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Swindon Town face potential points deduction

Swindon Town face having a potential points deduction handed to them according to reports, with the club and owner already punished by the FA.

The Robins and Lee Power have been charged with breaching Football Association regulations regarding the ownership and/or funding of the League One club.

In February, Power said the Wiltshire side were “on the brink of bankruptcy” due to the impact of no fans being allowed to watch matches, hitting their finances badly.

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Sports agency First Touch Pro Management and its company director Michael Standing face similar charges with both parties having until the 22nd of April to provide their responses.

Swindon said the club was made aware of the charges on Wednesday morning and are seeking legal advice.

Standing, who is a former Aston Villa trainee who had spells at Bradford and Walsall, has previously stated he acquired 50% of Swindon’s holding company when Power bought the Robins in 2013.

Gareth Barry could still be hit with an FA charge over a secret £800,000 deal to buy a stake in Swindon Town with Standing being his agent.

Under FA regulations, agents are not allowed to own clubs because of potential conflicts of interest.

Power warned Swindon could go into administration back in May 2020 after he failed to overturn an injunction to prevent him selling the club to an American company named ‘Able‘.

Swindon current sit 20th in the League One table, above the relegation zone on goals scored.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A statement released on Wednesday evening by an FA spokesperson reads: “It is alleged that Swindon Town FC, Lee Power, First Touch Pro Management and Michael Standing breached Intermediary Regulations in relation to the ownership and/or funding of Swindon Town FC.

“Swindon Town FC, Lee Power, First Touch Pro Management and Michael Standing have until April 22, 2021 to provide responses to their respective charges.”

In a very brief statement on Swindon Town’s official website, they said it was made aware of the charges on the morning of Wednesday the 7th of April 2021 and would be seeking legal advice before going onto state it would be making no further comment at this time.

Trust STFC “reflect on yet another week of silence from Swindon Town Football Club following the supporter group’s calls for transparency and communication.

“As we hit the run in on the pitch, and with our League One status looking increasingly precarious, this week also marks the eighth week of silence from the Swindon Town hierarchy with regard to a response to TrustSTFC’s open letter issued on the February 10.

“The frustration among Swindon Town fans is growing, and understandably so.

“With weeks to go this season and with performances on the pitch not really providing much of a distraction, the silence from the club re off-field concerns is deafening.

“A fortnight ago, the Trust shared our reaction to Clem Morfuni’s response and called upon the other parties to step up and match Mr Morfuni’s transparency and commitment.

“But yet again, those calls from the Trust, the wider fanbase, and the local community have all fallen on deaf ears.

“In fact, the Trust’s time in the last two weeks has been spent dealing with questions and queries from the club’s hierarchy with regard to Mr Morfuni, while they continue to swerve any and all questions regarding the financial health, wellbeing and future vision of Swindon Town.

“Furthermore, there is zero progress on the season ticket front either. We have seen plenty of clubs up and down the football pyramid share innovative, customer-centric ways of refunding and rewarding the incredible loyalty fans have shown throughout the pandemic.

“Some clubs have issued full credit of the price of last season’s ticket to go towards next season. Some have simply refunded all season tickets purchased for the current campaign.

“And yet again the club we all love has done nothing;

“No response to the Trust’s open letter or the statements made by Clem Morfuni.

“No information regarding season tickets for this year or next.

“No published accounts.

“No transparency, clarity or a vision for the club.”

Fans reacted with Swindon Town set to face a potential points deduction if handed the extreme punishment…

@jiff1967: The club will be punished for the actions of a complete chancer is what pisses me off fans punished again over something we have no control over #powerout

@ChisieWeirdo: Yep, EFL & FA happy to let any chancer buy a club, then happy to bring charges against the club for their actions. By which point most dodgy owners disappear with the loot, leaving the club & supporters in the shit. When will the FA punish the owners, not the fans?

@mattylucas77: It’s like history repeating itself I was the same age as my boy is now in 1990 always the owner and the fans are punished

@59Graham: Non league here we come

@stfc93: Think we’ll get a points deduction whether it will be this season or next who knows that’s my personal opinion & Power will probably leave & get banned & leave us in debt after his asset stripping

@pieman80: I’ll take a points deduction this season. For new ownership of the club and a fresh start in league 2 next

@henryknight125: Scenes when we manage to stay up on the final day then get slapped with a points deduction to send us down 😫 #STFC

@shmoyph: Hopefully it all works out ok and that they don’t punish the club but i imagine a points reduction will happen but hopefully i am wrong. Good time for Clem to step forward with a message to fans. The Swindon rollercoaster continues.

@Sheldwardo34: Hope Swindon gets through this episode to eventually get them in a better situation. Bonkers

@BernimanUK: @EFL love getting stuck into @Official_STFC fans – they will be rubbing their hands together like they are sat over 20 ounce rib eye steak.. just like the demotion last time when they screwed over the fans to make an example.. Spurs get a slap on the wrist – double standards

@Calacus: Given the fractious nature that the club has had with media in recent years, I wonder how much sympathy the club will get as this plays out….

@swindonrich: FFS. How much damage can one bloke do to a football club. Although to be fair he was deemed fit and proper!

@stuartwinton1: Remember, its the fa job to check this 🤡 was allowed to run our club, and you have clearly failed in your job. Dont punish the club and its fans. If anything you should look at yourselves and punish lee power only. #stfc

@JJHarri40364562: Give us the points deduction now. Sod starting in league 2 with minus points. #stfc

@SuggWillSugg: Going to escape relegation by a point on the final day then get a points deduction the next day. I can feel it in my waters. #stfc

@xaviray: Fa was investigating barry regarding him playing and owning or having shares in club….this was seperate to court case …if that’s case and find any evidence LG 2 beckons and prob start off with points deduction as well..hope I’m wrong

@OOCSwindonTown: Power has spent more on lawyers then players. When’s it gonna end Robbie

@ba_robo: Announce National League

@swindonmatt35: Big thanks to Lee power for singlehandedly killing the club I love. Get out our club.

@TomFred85: Thanks Lee. You really are the gift that keeps on giving #powerout

@OutSheridan: The club has treated the fans appallingly since Wellens departure & its not the first time either. It’s all the fault of one man, Lee Power. He has been slowly killing our club for a long time, hopefully the writing is on the wall and his exit is imminent. #powerout #sheridanout

@marktaylor142: I so hope your pleased with yourself Power when you wake up this morning. You alone are ruining the lives of innocent, hard working, loyal fans and I so hope the @FA throw the book at you and ban you from football for life. SWINDON FANS INNOCENT, POWER GUILTY.

@Leggett84: We’re aware of the charge of being caught with our pants down and are seeking legal advice” say the owners, currently stood with their pants down. Power is making this club a joke. Next thing he’ll be trying to ‘Steve Dale’ us.

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