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Swindon Town manager considering resigning following defeat

Swindon Town manager John Sheridan is considering resigning following his side’s 3-1 defeat to Gillingham in League One on Saturday.

Vadaine Oliver scored twice as three goals in 10 second-half minutes saw Steve Evans’ men came from behind to beat the struggling Robins.

Now the County Ground chief has hinted he will have a think about his position with Swindon in deep trouble and looking ready for a relegation battle.

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They were leading at half-time after Brett Pitman’s goal, however ended up conceded three in nine second-half minutes.

Following the other matches played out in the division, Swindon are now 23rd in the League One table, taking 31 points from 35 games played. They are two points from safety, but there are teams around them that have games in hand.

Swindon Town boss John Sheridan has said he will take a ‘good look’ at himself after his sides’ loss today, as per BBC Wiltshire Sport.

Sheridan has told BBC Wiltshire Post: “Listen, I’m not going to hide the fact I’m going to take a good look at myself tonight, think about even my own position.”

Sheridan left his third tier side Wigan Athletic to surprisingly take over the Wiltshire club in November after Richie Wellens left for Salford City – who have just gone and beat Portsmouth in the 2020 Papa John’s Trophy.

However, he has won just six games out of 26 and is facing an uphill task to keep the Robins in the division. They are currently 23rd in the league with only goal difference separating them from the bottom of the table.

Speaking after a game in which the Town boss also made all five of his substitutes at the same time late on, Sheridan revealed he would speak to chairman Lee Power about whether he was the right person to lead Swindon’s attempted escape from relegation.

Sheridan said: “I’m going to take a good look at myself tonight, and think about my own position.

“Even against Gillingham, I’ve left young Jack Payne out when I should have played him. So I’ve picked the wrong team, I feel, after the other night’s performance, so I’ll take the full blame.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t hold on after going in ahead at half-time, clean sheets win you games. But the performance, the result – it’s just a poor, poor day.

“I’m not going to pretend things are alright because they’re not, they’re nowhere near alright.

“I’ve got a decision to make, and I’ll talk to the people above because the club – more than anything – need to stay in the division.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Sheridan said: “I’m not going to blame anyone else other than myself.

“But I’m not out on the pitch am I? But I’ll blame myself because I pick the team, and I’m the manager. But I’m not on the pitch – always remember that.

“When I played, I don’t think I ever blamed the manager or the coach or the training or what I ate if I played poorly.

“I always looked at myself in the mirror, and blamed myself, if I didn’t have a good game. But I’m the manager, so I take 100 per cent responsibility for the team I put out, the performance, and the result.”

Fans reacted as the Swindon Town manager said he is considering resigning following defeat to Gillingham…

@IanvRogers: I’ve been one of the harshest critics of Sheridan and Wright and rightly so between the two of them they have destroyed this club within such a short period of time. Why now though he’s been poor for months he should of been removed before January transfer window

@PeterHuggins_1: Probably means he’s starting alongside Curran next game then

@newbould1986: Just call it a day John!

@realmullet9: Let us know if you need a taxi booked John

@swindonrich: Good, should have realised he was making things worse weeks ago.

@matgalbraith: Hallelfuckingujah

@haydenbedwell2: I have a mirror you can use

@dmase401: Think he knows enough is enough but hoping he does decide time is up, as he and we all need a change, hoping the next one in can get the players actually playing for 90 mins and put in the required effort as they to need to be accountable too, as it seems lge 2 incoming

@GChappellPGA: Listening to this, that’s a man who knows he won’t be in charge this time next week. Never heard a manger who says he needs to consider his position, dressing rooms lost, can’t stay.

@kevbridgeman: He’s gonna start himself centre mid next Saturday

@RobJNew: John Sheridan finally admits his side hustle of Instagram influencer is affecting his role as manager.

@colin_lloyd: I’ll bring the sword – please feel free to fall on it – and dont waste time doing so.

@stfcjoner1986: The penny has finally dropped. It’s too little too late.

@smitherman69: Hallelujah! Should never get another job in football. Absolute travesty of an appointment.

@_Fieldo_: Prepare the corner flag!

@PaddyStavros: What a pity the owner was not as bleeding honest to hold hands up, sell up and walk away. #PowerOut

@dazbeatson: 3 months too late, mate!

@stevestfc: Get out of my club!

@kevinmitchell11: He’s only saying this as a sick joke to all the fans calling for him to go, he’ll be pictured walking out the ground with a “just joking” t-shirt on #sheridanout #justicforjonny #stfc

@RackliffJohn: @Official_STFC Please please make it true. We can’t stop relegation but at least we can try to salvage some pride before the end of the season.

@AndrewWilliamB9: Dont think about it just do it and take that muppet power with you

@badger_cheese: How has it taken so long for him to realise he’s not up to the job? Interview was summed up with the “it’s raining, we’ve lost. It’s bleak”. Bleak is the only way to describe the football that Sheridan has forced us to endure

@juttystfc: Don’t look for to long. Just go.

Reaction continued on the Swindon Town manager considering resigning following defeat…

@beckylawrence11: GOOD FUCK RIGHT OFF NOW

@leighgruszka: Don’t think about it, just fuck off and take wright and power with you.

@craigclarky: Finally. Fuck off.

@LewisStfc: John you should have walked months ago so just fuck off now your nothing but a prick let someone else come in and try to keep this club in league 1 like we deserve

@totoschilacky: You ain’t gotta look John boy, just fuck off now

@stfc93: We’ve been telling you for weeks Sheridan to go your not fit for purpose you only just realised – week after week after week we make the same defensive mistakes you’ve improved nothing in fact you’ve made us worse – just go ffs

@Coys1994: could’ve done that 4 months ago you fucking dickhead

@STFCSPENCER: He lost the dressing room weeks ago. If he gives a shit about the club which he probably doesn’t he will resign. Results business and he certainly ain’t getting them so time to knob off and leave us alone. Bring in Noel Hunt with Alan Mac

@stfcmezza: Should have been taken out of his hands weeks ago, totally incompetent. Sheridan out now

@Hsharpy3: Don’t fucking think about it! Fucking go you prick

@davidlappin65: Good piss off

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