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Stunning brace from Alfie May includes halfway line volley and absolute rocket at Peterborough

A stunning brace from Alfie May includes an outstanding halfway line volley and an absolute rocket at Peterborough United on Saturday.

The Robins picked up a 3-0 victory at Peterborough, but was helped by Alfie May who is the talk of many fans on social media.

May scored an amazing first goal with a volley at the halfway line, making it 2-0 after 21 minutes. He then added another one from the box’s edge to complete the scoring just 16 minutes later.

Cheltenham broke the deadlock in the 15th minute after Will Ferry’s corner was converted by Tom Bradbury.

May no doubt had some home fans applauding after he smashed the ball following a throw in and flick-on.

Peterborough’s boss Darren Ferguson made a double substitution immediately and skipper Jonson Harries had the ball in the net just before half time but the offside flag was raised.

May unleashed a powerful shot for his second goal – his 50th EFL score for the club. Just have a watch of these…

When asked ‘Is that the best performance from your team this season?’, Cheltenham head boss Wade Elliott said, as per Gloucestershire Live: “First and foremost, from the dressing room we’d like to dedicate it to Alby Coates who passed away on Friday. A lot of people around the football club will know him and he’s probably been a fan longer than I’ve been alive. Hopefully he’s watching on from somewhere and that’s pleased him as much as it’s pleased us. Over 90 minutes it probably is our best performance, yes. Loads of aspects that are really pleasing. Good performance, defensively really solid, played some really good football on transitions. I said to them in the week it was an opportunity to show from the start of the season to now, where we’ve come from. I’ve said all along it’s a young group, it’s a process and I believe we are improving. We were 2-0 up against them in the home game and after half-time, we didn’t manage the game anywhere near as well as we did today, so that’s an indication of the growth we’ve shown over seven or eight months.”

On Alfie May, reaching 50 EFL goals for the club, and being the talisman and the heartbeat of the club hasn’t he, he replied: “Alfie is a special player and the two goals are top drawer. You talk about him being the talisman of the club and you’d never take goals like that for granted, but his workrate epitomised the collective effort. He’s infectious and when he plays with that enthusiasm and spark, it transmits through to everybody.”

On his first goal: “It was a hell of a finish. Even the touch to set it up, not just the finish. I was watching it bounce and I was worried it was going to bounce any other way, but that would have been a travesty.”

On his second goal: “Yes, a great finish and I felt we deserved it. It was well-earned. You know they are going to chuck everything at you, but we managed it, dealt with it and when we got our moments, we were clinical.”

Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson said as per Peterborough Telegraph: “The warm-up was awful and they got warned by myself and Jonno.

“I warned them yesterday about any complacency and that it will be a lot tougher game than recently as you have got to get yourself up for it. We were way off it, the players were unprofessional.

“I warned them yesterday about any complacency and that it will be a lot tougher game than recently as you have got to get yourself up for it. We were way off it, the players were unprofessional.

“The start of the game was horrendous and the mistake I made was not making changes after ten minutes when it was 0-0. I could see it, we were so slack.

“That’s a prime example of a team playing however they want and going away from the gameplan completely; thinking they were just going to win. You had players players in the wrong positions running around- absolute nonsense.

“We’re launching balls onto centre halves heads in the second half- that’s not how we play- the players were playing wherever they wanted, it’s complete ill-discipline. If they want to do that, that’s what happens we’re not good enough to do our own thing.

The basics never change, if you don’t win enough tackles, don’t run enough and win enough headers you will not win football matches. I said it in the dressing room before the game but it’s fallen on deaf ears.


“At half time I said don’t start launching it, we’ll play our football quicker but they never did it, they were just running all over the place- it was so unprofessional.”

He added: “There are no positives at all, it hurts me a lot. Mentally the lads didn’t turn up today. Do we actually think we’re that good?

“We’re not, we’re miles off it, the season has shown that. We’re nowhere near where we need to be, we’re a horrendous amount of points off the top.

“I don’t like criticising my players but I can’t defend what I’ve just watched as much as I want to. That was shocking today. The one thing I’ve always asked myself is are this lot mentally tough enough, you got you’re answer today, no.

“When you have an opportunity like this, you have to do your best to take it. Before these players know it, their careers will be over and they will have done absolutely nothing. You can’t have a performance like that, I can’t understand it.

“Hector has got a bad ankle, we’ll see how he is. Ephron came off but a lot of them got away with it. It could have been anyone in that position. I wanted Thommo and Norbs on as they’re experienced and might have just got them going a bit. I had to do something.

“After ten minutes I made a mistake I should have made about four subs, I could have made five quite easily.”


This is what fans had to say on a stunning brace from Alfie May includes a halfway line volley and one hell of an absolute rocket at Peterborough…

@dermieflood: Good goal but the keeper is running in porridge

@GeorgeClements0: What a player

@Kozzy78: Beckham scores this and they never stop talking about it….. #CTFC

@Tonyrussell78: @alfiemay that’s silly mate 🤣👌

@JamiePettett: Wow @alfiemay take a bow 👏

@TB_1887CTFC: Alfie May is genuinely phenomenal 🚀

@GrantR1310: Shit me that’s some finish

@tyler_bfc: Alfie May is decent

@Abi_ctfc: Our little magician 🪄

@SfcBxn: This bloke is genuinely insane, his reel of goals are literally some of the best you’ll ever see

@DeresFan: Stop that, @alfiemay!!! Outrageous simply outrageous!!!

He’s done it again
He’s done it agaaaiiin
Alfie May
He’s done it again.
Take a bow sir.

@Diviniaura: this guy is fucking insane 🔥😍

@Matthew_Who: Very possibly next year’s Puskas winner.

@andymurray75: Can’t see him being at Cheltenham next season the amount of goals he scores, absolute machine

@BR_22__: You’ve made us look like a Sunday league side who have just sunk 10 pints and a large donner kebab

@Fraserwillmore_: name a better brace in world football, blokes a joke 😍

@Joneypup: Absolute screamer

@OJFell: 😂😂😂 getting silly this guy

@louisupton5: He is the best player in the world

@KyGibo: Best cheltenham player of all time!

@B212Adam: What a strike! #ctfc

@robnadin: What a goal by @alfiemay 🤩

@JordanF_CCFC: The audacity.

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