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Sunderland fans frustrated as club ‘look at other options on their list’ instead of Will Still

Sunderland fans have been left frustrated as the club reportedly ‘look at other options on their list’ instead of their target Will Still.

Sunderland’s pursuit of a new manager continues to hit a stumbling block, with it reported that their first-choice options becoming increasingly out of reach following a disappointing season in the Championship, finishing 16th with 56 points from 46 games played, just six points above the drop.

The search for Michael Beale’s replacement has left fans feeling frustrated, extending to 95 days now, as the Black Cats have yet to make significant progress in over three months.

Despite Will Still emerging as a strong candidate, and a favourite with the bookies, the club’s hopes of securing him have dwindled.

Still began discussions with Norwich City regarding their managerial position it’s claimed this week.

As well as that, Paul Heckingbottom was linked with Plymouth and Birmingham, Bo Svensson (said to be on Aunderland’s shortlist) is to join Union Berlin, Danny Rohl is said to be signing a new contract at Sheffield Wednesday, and Bayern Munich are considering promoting their U19 coach Rene Maric to first-team coach to stave off interest from Sunderland this summer.

Writing on Twitter, journalist Michael Graham said: “As I understand it, #SAFC increasingly unlikely to appoint Will Still. Looking at other options on their list instead.”

In response to a fan saying they are getting bored and falling out of love with the club again, Michael Graham replied: “Honestly, the club are making an enormous mess of it imo. They might get it right in the end, who knows, but for three months now there has been no action and no communication. One or the other is fine but both is only ever going to alienate the fanbase and create distrust.”


BetVictor – 24 May – 12pm
Will Still – 1/2
Liam Rosenior – 6/1
Rene Maric – 8/1
Bo Svensson – 8/1
Paul Heckingbottom – 12/1
Matt Gill – 12/1
Slaven Bilic – 12/1
Marti Cifuentes – 14/1

As mentioned Sunderland fans grow frustrated as the club ‘look at other options on their list’ with Will Still ‘unlikely’…

@andyoots: To be honest, was never massively convinced by Still as the right fit – but unfortunately a growing lack of faith & confidence extends to the whole leadership team at the moment. It’s been a complete & utter mess from the moment Mowbray was sacked. That trend continues.

@lumsdon_clayton: Probably looking at the cheapest possible option

@justpassing73: This club is pathetic… they will appoint Rosenior which illustrates the lack of planning & foresight. They had no idea that he would be available & if it is him we are appointing a coach who essentially failed last season with a side operating with a greater budget than SAFC

@WSXSAFC: No way back for the heirarchy if this is true. 4 months they’ve had to sort all this out.

@EgyptianCowboy: If we end up with Rosenior or Heckinbottom after over 3 months of searching the club may as well turn the lights off and fold

@_HarveyNicod: I can’t the only person who’s getting board of all this now. Really since Beale the club haven’t made a correct decision and I’m honestly slowly falling out of love with Sunderland again

@blackcatmichell: FFS The club should’ve been doing this after Beale was sacked and ready to announce the new head coach at the end of the season. This is an embarrassment.

@DeanoCummings85: Well blar me down with a feather. If it was going to be him, it’d be done already. Dread to see the state of that list in all honesty

@BTSAFC: He probably wanted more than we wanted to pay, and more staff than we wanted, and probably didn’t want Dodds.. Can’t wait for the uninspiring appointment of rosenior and speakmans comment “he was the clear and obvious candidate our data picked out”

@huds8118: Utter shambles

@MilnerTom_: Taking the piss how long this is taking.

@Bairdy26: Another failure season incoming.

@JHerra18: Very poor if true. Fair enough waiting a while to appoint someone if you get your main target, but to not get that after all this time is a bad look

@wslarr: I mean it’s us, it’s safc nothing surprises me anymore.

@joshmontage656: Give up honestly

@EddieSAFCx: Been the front runners since he left his job. Ditched Maric to go all out for still and 3 weeks later you’ve somehow not got him? Now it’s an underwhelming appointment and pretending he was number 1 all along. Hopefully it isn’t true

@LeeRoySAFC_: Only Sunderland would spend 4 months courting a manager, turn him down cos he’s too expensive. Said manager becoming free and then fucking that up too. Honestly man this club #SAFC

@Hiltxn99: This club does my fucking head in. As the weeks have went by every candidate has got other jobs or signed contract extensions. The board are useless, if they don’t get this right that’ll be it for them.

@pjennings73pj: No Fecker wants to work with Speakman.

@MRennieRP: They’ve had three to four months to sort this mess out. Whether you wanted him or not, losing your number one candidate in this circumstance is unforgivable. #SAFC

@Scookie555: An ever dwindling list – Rohl no longer an option, Svensson too. Looking more and more like Heckinbottom

@JohnnyR1Red: Hahaha, they can’t even get their number 1 choice, we’ve chased him for months. What a joke.

@Tony_young78: I have no idea if Will Still is the right man for the job. I’m even less convinced that KLD and co are right for the club.

@dj_lozza: The apointment of managers overall has been diabolical. As in fucking about.

@__mattbennett_: He’s clearly knocked us back. We look a shambles! This are not getting better. We should have our man in the position now. But the ego trip continues! Where does it end?

@stephsherry92: The fact we’re looking at other options on the list still at the end of may when we’ve not had a manager since feb is pathetic 🤣 people can disagree all they want but to me it comes across as no one actually wants the terms were offering.

@WadeSAFC: I don’t even care who gets appointed at this point, in fact I don’t think I care about Sunderland at this point.

@mick8802: Obsessed with progression but can’t get someone over the line with months to do it. Wheres the list of candidates you keep? Shambles of a club. Gonna be left with another Beale situation #safc

@FulwelI: Don’t think the board have done any right in the last year. 3 months to look at managers. Now they’ve spent a month trying to get their number one target and failed. Let’s see who they get in but I’m not convinced recently. Serious relegation threat if we get it wrong. Again.

@Bsw1995: How can you fumble your first choice on two separate occasions 🤣 Sooner these bums are out the club the better #SAFC

@SAFCGeorge6: Gonna be the Beale appointment all over again this. Miss out on our main targets and settle for the cheapest appointment we can find. Piss poor

@DavidHindmarsh7: Honestly man. Imagine spending all this time chasing someone, basically chuck away a season through not being willing to spend the compensation to get him in December & then when he’s free in the summer not being able to get him? Absolute shambles.

@RyanC2408: If we end up with someone like Liam rosenior I want a refund on me season ticket.

@BenCra1g: Seriously how has this happened? We’ve had half a year since he became a target to sweet talk this bloke and get him on board. No excuse, especially if he ends up at fucking Norwich or something.

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