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Swansea fan sent flying in Cardiff end; Man Utd fan knocked out by Newcastle lad

The trouble continued at the weekend with a Swansea fan sent flying in the Cardiff end and Man Utd fan knocked out by a Newcastle lad.

Two videos of the incidents captured the shocking moments, going viral quickly on social media on Saturday and Sunday, with some concern for those injured.

The first one came at the Cardiff City Stadium where a Swansea fan was said to be pulling his shirt out in the wrong end after his side scored the winner, then got punched and kicked before being knocked down rows of seats.

Credit: Joe Drew

Forever Blue on the Cardiff City Forum, wrote: “Cardiff City’s family section: And there were two Jacks in the red seats upper tier in The Ninian who also took a bit of a pasting.”

The lad seen falling down the rows of seats was seen getting back up and walked away with a steward.

Then more media showed him taken away on an ambulance stretcher which his head bandaged up.

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There was also trouble after Newcastle played out a 2-0 victory against Manchester United on Sunday evening.

A video was uploaded, and captioned: “Man Utd fan being flattened after the match against Newcastle earlier today.”

The incident ended with a fan being knocked out, to which fans around gasped in horror. The lad down on the ground was attended to, but down for a period of time with police present.

The Magpies leapfrogged Manchester United into third place with Joe Willock netting the opening goal on the 65th minute.

This came after the midfielder missed two first-half sitters, before Callum Wilson headed in a second with minutes remaining.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: “It was an important win and mostly it was a really good performance from the players. It was really high energy, high quality and a lot of chances created.

“We kept knocking on the door. Tribute to our fitness levels today. In my opinion, we got stronger in the game, even though we were giving so much to it. Our substitutes made a big difference to it too. They played a big part.

“We are a team of really good athletes and we want to use that and play a high-energy, high-pressing style. We want the ball in play and consistently work on that on the training pitch and it paid off today.

“There are still a lot of games to come even though it is April. Three games in six days this coming week so we know we really have to focus on Wednesday.”


Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag to Sky Sports: “I hate to say it but they were better today – especially their determination, passion and desire. They wanted to win more so they won.”We had our opportunities but then you have to go for goal with the determination they did. It wasn’t good enough. We allowed them too many chances. You have to be hungry and give everything every game.”Our attacking game wasn’t good enough. I don’t want to focus on one person. It was a team performance.”

On his subs: “We were not happy. We played too high in midfield and it was easy for their two centre-halves to go and attack. We had to play a little bit deeper. Therefore we made the sub. Then we made changes to bring more energy. Then in the end we were losing so we decided to go with three at the back and play an extra offensive player and I decided to take both centre-backs off with Lindelof to defend the spaces.”We have to deal with the setback and learn a lesson. So many times recently, we came back after Liverpool. I don’t have that concern. I believe in the team. I believe we’ll bounce back.”

This is how social media users reacted with a Swansea fan sent flying in Cardiff end and a Man Utd fan knocked out by a Newcastle lad…


@gazthebluebird1: He knew what the outcome would be, he got off lightly in my opinion.

@wardell808: He knew what the outcome would be, the lads giving him a kick in is the right response no matter who you support 😄 don’t want all football ending up like the prem tourists.

@GavinSm49974026: Curious to know, how did he think that was going to end?

@MichaelP9421: Not the best decision he’s ever made? 😂👊🤦‍♂️

@liamshep07: Bit of an idiotic thing to do, got his just rewards. Same thing would of happened regardless of the result and if it were the other way around 🤷🏼‍♂️

@BeynonJak: Play silly games, win silly prizes…

@FyEnwIYwJeremy: What a set of bollocks this fella has

@_JamesBeard_: Fucking hell he went flying down them steps 😂

@BowenWilkie: Legend. Goal went in 99th minute. Kisses his Swans badge and went mental. He had a few slaps but bet the satisfaction for the absolute piss take more than made up for it. Takes some balls to do that on your own.

@RobGWarren4: Christ imagine being thick enough to do this.

@lions_cast: Fair play to the lad. Scenes like this remind us bravery and stupidity are the same thing.

@Rhiannelouise92: Shouldnt have been in there simple as that

@pricey1927: Hahahaha he got launched down about 10 rows 😭🤣🤣

@Liam_Seeley: Fair play to him knowing he’d get a few flying into him. Almost landed on the pitch at the end though 😂

@jonathanpric3: If you were an away team shirt in the home end of any game. You deserve a kicking.

@chrisnurse1: At least our fans showed some fight

@Liamgeraghty_: Kinell who threw him at the end ?? The hulk?😂😂😂

@schminky1981: Get that guy on throw ins 🤣👆🏻

@thebassa2: Bet he was sore when he woke up this morning 😆


@BigLankyTom: I think I walked past this bloke on the way out the ground whilst police were helping him on the ground, had his son standing there in tears too, not funny at all really #nufc

@CalvinMcnuggets: Lucky for either side I was walking through their minding my own business otherwise they would have been sorry!

@BestiesBoots7: In 2023 football supporters are still doing this nonsense.

@danielskyver: Battered on and off the pitch today. Nightmare.

@hermantGerman: Where are the horses

@Fazzzzerr: another week and another person stamping on someone’s face while they’re knocked out on the ground. coward

@joehunterrr: ‘Look at you man ya soft cunt’🤣🤣🤣

@mikey_747: Saw this geezer lying there for about 10 minutes. Rough do.

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