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Surprise new name on Sunderland’s list but underwhelms fans as manager search goes on

A surprise new name emerges on Sunderland’s list in Stephen Robinson, but he underwhelms the club’s fans as the manager search goes on.

The Black Cats are said to be considering making a move for St Mirren manager Stephen Robinson, as reported by Alan Nixon and the Scottish Sun.

They may turn to the Scottish Premiership figure if they are unable to secure their primary target, Will Still from RC Lens.

Sunderland are still seeking a permanent replacement for Michael Beale, who was sacked in February 2024.

Sunderland are determined to make the right choice ahead of the upcoming Championship season, but risk falling behind everyone else as they are still managerless.

Robinson helped St Mirren to a 5th place finish in the Scottish premiership, meaning they qualify for the 24/25 Conference League second qualifying round, and has a 34% win rate during his tenure with the Buddies, and but now they face a battle in keeping him.

But it seems despite how well he’s done, he’s not impressing fans of Sunderland, wanting a manager who can take them to the Premier League, while also trying to find someone who can drastically improve their 16th place finish in the second tier last season.

Sunderland are eager to finalise their managerial decision promptly, and face even more pressure from a fanbase grown frustrated at how long the search as dragged out.

Stephen Robinson has played for the likes of Tottenham Hotspur, Leyton Orient, AFC Bournemouth, Preston North End, Bristol City, Luton Town and Northern Ireland.

Robinson then went on to manage Oldham Athletic, Motherwell, Morecambe and current club St Mirren.


Youth career
1991–1993 – Tottenham Hotspur

Senior career
1993–1994 – Tottenham Hotspur
1994 → Leyton Orient (loan)
1994–2000 – AFC Bournemouth
2000–2002 – Preston North End
2002 → Bristol City (loan)
2002–2008 – Luton Town

International career
1989 – Northern Ireland U16
1991 – Northern Ireland U18
1994 – Northern Ireland U21
1994–1998 – Northern Ireland B
1997–2007 – Northern Ireland


Oldham Athletic – 9 July 2016 until 12 January 2017 – G33 W7 D11 L15 – 21.2 win %

Motherwell – 28 February 2017 until 31 December 2020 – G169 W71 D30 L68 – 42.0 win %

Morecambe – 7 June 2021 until 22 February 2022 – G40 W10 D10 L20 – 25.0 win %

St Mirren – 22 February 2022 until Present – G103 W35 D21 L47 – 34.0 win %

Total – G345 W123 D72 L150 – 35.7 win %

As mentioned there is a surprise new name on Sunderland’s list in Stephen Robinson but he seemingly underwhelms fans as the manager search goes on…

@KennethRhysDodd: Nah. Just don’t. #SAFC

@D_YL21: fold the fucking club

@Sam1879_: Why do i support sunlun ffs

@SPEZIAL73: I’d find it very very hard to back these clowns in charge at SAFC if they pull off an appointment like this one. Pathetic. #safc

@vinny_brand: i’ll honestly fuck my season ticket off of they get this bloke on like, we’re ran by a bunch of fucking clowns

@rokerroarontour: The depths we have to go to to find someone who will accept Dodds & Speakman being forced on them.

@towbray65381: Hopefully he can get us back out of league 1 at the first attempt

@PDiddyroo: Fuck me, this season is looking grim already

@paulthomase: @krespeakman this would have the Michael Beale appointment reaction. A non starter. League one awaits.

@mackem49000: I’ll give him a chance if appointed but I am very underwhelmed with this.. I fear the fan base could turn as quickly as they did with Beale and we could be in for a grim season 😔

@VaniaMorozov15: ahahahhahahaha

@OllyJohnson07: Ahaha 🤣

@Mikeyccfc: Christ 🤣🤣🤣

@JoeBlog377719: It’s gone from bringing in one of the best managers in the Championship, Marti Cifuentes, to now bringing in some bloke from St Mirren.. 🤣🤣 Recruitment process going well I see..

@CllrCallaghan: Because this worked so well last time we did this….🤦🏻‍♂️ #SAFC

@por_tany: You’ve got to be joking me. #safc

@podmundo: The list sunlun thing ever, if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry 🤣🤣🤣

@baileyy_rfc: Shove ya season ticket up your arse

@PlannerMarj: I know little about this chap. It doesn’t immediately strike me as an ambitious appointment, however. #safc

@davey_lad: Christ.. It’s getting to the stage where I’m hoping Lee Johnson just comes back in 😭

@BrownSlices: Getting St. Mirren to Europe is an objectively good job but, ehhhhhhh

@Bairdy26: Or my god that’s it like. Last bloke from st mirren gives me nightmares

@JoshKempUK: If I don’t laugh I’ll cry 👍🏼

@KennethRhysDodd: Genuinely nah. Just nah.

@mackem49000: I think the ownership and DOF are completely out of their depth when it comes to recruiting a head coach and players.. their stubborn flawed model puts potential candidates off

@Andy13946802: All went downhill when they sacked Mowbray. Crazy decision from a club who needed stability.

@towbray65381: We are going down. If last season lasted a couple of games longer we would’ve went down too. Owner is clueless and won’t spend money, sporting director won’t change the model or sack his mates on the coaching staff. Team full of 12 year olds and likely to sell our star players

@DeanoCummings85: It’s seeming to be a complete shit show

@MiserableMackem: Stephen Robinson is now on the #SAFC managerial radar? Im actually in bed laughing here, mind. How do you club apologists put a positive spin on that one? Please enlighten me.

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