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Surprise new favourite emerges for Cardiff job; club issue statement on Emiliano Sala report

A surprise new favourite emerges for the Cardiff City job as the club also issue a statement on a new Emiliano Sala report.

Sam Allardyce is the favourite to take control at the Bluebirds, struggling in the Championship, sitting 21st in the table going into the weekend, with 29 points from 27 games played.

Cardiff have reached the eighth day of the search for a new boss after Mark Hudson was sacked on Saturday after a 1-1 draw against Wigan at home.

Allardyce has been unemployed since 2021 when he left West Bromwich Albion, but his odds have fallen in the last few hours. After being priced at evens to accept the job, Allardyce now leads the list of potential candidates.

Valerien Ismael, another name in the frame is also available, while odds of Neil Warnock, an old favourite red-hot, have fallen.

The current interim manager Dean Whitehead was back in the media for the clash against Millwall, and will be in charge of the Lions visit, and will need to pick up their form if they want to avoid the drop.

Sky Bet (9am – 21st Jan 2023)
Sam Allardyce – 1/1
Neil Warnock – 2/1
Valerien Ismael – 7/1
Liam Manning – 9/1
Darren Moore – 10/1
Chris Hughton – 16/1
Dean Whitehead – 16/1
Sol Bamba – 18/1
Dean Smith – 20/1
Mark Warburton – 20/1

However, BBC Wales’ Rob Phillips said on the job and Big Sam: “Expect plenty of calls from @CardiffCityFC fans on #CallRob from 5.30pm. Hearing club have had 30+ applications for manager’s job. With #Bluebirds rule nothing out, but Sam Allardyce NOT currently being considered.”

When questioned about the vacancy, as per WalesOnline, Warnock said: “I think they all talk about you. I’ve been mentioned in every job going at the minute. I’m retired now! And when I do work, I only work March and April. It’s too early for me now, January and February. I only come back for the last 12 or 15 games. It’s a bit early for me and I’m enjoying myself now doing other things.

“I enjoy doing my podcasts. I did one last week with Steve Bruce. I’ve got a few more to do and booked a couple of holidays, which I’ve wanted to do and you can’t do during the season.

“And the pressures, I’ve not missed that. I did originally because I was really disappointed with the way I left at Middlesbrough, even though I knew the next manager was waiting for a few weeks.

“I’ve not spoken to anyone there. Everyone thinks it’s already cut and dried. No chance. You’ll see when they appoint a manager next week. They have got to appoint someone this week or early next week. I imagine that would be the case.

Asked whether a director of football job might suit him better now, he said: “I don’t want to do a full-time job at my age. If I could help a younger manager then I would do. I think there’s a place for that. But I’ve not been asked anywhere.”

Dean Whitehead meanwhile urged supporters to get behind his side after claims of a protest against the hierarchy during the visit of the Lions.

The club extended their winless run 10 games in all competitions following a FA Cup third round replay defeat to Leeds United in midweek.

“It’s an important few weeks,” Whitehead said, as per WalesOnline. “It’s an important 48 hours. I think in the present in the right now. In the today and the tomorrow, I’d just urge them to get behind the boys.

“They need your support. We know we need to do something on the pitch to get their support and get them behind us.

“We’re all in this together. If we can put in a good performance on Saturday and get three points, everything looks a bit better. That’s our main focus. Get behind the boys and they’ll give you everything.”

This also comes days after Cardiff strongly deny suggestions they tried to insure Emiliano Sala for £20 million after the player’s death.

Sala’s plane crashed into the English Channel on the 21st of January 2019, an incident which killed him and pilot David Ibbotson.

Having been made to pay Nantes the first instalment of the £15m transfer fee, the Welsh outfit are now suing insurance broker Miller Insurance LLP for damages of around £10m in a High Court bid.

Reports citing High Court documents have since claimed Cardiff tried to take out £20m insurance on the forward the day after the crash.

Those claims have been strongly denied by the club, who are set to reply to the allegations in court.

In a statement, the club said: “There has been selective reporting today of the defence filed against the claim the Club has brought against its insurance brokers for doing their job negligently.

