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Swindon manager resigns in extraordinary post-match interview

Swindon Town manager John Sheridan resigns in an extraordinary post-match interview after their 4-1 defeat at AFC Wimbledon.

The defeat was the Robins’ ninth in their past 11 games and they sit seven points from safety in the League One table with four games to play.

In what was a bizarre appointment, Sheridan, 56, took over from Richie Wellens in November but has won just eight of 33 games in charge, losing 21.

Swindon manager resigns in extraordinary post-match interview

Richie Wellens left the club in favour of a switch for Salford City, before winning the EFL Trophy a few months back and then got sacked with form turning dodgy yet they were still in contention of getting a playoff place.

Now he’s available, would he go back to Swindon to do the same job as a few seasons back, or has the ownership of the club put him off? Would the club even want him back after he ditched them?

Back to Sheridan now, his contract is set to expire at the end of the season, and said he had told director of football Paul Jewell that he wanted to resign and would also speak to chairman Lee Power.

He joined Swindon Town in November last year where it was, incredibly, the fourth club he had managed in 2020 after Chesterfield, Waterford and Wigan Athletic.

In the post-match interview, Sheridan announced enough was enough and he would be resigning as manager.

He said: “I’ve just told the players I’m going to have a break now.

“I don’t think it’s doing my health any good – it’s not doing anyone’s health any good watching us with the way we’re getting beat week in, week out. It’s not right for the supporters or the club with the position we’re in.

“Unfortunately, we’ve made life very difficult for ourselves. Five or six games ago, when we did beat Fleetwood, I thought there was a chance we’d turned a corner and we might be able to get six or seven points away from the bottom four, but it went the other way.

“There are too many things happening every week, so I’m going to give it a rest. I’m sure a lot of people will be pleased, but that’s football.

“When you’re successful and winning games, there’s no better job. But when you’re losing, it’s very difficult and you’ve got to answer questions all the time.

“I’ve already spoken to Paul Jewell, I’m going to speak to the chairman, and I’m going to give it a miss. I’m going to resign.

“I felt like this three weeks ago. I do really care about football and Swindon, even though I’ve only been here a short time. There are good people here, it’s a good club that is well-supported.

“I was coming here expecting to do really well, and lots of things have coincided with why we’re not winning games.

“We’ve had injuries, and we’ve not had a settled side, but I’m the manager and I know what goes with the job if you’re not winning games.

“I’ve made that decision – it’s a difficult one for me to make, but hopefully the club can stay in this league.

“While there are four games to go, hopefully someone can come in and work a miracle to try and help the team get a few results.”

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Swindon Town can confirm that First-Team Manager John Sheridan has left his position at the Club.

John was appointed in November 2020, winning eight of his thirty one games in charge. Town currently sit at the bottom of League One with four games left to play.

The Club would like to thank John for his time at the Club in what must have been a difficult period for him personally and wish him the best for the future.

Assistant manager Tommy Wright will take charge of the team for the remainder of the season and will be assisted by STFC Academy’s Head of Coaching, Lee Peacock.

The Club will be making no further comment at this time.


Sheridan’s comments come a few weeks after he claimed he would have a think about resigning, before making a U-turn, frustrating the club’s fanbase.

After losing 3-1 to Gillingham, he said: “Listen, I’m not going to hide the fact I’m going to take a good look at myself tonight, think about even my own position.

“Even against Gillingham, I’ve left young Jack Payne out when I should have played him. So I’ve picked the wrong team, I feel, after the other night’s performance, so I’ll take the full blame.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t hold on after going in ahead at half-time, clean sheets win you games. But the performance, the result – it’s just a poor, poor day.

“I’m not going to pretend things are alright because they’re not, they’re nowhere near alright.

“I’ve got a decision to make, and I’ll talk to the people above because the club – more than anything – need to stay in the division.”

Maybe he finally means it for real this time, after all, it needs for Swindon to have some sort of miracle if they are to stay up.

Fans reacted as Swindon manager John Sheridan resigns in an extraordinary post-match interview…

Return to base, agent Sheridan.
Mission complete.
Over and out (and down)

@M5Heywood: Fuck me John, the horse bolted weeks ago!

@NatWally2711: Thought he’d done a good job tbh, at least give the man a chance ffs

@ijwilmer81: Only 25 games too late! And yet we’re the ones that suffer, absolute fucking disgrace.

