’m left almost speechless by callers but you were right up there.”

Andy then wanted Viv to give up football altogether, after all, it clearly isn’t for him, maybe supporting Grimsby in League Two has got him feeling so down on the game he supposedly loves.

There’s hopes for England to gain Viv’s respect – he said he would celebrate if England win the World Cup. Confusing lad ay? Casually just picking which cup finals to celebrate your nation winning.

Twitter users reacted as the talkSPORT duo left ‘speechless’ after the Grimsby fan says he won’t celebrate if England win Euro 2020…

@RobBeel: I’m from Grimsby and I’m embarrassed he’s made this call

@garycardy: More than likely a Man City fan who season hit rock bottom winning league cup and premier league whilst breaking records.

@curtis_lockyer: He’s not an England fan then, Simple as that

@sjm43221: Where do you find these people lol

@creasep: Got to be a wind up surely. No one is that confident and complacent to suggest we should walk this tournament and that 4-0 against Ukraine was not a good result

@westy_snr: Where do you find these people

@lee_omara83: Viv the div

@whugabes: Some weird guy

@Nathaniel_Chas: Bloke is chatting bollox

@adamnay86: @Steve_nay sounds like Viv’s a bit of a wrongun

@JackJdmccarthy: Imagine being so bored you’re sat at home thinking of something ridiculous to say to hear your voice on the radio

@LordFoxEFC: Degenerate

@SpursMadDan: Did this guy just say winning it should be a formality?!? Lol. Bearing in mind we have NEVER won the competition and France, Italy etc were favourites ahead of us…how the hell should it be a formality?? #bellend

@danmufc11: If you ain’t celebrating why are you even watching?!

@MilbsThomas: I bet the Portuguese were livid when they won it after drawing every game in their group. And Viv is a Grimsby fan 😂 he must be really unhappy every weekend.

@RichOverett: People ringing up talking rubbish with adverse opinions just to get some air time he’s a Grimsby fan he’s unlikely to ever celebrate anything in his life

@Dazza25dj: Viv your a fucking melt

@RyanDouble11: The guys an embarrassment

@Alex_sweeney91: What an absolute muppet

@Jadspong7: Formality? This is what is wrong with football fans. Assuming we have the right to be smashing everyone and if we’re not it’s not good enough 🤦🏼‍♂️🔔🔚

@JoshAllan92: This bloke having a laugh? ‘It should be a formality to win the euros’ we’ve never won it before.. Spain and Italy also have really strong squads. And he won’t celebrate if we win it!!? I think I’ll probably cry my eyes out if we do

@Callun_12: He needs to lay of the drugs. What a cock

@davidlongleymfc: Wat a bellend lol

@andycomfort: No disrespect to Grimsby Town of course, but here’s a Mariners fans saying the England team have been too mundane to get excited about

@Cockerill_94: Get. In. The. Bin.

@N5age: People like this are the actual worst. Delusional 🥴

@SamMaloneee: Don’t think this guy has a clue about football

@markjones53: Wouldn’t celebrate your country winning a first major tournament in 55yrs because we didn’t didn’t put more than 4 on Ukraine….. Yet you support a club relegated out of the football league whilst scoring 37 goals in 46 games and only 10 wins all season. Strange little man

@J_burnsy_87: What a prat. Il be celebrating for at least a month

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