“The Club did not try to insure Emiliano after the plane crash.

“All Cardiff City Football Club staff understood from its broker that all players were insured from the moment they were signed, and the case arises from learning they were not.

“It will reply to the allegations made in the defence that are untrue, or portrayed out of context, in the court proceedings and will not litigate this case in the media.”

This is what fans said as a surprise new favourite emerges for the Cardiff job and the club issue a statement on the much talked about Emiliano Sala report…


@TomReek17: 30+ managers have got a screw loose to want to take over this car crash of a club.

@svendcarr17: 30+ applicants with the shit we are in rn surely not hahahaha

@BluebirdsPast: 29 from 15 year olds quoting FIFA and Football Manager achievements on their CV and Dean Whitehead.

@neddthomas: Big Sam Allardyce now favourite for the #CardiffCity manager’s job. Would surprise me if it happened, would have thought he would want too much money for us. But would be a good appointment if it somehow happened #Bluebirds

@DavidHuntley5: He is at least a proven manager. Won’t be pretty but at least should be ok for the usual new manager 6 game bounce to keep us up. Hopefully anyway.

@RJMorgan3153: I doubt we’d get him but Big Sam would be our best option right now with the squad we got

@TDW9696: I’d actually take Big Sam, he would keep us up

@Johnsey_ben: Glad to see my 29 applications went through.

@ccfcinsiderr: No excuse to give it to Whitehead now, people want the job give them a chance.

@sionmgjones: He’s the manager we need but not the one we want

@CardiffCityFC season ticket holder – “My club can’t f*ck up any more, surely?”
@CardiffCityFC – “Hold my beer…”

@lewdavies15: If it’s til the end of the season great, but take what we can atm

@JGreen_CDF: Oh god, please no.


@And16573914: Started supporting Cardiff when we were rattling around the lower leagues without a hope, but these last few years, its been embarrassing to be a Cardiff fan. I have well and truly fallen out of love with the club. The worrying part I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

@Ry_Ry91: Trying to get a payout from your insurance because he was your player….after years of denying he was your player when the plane crashed so you could avoid paying Nantes their transfer fee. Absolutely disgraceful.

@luke_d_1987: so am I reading this right, that the club expected the new player to be automatically insured as soon as he signed??? Not knowing that they would have to contact the insurance company to make them aware that they needed to add him to the insurance policy that the club had???

@jimmyleake2: Look how quick you react to that, takes you a month to get a manager 😂

@PhilDavies4: So, your case was that you hadn’t in fact signed him before the tragic plane crash, but then the broker was negligent for him not being on cover before said crash. You cannot be right on both positions. This is truly awful and you are letting your fans down so badly.

@mb107614739: So… Had you signed him or not? Seems like you’ve changed your mind on that, which I’m sure will go down really well in court

@paverics: The handling of this has been appalling. If you can, somehow, set the tragedy in this aside – it clearly proves nobody at the club has a clue what they’re doing. He wasn’t our player, and now suddenly, he was. And you just assumed he was insured? Irreparable damage to the club.

@LivoAaron: I just feel for the family tbh. Absolutely shambles of a statement. Shambles of a club. Try and claim insurance on a player you signed but yet refused to pay for your player as if he’s not yours. Rival fan or not Tan needs to go.

@LukeShepherd93: Either way the communication throughout the cases and in general has been awful. We learn about most things through other media channels and never from our own club, this has been raised a number of times by fans. Whether it’s true or not this is a situation of our making.

@colinjprice: What’s it like to have lost credibility with everyone, including your own fan base. Nobody believes or trusts you anymore!

@JoshParsons27: Regardless of the ins and outs of this, the club quickly forgot after the incident that somebody has died trying to play football for us. All about proving we are right all the time.

@swanseadan: For the last couple of years you haven’t been willing to pay Nantes for him because you hadn’t signed him… now you’re saying he was insured because you had signed him… make your mind up, you’re making yourself look silly.

@jamminlambert: Don’t know what to believe anymore, will always love and support this club but the 3 clowns at the top need to go.

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