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Stoke boss Michael O’Neill responds to Neil Warnock’s ‘pigsty’ dressing room jibe

Stoke boss Michael O’Neill responds to Middlesbrough boss Neil Warnock’s ‘disgraceful pigsty’ portacabin dressing room jibe on Saturday.

The 72 year old was left furious with the Potters at half time according to reports, describing the conditions of Middlesbrough’s portacabin dressing rooms as a ‘disgrace’.

Boro ended up losing 1-0 at the bet365 Stadium due to a first-half header from Nathan Collins, but it was the hospitality offered by the hosts that pushed Warnock over the edge.

The results leaves Middlesbrough 10th in the Championship table, whilst Stoke are up to 5th.

As we’re in a coronavirus pandemic, Stoke have closed their away dressing rooms, but Warnock said the portacabins offered instead were not up to the required standard.

He said: “It’s nice to get in here [the press room] where it’s quite warm. Those changing rooms were a pigsty. In fact, pigs would have seen it and run away.

“They stuck us in a little portacabin. Now you can’t tell me with social distancing we wouldn’t have been better off in the dressing room.

“We give them everything at Middlesbrough – heat, lovely room, and we’re in a pigsty around the corner here.

“The toilets don’t work, they’re blocked. We had fumes coming in before the game and we had to get the maintenance guy in. Why didn’t they look at that before we arrived?

“The showers were leaking, water everywhere on the floor. It’s an absolute disgrace.

“I didn’t say anything to the players before the game because you don’t want to make excuses, but it was an absolute disgrace today that.

“There’s no way we’re giving them a dressing room when they come up our place. If our chairman won’t, I’ll pay for a portacabin!”

What action Middlesbrough take remains to be seen but Warnock has revealed they’d taken pictures as evidence.

However, what he didn’t want to do was use it as an excuse for his side’s defeat.

He continued: “You can’t blame it. I haven’t said anything to the players because I’m not about making excuses for the result.

“You just shouldn’t be made to change in a place like that. My dressing room was another portacabin 20 yards further down the road, water all over the floor and bloody freezing.

“We’ve taken pictures. It’s out of order. I know there’s a pandemic, but when you look at the facilities we give teams at Middlesbrough, I’m sure Stoke City from the Premier League can be better than that.”

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Asked if the dressing rooms were as bad as Warnock claimed, O’Neill said: “Not that I’m aware of, but, I found it a bit of a strange comment.

“Neil didn’t mention anything to me before or after the game.

“His comments in the wake of a defeat are basically down to himself.

“Our focus is now on Cardiff. That’s where our focus lies.”

Fans reacted before the Stoke boss Michael O’Neill responds to Neil Warnock’s ‘pigsty’ dressing room jibe…

@Pezzi_91: Warnock rattled.

@CalHulme: Welcome to stoke on Trent UTP

@jackyaboii: I love him

@joshlawton1801: Hahahaha. The shithouse reds

Jason Lee: I remember when a team painted a dressing room pink to mess the heads of the away team, who ended up winning the game instead lol

@BigGameGradeA27: His team seemed to like it pretty dirty during the game

@Just_TomC: Love this @stokecity

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