@howler50: Gone has the correct time to resign. That was when it would have made a difference. He needs to stay and be present when our relegation is confirmed, considering he is party to that.

@STFC_Dan: Let’s face it he’s only gone so he can carry on saying he’s never been relegated as a manager.

@dezined: I would say ‘about time’, but that time was 3 months ago.

@ndrewford; I hope the coach driver told him to make his own way home since no longer part of the club

@OffTheLineBlog: Something about that really doesn’t sit well with me. Comes in and relegates them and yet wants to leave before the end of the season so he doesn’t “officially” have a relegation on his CV. Really disappointing that.

@swindonmatt35: Now take power with you.

@stfc93: You should have done it weeks ago you useless prat thanks for relegating us & take Wright with you

@AL2Spireite: Some of us still can’t believe he was appointed in the first place. Shocking manager.

@JamieSmith43: Too little too late, the club is a laughing stock and the fans deserve so much better

@RedsssSeaside: Said he was going to resign before, and should have done. Absolutely gutted with how this season has played out. It’s like promotion last season was a mistake and the aim was to get back to the 4th Division. The supporters deserve better than this. Much better.

@clivewarr: Can we have an @Official_STFC statement to confirm the clubs position on this ASAP.

@chociefrog: Good riddance. #FanPowerNotLeePower

@posh_red: Too late, hopefully his boss will follow suit and go as well

@wiltsbookworm: Should never have been appointed in the first place

@Dazzared36: Take Wright with you please.

Fans continued to react as the Swindon manager resigns in that extraordinary post-match interview…

@SeanGraham92: Well done, 6 months too late, but cheers

@BobbiOufc: We will miss you sir Sheridan

@Cliveeck9: Too late you useless tosser…should have gone weeks ago when we had a chance to stay up 😡😡😡

@SwindonSparkle: How many more ‘mates’ can Power bring in to take the reign? Who would seriously want to work for him as a boss? That’s why @Official_STFC need a complete clear out, starting from the top.

@IanM_81: He has said this before though, so let’s not get too excited.

@BernimanUK: Thanks for doing this now John and giving us one game against Pompey to avoid relegation – too little too late

@warringtonhat: Absolutely mental appointment in the first place

@stfcinbmth: Our beloved chairman will talk him out of it

@chrisduffers: Do we need VAR to check he’s gone ?

@Josh_Maguire92: Not until it comes from @Official_STFC I will believe him. He said it about 6 weeks ago and is still here

@danielfreeman83: Erm, no. Job not quite finished yet

@Danjohnh: He should never be allowed to steal a living as a manager ever again !

@JWYOUFC: Sheridan deserves his own statue outside the Kassam.

@MarkDolman1: Hes done his job, got relegated, then take the cowards way out. (But him leaving would be a perfect way out for the fans). Absolute fraud of a manager.

@collinso41: Too fucking late… s.hould of been a man and done it a while ago … worst manager in the clubs history

@JamieTuck8: Better late than never

@Oufc861016: #agentjohn over and out

@JamieD_STFC: Getting out now whilst he’s out of Swindon. He wouldn’t make it out alive otherwise. Still think it’s bollocks though. #FanPowerNotLeePower

@sprulesey84: Only so the clown don’t get a relegation on his cv…… any club that’ll take him after this sh!tshow of a season must be mad!

@tomesyk1: Could i just say, John, if this is the end, thankyou. Thanks for everything. You will forever get a standing ovation at the Kassam.

@StevoJW: Worst football manager I have ever had the displeasure to meet

@envacream69: Should never have been appointed. Worst manager we’ve ever had, shame he didn’t go long before now.

@ChisieWeirdo: Bet he’ll still be here until we’re mathematically down

@hotpoint78: Shame he didn’t do it when he said it a few weeks ago could have given us more of a chance!!

@stevecollins88: Too little too late. Fucking waste of space.

@craig_stfc: To f**king late now. Should have left before to give us any chance of getting out this mess.

@beckylawrence11: Bit too late you absolute tosser

@LiamDeans12: To little to late I’m afraid


@SouthCoastRed: Actions speak louder than words…

@joteddyuk: What like you did after the Gillingham game? And then change your mind when you realise nobody will ever employ you again. How much have you been paid to get us relegated? Absolute wanker!

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