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Sunday League cup final at non league ground descends into huge punch-up with fans and players

A Sunday League cup final at a non league ground descends into a huge punch-up with fans and players involved in the incident.

In a massive scrap which spilled out into the stands, a fan was allegedly armed a fork while what a player without a shirt joined the mass brawl.

Emsworth Town had beaten Coach & Horses Albion 2-0 to become winners of the London Cup final on Sunday the 23rd of April, played at the Westleigh Park of National League South club Havant & Waterlooville.

Fans were seen jumping over the railings, while what looked like an Albion footballer, who had removed his top after the match and appeared to be smoking, was filmed throwing a few punches.

As it played out, one person can be heard saying “he has a fork” in reference to someone involved while kids and other supporters, including a family with a small child, felt so scared that they had to run out of the ground.

Emsworth has since spoken about the scenes via their Facebook page, stating: “Just catching up with all the messages received, overwhelmed.

“There’s not a single team at this level that would of got that kind of support as we did yesterday. Hundreds from Emsworth came to Westleigh Park and to bring the trophy back to the town after was special. Thanks to everyone that came to support!

“Shame about the violence that broke out in the stands post match due to some that just couldn’t handle the defeat and wanted to ruin it for the winners, which resulted to the trophy presentation being cancelled. But that didn’t stop us celebrating.”

This comes just weeks after footage emerged of a furious player attempting to lash out with the referee forced to run off the pitch for fear of getting attacked.

The incident also took place at Havant & Waterlooville, with the venue hosting an Hampshire Cup Final.

Scott Davidson (@sdavidson1191) uploaded the clip, saying in his tweet: “This is simply not acceptable. I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience anything like this (as of yet) but there should never be an occasion where a referee feels he needs to run off the field of play for his own safety. @refsix @RefereeSouth @Teamgrassroots_”

This is what social media users are saying as a Sunday League cup final at non league ground descends into huge punch-up with fans and players…

@LukeRumble94: Lovely bit of advertising for Gary Wilson there

@pompeyblustu: How am I only just hearing about this. 10 mins down the road 😅

@Kurtisljm: The ole boy going at it with the guy with no top then checking his step counter 🤣

@levi_simeon: The player with his top off got a cigarette in his mouth , he’s definitely a casual 😅😂👏🤣

@StevePither: That went well then…..

@kirkybollocks: Gary Wilson, “Bad publicity is good publicity” 🤣🤣🤣

@richellis15: I could only spot one security guard/steward & he just walks off down the tunnel like meh, not interested 🤣

@duncan_dunc827: Utter cockwombles

@Shampy887: Decent scrap

@Luke1990W: Not surprising at all, Havant is fucking shit hole.

@carlgavin19: No country beats ours …. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@JGGoalkeeping: Sunday league is a mess

@bethelboy9571: How long before we see a stabbing / murder at a non league / grassroots football match… cctv cameras identifying lots of faces here – likely sanctions ? Exactly

@Cally1603: Haha…the lad in the grey joggers, swings and misses, Then hops the fence to windmill the player. Looks like he couldn’t fight sleep but obviously loves a row 🤣🤣

@Lee_Wolves9: Free advertising for Gary Wilson though

@wheatabeat: Shirtless fighting people are ALWAYS utter psychopaths, aren’t they? 😂

@T0M996: Havant for ya

@DTown_11: Slim Shady with the top off throwing bombs

@Gadzooooooks: That reminds me…I need a couple of lights wiring up at home.

@Big_E_WHU: Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Local estate is Leigh Park
Tough little area
This is Pompey every weekend punchy 😂 old place

@mcfcsaltmine: Fucking hell, exactly why is this reason for a fight? If you want a scrap find somewhere that isn’t around people who don’t want one.

@SMWE1889: Imagine trying stab someone with a fork 🤣🤣🤣

@SimonTaylor9461: Those were the days living and playing football in the local Havant leagues 😂

@WillowUfGood101: Pathetic that

@Easthulla: Beating little kids up pathetic!!

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