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Sunday League player investigated over allegedly inserting ‘finger(s)’ into footballer’s arse

A Sunday League player has been investigated over allegedly inserting ‘finger(s)’ into an opponent footballer’s arse at a match.

The Nottinghamshire Football Association are looking into the claim – with a message from the Football Association’s discipline team about the alleged incident being leaked.

It says the incident took place in January 2023 with the message also showing they are seeking witnesses who were at the match, with a request for a statement form to be distributed to coaches, players and spectators.

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A screenshot of the message, uploaded by Twitter user @Stevo2460, reads: “Good morning. It has been reported to us that during a match between [Bulwell City] and [Fox and Crown], a Fox and Crown player allegedly inserted his finger(s) into an opposition player’s anus.

“Please could you distribute the below linked witness statement form to any coaches, players, and spectators who were  the match in question that may have heard or seen anything take place.

“If you could return any completed statement forms to us by 23/01/2023 this would be appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this email please let us know. King regards Nottingham FA discipline.”


Nottingham Post report that Nottinghamshire Police had been unaware of any reports of the incident.

Incidents of sexual assault on the football pitch do have a precedent, with it being a breach of FA Rule E3 – Improper Conduct.

The FA say in the safeguarding section of their website: Sexual abuse – is being touched in a way that feels wrong, being forced or encouraged to have sex or made to touch an adult sexually even if you don’t understand what is happening or being shown sexual films or pictures

Abuse is never ok. It’s not your fault and there are people who can help.

Who can help?

If you are being abused or have been in the past it’s important to tell an adult you trust. This isn’t easy but keeping quiet isn’t the answer – you need someone to help. You might be worried about what might happen. You could be worried about any of these things:

  • You may have been told to keep quiet, that no-one would believe you
  • You might have been threatened or they said they would hurt your family
  • You might have been told you would not be allowed to play football again
  • You might be worried because they are an important person in your club/football team and everyone looks up to them
  • You might be worried about what your mum and dad will think
  • You might feel guilty that you didn’t stop it happening
  • You might think it will just stop

Keeping quiet isn’t the answer – by telling someone you can stop the abuse. Abuse is never ok. It’s not your fault and there are people who can help.

Know Your Rights

If you take part in football you have the right to have fun and stay safe. Your coaches are there to help you learn safely and enjoy football. This means respecting you as a person and as a player and:

  • being a good role model – leading by example
  • not speaking to you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • not bullying you to make you do things
  • treating you as an individual
  • thinking about you and your team-mates and not just about winning or scoring goals
  • making sure the pitch/playing area and equipment are safe for you to use
  • having the right qualifications to coach
  • making football fun!

Remember it’s your right to enjoy your football – don’t let anyone else spoil it. If you are worried about the way a coach, team manager, referee or anyone involved in football is behaving towards you, there are people you can talk to If your coach needs to have physical contact to correct a technique or your positioning, they need to explain this to you and check you are ok with this. If you are not comfortable with physical contact, you have the right to say no.

This alleged incident comes after a non league manager and an opposition player each were handed long game and stadium bans over a testicle grab and offensive remarks incident.

Longridge Town’s Connor Jackson has been charged following a North West Counties League encounter which saw Northwich Victoria lose 5-0.

Although Jackson denies that he was breaching FA Rule E3 – Improper Conduct – as stated in the FA Disciplinary Commission’s Decision and Reasons on the incident – the punishment still remains.

Northwich Victoria boss Stephen Wilkes has also received a seven-game ground ban after he admitted to calling the player, Jackson, a ‘gay c***’ and a ‘queer c***’. See more on that story by clicking HERE.

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