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Sunderland fans try to taunt Arsenal with cringe chant during 5-1 defeat

Sunderland fans try to taunt Arsenal by coming up with cringe chant during their side’s 5-1 defeat at the Emirates on Tuesday night.

Over 5,000 supporters from the North East outfit travelled 300 miles down to London for the Carabao Cup quarter final clash.

And to try and rile up the Premier League outfit and their fans, the Sunderland faithful belted out a song that you would usually on hear from Gunners’ rivals Tottenham.

As can be heard in the video, the words went:

“Oh when the Spurs,
“Go marching in,
“Oh when the Spurs go marching in,
“I wanna be in that number,
When the Spurs go marching in.”

Arsenal had the last laugh however as Eddie Nketiah scored a hat-trick to steer Arsenal comfortably past the League One side and into the Carabao Cup semi-finals with a 5-1 victory.

Striker Nketiah and Nicolas Pepe got Arsenal on their way in the first half, before Nathan Broadhead pulled one back for Sunderland.

Nketiah produced two more fine finishes after the break to seal a comprehensive win, however, while talk of the night went to 18-year-old Charlie Patino for rounding off a superb display with a late goal on his senior debut.

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta: “It’s great. We’re in the semi-finals and that’s what it was about today. We started well and scored two goals, but then we started not to respect our basics too much and we suffered a little, but then we picked up our level after that in the second half and we won.

“Eddie does what he does in training every day, he put the ball in the net. I think I’ve been very consistent with what I think about him, how much we like him and his contribution for us every time he plays is top.

“I want [him to stay], but he just wants more minutes. It’s difficult to go against that, but as a club and personally I really want him to stay here. That’s what we are trying to do, he’s our player and a really important part of the squad.”

Sunderland’s Lee Johnson: “I thought we had a really good spell just after we scored, we grew in confidence and Arsenal found it quite difficult to get us off the ball in that final third. Earlier on in the game I think we threw the ball into the box too early, but we scored a really good goal and overall I’m really proud of the players. We’ve been beaten 5-1 but we have had some good spells in the match.

“The bigger picture for us is that it’s a great learning experience for our players. We’ve said in there that now they know the standard, and even senior players can take it away. When you can feel the quality of Premier League opposition, you learn so much more than you do in something like a passing drill I’ve put on in training.”

Twitter users reacted as Sunderland fans try to taunt Arsenal with a cringe chant during the 5-1 defeat…

@jonoblain: bit odd.

Spurs 🤝 Sunderland
Getting battered at the Emirates

@jakomonster: Looool, hope we beat West Ham tomorrow and face Arsenal in the semis

@samba_moo: As a Tottenham fan born and bred in Sunderland I fucking love this!!

@ericsaddler2: Absolutely pathetic craic

@DembaBaSyrup: This is absolutely minging. How the “mighty” have fallen. Wasnt long ago this was a Premier League rival. Then I remember this same set of fans celebrating Citys title win. Newcastle are going down though so it makes it all okay 🥸🙃

@WestNorwoodFC2: That’s more embarrassing than losing 5-1 to Arsenal.

@_WM_02_: Please cancel the season tickets of any fan singing this @SunderlandAFC

@tflawsy1892: Oh. My. Fucking. God. 😂😂😂😂

@FrankStJohn3: Why do teams sing other teams songs, never understand that

@Quack1876: If a video could sum up the past few years this is probably it…

@LFC_Ethan_2: What the fuck is this

@safcleo_: This is not it lads. #safc

@SamuelOfSalopia: Find it a bit weird myself

@_sammillward: If I ever saw anyone acting like that in a Wolves away end I think my head would fall off. How embarrassing man

@MomasThorgan: Sunderland football club, the joke that just keeps giving.

@jjsum27: Well that’s the worst thing I’ve seen this week. Suppose that’s the type of gimps you attract with a 6k allocation

@SimonRLawrence1: Small club mentality…

@jordanw66544248: Are this lot for fucking real hahahahhaa

@BernardCowens: I’ve just been sick in my mouth.

@maDodgson2005: Just saying, you’d never get this with #NUFC. Tinpot club

@keller2707: Spurs and Sunderland both know how it feels to get slapped at the emirates. Victims sticking together is cute.

@AgentOrd: Very very strange

@callumcoops: Right that’s fucking enough that what sort of crack is this

@ethantylr: that’s minging that

@ScottyHayter: Football is finished. 🤮🤮🤮

@cjhhhh21: Hahahaha how small time is this, they really are a league 1 club these days, this is absolutely ladgeful

@66Muzzaaaa: jesus almighty christ

@19rodders71: How excruciatingly embarrassing is this 😆🤦🏻‍♂️

@Kieran_Stevo7: Really odd behaviour

@DylanMurphyy21: This is fucking incredibly weird from the Sunderland fans though

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