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Swansea concede TWO own goals in stoppage time | Millwall fans celebrate after leaving early

Swansea City concede TWO own goals in stoppage time and now video footage has surfaced Millwall fans celebrating after leaving early.

In rather bizarre scenes, the Lions benefited from two remarkable own goals in the 93rd and 95th minute as they clinched a 2-2 draw to go fourth in the Championship.

The hosts looked to be heading for a routine victory following Ryan Manning’s first goal for the club and a strike from Michael Obafemi inside the first 12 minutes.

However, in a scenes unlike no other, Swans defenders Ben Cabango and Nathan Wood both put through their own net to gift the Millwall a point.

And it seems some of the travelling support missed it, after leaving the game early, went to a nearby McDonalds and got some food and drink.

Much to their horror however, they glanced at their phone and found out that Millwall had gone form 2-0 to 2-2 in stoppage time.

As you can see in the video below, they run around across the road and roundabout upon discovery and can’t help but either celebrate or look at the phone in shock.

Russell Martin admitted the manner in which his Swansea City side relinquished a two-goal lead in stoppage time against Millwall was inexcusable, and said he and his coaching staff took responsibility.

“At this moment in time it is difficult to look past the last few minutes of the game,” he said.

“I can try, and we will when we watch the game back as a whole, but for 93 minutes we were far and away the better team and the dominant team.

“We were aggressive and everything we were rightly criticised for not being against Blackburn.

“We put a lot of those things right tonight, the ball speed, the purpose in our play. They have had one shot on target before two of our players score own goals.

“We spoke about how they put the ball in the box from crosses and set-pieces, and how they are one of the best in the league at it. We managed it fairly well, we showed real resilience to defend our box and had a couple of big blocks, which you need.

“We were so pleased with so much of the performance, but it is inexcusable that last three or four minutes, and I take responsibility for that, I am in charge of the mentality of the team.

“We have to do better than we did. We will be honest with the lads, they will need to honest with us and we will find a solution to that problem, as we did after Blackburn.

“We should be sitting here talking about two really good performances and good results.

“It really hurts at the moment, but you cannot throw away a 2-0 lead with four minutes to go. It’s not a fair result, we should be out of sight. But it’s our job to take responsibility and help the players through it.

“The players are devastated, as we are, that’s the overriding emotion. No-one is as devastated as we are.”

Millwall boss Gary Rowett criticised how his side started Tuesday’s draw against Swansea, but praised them for their improvement in the second half.

“It’s football, isn’t it?” Rowett told NewsAtDen after the match.

“2-0 is 2-0, but just like we were 2-0 down on Saturday, if you can improve your performance and actually attempt to put the opposition under a little bit of pressure, it’s like anything.

“Swansea, with the way they’re set up, are very difficult to play against. They pass the bell so well, they create so much movement and so much possession that the flip side to that is that you’re perhaps not as strong defensively when you come under pressure.

“I said that to the players at half-time. I’ve seen lots of games where leads have been narrowed by the opposition and they’ve put them under pressure. That’s just how you set up. They’re probably the best by a long way in terms of passing.

“You can’t give a team like that an easy lead. To go 1-0 down after one minute basically threw the tactical playbook out of the window and everything we worked on was basically pointless at that moment.

“The second goal, again, there’s one thing being compact. I saw Blackburn do it where they were compact and made it very difficult. They didn’t allow easy opportunities to go and score. It’s a great bit of skill from [Michael] Obafemi, but he comes off us from three or four yards, turns three times and sticks it in the bottom corner. We have to be better than that, it’s as simple as that. Our defenders have to do their jobs to a much better level.

“Then I think we got a little bit better towards the end of the first half. We had a stonewall penalty where Ryan Manning hacked Jake Cooper down in the box, came straight through the back of him. I’ve watched it five times, it’s a clear penalty.

“Second half, Manning saves one with his hands, another blatant penalty. I’m not just saying this, I’ve watched them back. There’s another moment but I didn’t think that was a penalty, I think it’s hit the lad’s hand on the floor. It wasn’t enough, but there were two clear penalties.

“We had to ride a little bit of luck because Swansea still open you up at times and still create those moments of quality but I felt at some point we had to really change it and put more pressure on Swansea. We did, and the end was the end.”

Fans gave their reaction as Swansea concede TWO own goals in stoppage time…


@rileycp01: NO WAY 😂😂😂😂🦁🦁🦁

@Littlefatkevin1: Thank you Swansea for scoring our goals for us. Extremely Generous of you, next time can you score our winner too please. 🤣🤣🍺

@Callumc6230299: Oh my god what a comeback again showed real heart the team and you have to credit that but you also have to say we can’t keep giving teams a 2-0 head start because it ain’t going to work every time. #Millwall I FUCKING LOVE THIS CLUB

@chapemma3: Millwall Deserved that draw…. 1st half played rubbish… second half woke up… but that ref absolute shocking!!!! 2 handballs blatantly shown!! 2/3 openly fouls!!! Swansea all I can to you is Millllllllllll 🦁 that’s what ya get for moaning like a baby!!!!! Oh & were 4th lol

@AlfieAu73207441: No way no just no fucking way I’m gonna wake up soon and see we lost 2-1

@_Chalkyy_: That is an absolute stunning tackle…

@charliehubbz97: Tony Craig is watching this with a tear in his eye great tackle from Leonard

@jack_clarke: Back at 2:15am, 4 hours sleep, on a tube to Paddington and now train to Newbury for work, where we drove past about 7 hours ago. Really makes you wonder why we do it…and then we go and get two added time own goals to get the draw 😂😂😂 #Millwall

@LukeStallard1: We weren’t good enough but credit where it’s due, Swansea took all 4 of their goals very well last night #Millwall

@Adam_R_Illing: magine what we would do to teams if we just start the team we end the game with 🤣🤣 #Millwall

@TonyMunday1968: May have been two own goals but Tyler Burey put both under pressure forcing the own goals. He scores both of they don’t get touches #millwall

@Scottmason77: How the fuck we get away with that 🤣 #millwall

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