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Talks begin over major shake-up to English football that would see changes to cups

Talks are set to begin over a potential major shake-up to English football that would see controversial changes made to cups.

On Friday, top officials from the Premier League, EFL and FA come together to discuss how English football should be funded and regulated going forward.

Although initial talks were already held between representatives from each of the three bodies, this meeting will mark the first time that all chief executives and chairs have met face-to-face to discuss the matter.

The November ballot included 20 Premier League clubs voting on a series of governance proposals that had been developed over the past 12 months. These proposals were presented to EFL and FA, and will be the basis for future discussions.

These key points outline a plan to distribute money from the top flight to the lower leagues. However, there are tighter financial controls in the football pyramid.

Top clubs want to make it easier for foreign players to enter the United Kingdom by approving Governing Body Endorsements.

Downing Street, in the wake of the Fan Led Review by the Government, has made clear that it wants an independent regulator to control English football. However, this is being opposed by both the Premier League and the Football Association.

One option is for the Premier League to negotiate rights to the FA Cup as well as both men’s England and women’s England matches.

Boehly said at the SALT conference back in September: ‘I hope the Premier League takes a little bit of a lesson from American sports and really starts to figure out, ‘Why wouldn’t we do a tournament with the bottom four teams? Why isn’t there an All-Star game?’

‘You could do a North vs South All-Star game in the Premier League and fund whatever the pyramid needed very easily. Everyone likes the idea of more revenue for the League.’

The sole objective for the FA in Friday’s meeting is to raise money for the grassroots game, as was suggested by MP Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review of football, and it will even consider selling its TV rights via the Premier League if it leads to increased revenues.

Labour’s shadow culture secretary Lucy Powell believes both a financial settlement and an independent regulator are required in English football, saying: ‘Football bodies have missed the deadline to agree a fair funding settlement by a full year. Ministers keep saying they should come to an agreement, yet without legislation and an independent football regulator, this issue will never be resolved.

‘We cannot wait another year for more lower league clubs to lose their grounds, dig themselves further into debt, and face potential collapse, while Premier League spending breaks records. The economics of football is broken for the majority of clubs.’

Nevertheless, an independent regulator is not expected to be in place for at least another two years.

When the regulator does come into effect, it is believed football bodies and clubs will have to present sustainable business plans every year to obtain a licence for competitions. It would also oversee the owners’ and directors’ test for potential investors.


– Premier League clubs look into SCRAPPING replays in the FA Cup.

– It will form part of a “New Deal for Football”, which may also see sides competing in Europe play U21 sides in the Carabao Cup.

– The Times report that Community Shield could move to the opening weekend of the Premier League season or mid-season and even played abroad.

This is what fans had to say as talks begin over a major shake-up to English football that would see changes to cups…

@fuzzbuzz55: make the league cup the British/Kingdom cup with Scottish, Welsh and NI teams included, barring teams in Europe, winner gets ECL place and Community shield should be held at relatively equal distance between both teams at a neutral venue e.g. City Vs Chelsea played at villa park

@elvinho1993: Would be cool if the top 8 in the prem were removed from the Carabao cup allowing other premier league teams the chance at a trophy.

@NottingHillMark: Lets hope lower league teams don’t bow down to the premier league.

@ZiggyMarlon: And move fa cup semis back to Villa park and OT. Cheers

@SJ_Barrick: Entering youth teams in the League Cup is an absolute no-no. The Papa John’s, then the League Cup… see where this is going?

@bwfc454: “Entering youth sides in the Carabao cup” can get fucked with that idea, really going well that shite papa johns trophy cup. No doubt they will make the lower league teams play there first team players as well…

@AdamTynemouth92: Shocking decision scrapping fa cup replays. Imagine the revenue that would be lost a none league side drawing with a PL or championship side and getting a chance to play them at home. US billionaire PL owners trying their best to here to ruin our game and traditions

@LukeSperry10: 3 bad ideas

@JostrichWFC: Just bring back the sodding reserve structure. Kids playing against other kids every week doesn’t get them to learn anything!

@garypatchett: Why don’t the PL clubs distribute the money that they have already committed to, rather than holding the rest of the sport to ransom?

@craiggcampbell: Shocking idea! We already have a competition that involves youth teams (papa johns trophy) and look at the attendances that brings in! Lower league clubs sometimes rely on them FA cup replays also

@Calstagram123: I get this would be a good idea but in turn, it kills the League Cup. The Papa Johns Trophy used to be really good for lower league teams but the introduction of U21s completely ruins its credibility

@FatJanner: Keep the replays. Go back to neutral semi final grounds. Bring youth teams in the carabao cup but only as a replacement. I dont want to see man u 1st v man u u21s

@GasheadUTG: Stop ruining football!

@jbennett1997: If youth sides are being entered into the carabao then they should be scrapped from the EFL Trophy or the trophy should be scrapped altogether

@hold_ja: They are just buying the competitive integrity. FA cup replays can be good money spinners for small clubs. Carabao cup becomes another B League win, need to make the rules consistent for EFL clubs. Their youngsters should have a chance to play.

@wbafc_alex: Football is on its arse man, replays are part of what makes the FA Cup, seeing smaller teams potentially upset the big boys in their own back yards, the league cup shouldn’t have youth teams in that’s taking the piss but tbf couldn’t care less about CS

@E_Sure91: Remember when they said things like this wouldn’t happen when B teams entered the tinpot trophy? EFL only get more money if they do what the precious Premier League clubs want…

@LestahSam: Youth teams in the EFL cup is stupid, just get rid of the 7 teams playing in europe

@Evsbech1: First it was youth teams in the Football League Trophy, now they want youth teams in the League Cup. We know what’s coming next.

@nonleaguenext: Scrapping FA Cup replays would kill a massive revenue stream for non league and lower league clubs, making them poorer and the competition worse off. Awful move

@SteveTolley90: Just fuck it all off at this point. End it

@ITFCKurty: Scrap replays from the 5th round, remove teams that are in European Competition from the League Cup and add 6/7 National League sides (top 6/7)

@andycparsons: Only for the prem clubs in mind FACT. They have huge squads to accommodate all the competitions but moan when they have to field the weakest of their squad. Replays are part of the FA Cup stopping it kills what is great about it. If a prem club can’t win in the 1st game…TOUGH

@Denton_james: Better idea. Sack PL clubs out the Carabao cup, Add in Scottish PL, Northern Irish PL and Welsh PL – Job done. Sack the community shield off all together. Bring back multiple replays in the FA cup, serve teams right for playing weaker sides.

@Rob_B29: No doubt all the ‘plastic fans’ of the Top 6 will support this as won’t affect them one bit, as they’ve never been anywhere near the ground to actually watch a match.

@ILPadrino1994: Better suggestion. Keep Cup replays, which are vital revenue sources for lower league clubs. Scrap the EFL Trophy, make the EFL Cup solely for EFL clubs with no prem or reserve sides. Scrap the Comm Shield as its a glorified friendly Prem clubs still distribute more money. 🤷‍♂️

@Stevotop: What about slimming down the European comps with less games ? Oh no, too lucrative for the big clubs ! 😡

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