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Streamer ‘AngryGinge’ apologises after causing backlash for chants sang about Everton fans

Streamer ‘AngryGinge’ apologises after causing backlash on social media for chants sang about Everton fans in their game against Man Utd.

The YouTuber/Influencer said sorry to Everton supporters and to anyone else offended for signing songs about poverty at Goodison Park last weekend.

Manchester United supporter AngryGinge, whose real name is Morgan Burtwistle was in attendance for Sunday’s Premier League clash, but after attending the game, he uploaded footage as many vloggers do, on to their channels.

But in it, was a clip of him and other Man Utd supporters joining in the signing of ‘Feed the Scousers’.

This chant is often directed at Everton and Liverpool crowds leading up to Christmas every year.

But after causing anger on social media, with a snippet of his vlog showing him singing the chant, clip uploaded, he took to his account to say sorry.

He captioned the post: “Genuinely sorry for changing that chant. I didn’t think about what it meant, and as someone who comes from that background, I feel your anger and can only apologise. Genuinely am disappointed in myself and am very sorry.”

Before saying in the video: “Hi everyone. I have just seen the tweets that are going around about the chant I sang at the Everton game.

“I just wanted to say, first of all, I am so sorry I sang that chant. I just got caught up in the moment and didn’t even think about what it actually meant. I have been told by some of my Scouse mates it is mocking poverty.

“First of all, I just want to say I am so sorry I have sang it. I am genuinely so sorry I have offended you. I myself have come from that background, 100 percent.

“I come up on a council estate and had £1 microwave meals every f*****g night. I 100 percent feel and sympathise with you, and I am so sorry I have said that.”

He added: “Genuinely meant nothing by it. I just got caught up. I was singing the chants. I’m deeply, deeply, so sorry if I have offended you.

“I’m so disappointed to be honest. I’m just so apologetic. I understand your anger, 100 percent. Because it’s f*****g wrong. It is. I’m so sorry, I genuinely am. Did not mean to do it at all.”

Twitter users responded as Streamer ‘AngryGinge’ apologises after causing backlash for chants sang about Everton fans…

@EFCdaily_: Donate some money to the local foodbanks 👍🏼

@xfootballia: People on here justifying this chanting…. Sickens me. Ginge has done the right thing and apologised saying it’s wrong. Others who defend it are making fun of kids who don’t get enough to eat. Really seems like Rashford’s charity efforts had an effect on people on Manchester

@TorturedToffee9: Think it’s getting blown way out of proportion to be fair to Ginge, he’s at the football it’s a Manc vs Scouse rivalry, I took no offence and I’m from a council estate myself, it’s just banter leave the kid alone now 👍🏻

@RonanSzn_: You should be ashamed of yourself ginge. The amount of people you hurt by singing this chant it’s disgusting. I hope you take a good hard look at yourself. (I don’t even know wtf he did)

@ctsmclovinya: Why are people still chanting this? People are struggling more than ever. Football was born as a working class game. I hate this. Claiming to not know “feed the scousers” is related to poverty is ignorance of the highest order. Well done for apologising, set an example now.

@AFC_B0B: This. And the worst part is basically every club does it. Not looking forward to Christmas eve eve having to hear arsenal fans do it at Anfield.

@TheKopWatch: Massive respect for him fronting it and apologising. He seems a decent lad from a humble background.

@ItAFunnyOldLife: Big internet persona comes out and apologises for singing a mindless chant that shouldn’t be near football. No not fair play, he’s crapped himself hence why’s he’s done it. Why doesn’t he go and feed the local foodbanks and see how bad it is himself?

@niamhcasey45: See that’s the issue people sing this shit without even thinking about it this is exactly why the pl needs to take action

@JackB_00: Prove your sorry by helping out the people your mocking who struggle the most this time of year an give @SFoodbanks some support with the platform you have.

@ledwards1996: Fair play, as quick as we are to vilify people. We should be as quick to acknowledge their apologies.

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