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FA and Stoke to investigate James McClean’s Instagram posts

It has been confirmed that James McClean’s Instagram posts will be investigated by the Football Association and Stoke City after he described some of the club’s fans as “uneducated cavemen”.

A video emerged of Boro fans venting out their anger towards McClean because he chose not to wear a poppy for the game because he is from Derry, the place where British soldiers shot unarmed civilians during a peaceful protest march in 1972.

The player took to Instagram after the match and thanked the “educated” fans before criticising the “uneducated cavemen in the left corner of the Boothen End who sing their anti-Irish song every game.”

After hearing that his posts will be investigated, the player took to question why for…

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A report from the Stoke Sentinel claimed that Stoke City will be holding internal discussions after a heated incident took place following the goalless draw against Middlesbrough on Saturday.

Angela Smith, chairwomen of Stoke’s fan council, told the Sentinel: “I’ve already had two comments from supporters’ council members – and nearly 300 others from other fans – who want us to put it on the agenda for our next meeting and we will. We are democratic so we will see what the club say.

“My parents and my grandparents fought in wars to give people the right to have free speech. James McClean, like anyone, has every right to choose to or not to do what he likes; that’s what our forefathers fought for. If everyone is ordered to wear a poppy it loses any meaning.

“My personal view is that when you are in a situation like he was at the end of the match, from opposition and home fans, perhaps it would have been better if he hadn’t posted what he then did on social media to make sure he inflame did not the situation.

“I find it very difficult to condone people singing political songs at football but, again, it’s a democratic society. If people chant about racism or sectarianism that should not and will not be tolerated.”


Football fans have given their thoughts as reports came out that Stoke would hold internal discussions following the James McClean incident, and a fair few didn’t hold back their feelings – check out what they are saying on the next page.


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