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Swansea’s Jerry Yates and Millwall’s Japhet Tanganga both get sent off in off-the-ball incident

Swansea’s Jerry Yates and Millwall’s Japhet Tanganga both get sent off in an off-the-ball incident during the final game of the season.

With just five minutes left on the clock and Millwall leading 1-0, the game on Saturday took a surprising aggressive turn as Swansea substitute Yates and Millwall centre-back Tanganga were both sent off with red cards after an altercation.

It remains uncertain what triggered the confrontation, but it appeared that Swans striker Yates reacted to something said by Tanganga by grabbing him, leading to a physical altercation.

“I’ve watched the action back. He [Yates] is certainly antagonised but he reacts badly,” said Swansea boss Luke Williams.

“It’s unfortunate because there’s going to be a hangover for that one next season [with a suspension]. It’s a big shame really.

“I don’t want to put the blame on one of those guys because they’re both involved. They both deal with it in the wrong way. Someone can antagonise you and you can choose how you react.

“Both of them deserved to get sent off. Neither of them are innocent and none of them are solely responsible.”

The result means Millwall finished the campaign sitting 13th in the Championship standings, their fifth straight win helping them leapfrog Swansea, who fell to 14th.

Williams confirmed Yates had apologised to his team-mates after the game.

“Yeah, he knows he shouldn’t have done that,” the former Notts County boss added.

“These boys are very competitive, very athletic and if you catch them in the wrong moment, something like this can happen.

“It’s happened many times before and he won’t be the last to do a silly action. He got emotional and reacted badly.”

Millwall’s Neil Harris said: “At the time, I only saw Jerry Yates’ punch so he deserved to go. And it angered me.

“I’ve seen it back and there was a scuffle before it and I think that’s down to the [appeals] panel to decide if they both deserved to go.

“Japhet certainly said to me that he hasn’t swung a punch. But you have to be careful if you’re pushing players and how you do it and what’s interpreted by the referee.”

Later, Harris went on to say: “Japhet Tanganga, that red card won’t sort of blight his Millwall record. And certainly not for me. He’s been exceptional.

“We need to add to the centre-half positions but again, that’s a conversation that needs to happen above me. But I get on brilliantly with Japhet and I’ll certainly stay in touch with him.”

Fans reacted on Twitter as Swansea’s Jerry Yates and Millwall’s Japhet Tanganga both get sent off in an off-the-ball incident…

@shreko5000: There’s nothing in that yellows at best

@jack_clarke: What on earth has Japh done to get a red? Besides it’s the last 10 mins of the final game of the season – ref could have just given some yellows and got on with it, no need for reds on either side #Millwall

@tylerpodmore: Yates literally punched him. No clue what japh done to get a red though

@leestillstandin: Raised his hand mate. Can’t do that on a football pitch. Also time of the season is irrelevelant.

@lions_cast: It was all the refs fault for stopping play anyway. He didn’t give a FK in the first place. There was just a collision of players. Then 2 seconds later he pulls it back to stop play. All the refs fault.

@scotttygrant: If Japh lets go, Yates is bang in trouble

@MFC_Steve: Struggling to see a red for either player – looks like the referee just wanted to make a name for himself. Would imagine both will be easily overturned

@RedDogNF: 2 red cards for hand bags yet the best league in the world brushes away Yates getting punched, and that’s after VAR “looked” at it

@mfcdan79: Tanganga got a red for this?! But watch the terrier Honeyman come flying in. Fella loves a tear up!

@Wanderers_thet: Can someone explain why tanganga was sent off as well. Yates openly punches him

@JamesWilson1406: From that angle if you pause the frame at 2 seconds it looks like he’s grab Yates shirt and put a naughty elbow in.

@Wanderers_thet: But there is no way the ref sees that, the linesman even said he only see Yates punch him.

@jcaple1998: Honestly wtf has Tanganga done wrong? 😂

@Lucas_McGregor: Still don’t see what japh done to get sent off

@kiersomara: Yates is just a shithouse and sore loser 😂 loses his rag over anything

@MichaelJ5_: Top tier efl officiating once again

@maffinaround: Doing this business with nothing on the line is hilarious behaviour

@RPlufc93: Looks like Yates punches him

@ljscfc02: Jerry Yates sparking Tanganga sums his season up well.

@AntStephen: Damn, Jerry will be missing the first three games for us next season 😉

@lewis_shippey: Why was there a red card for japhet he did nothing wrong 🤣🤣

@kiersomara: Brooke Norton Cuffy not backing it …. Yeah don’t want him back 😂

@philclarke0170: Brooke Norton Cuffy assuming the assistant referee duties on this one 😂

@Ayykae_mfc: Japh sent off for being punched, these refs need to be put down

@JonBass625260: If had a left hand like that prick Yates I’d keep it in my pocket. 🥊😂

@thfc_mugen: give tanganga a red for being assaulted l. you know what you are

@KieranCraig2016: Love it Jerry but ref had a mare sending Tanganga off 😂😂😂

@DoukiChoki: 5 year contract immediately

@MatthewJoh68046: Here’s a new one for Japhet… Get sent off for taking a punch to the face wtf

@TomBolt0n: he got sent off for getting punched🤣🤣🤣

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