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Stoke boss angry at ‘poor decision’ to disallow Niall Ennis’ goal in defeat at Swansea

Stoke boss Steven Schumacher was left angry at the ‘poor decision’ to controversially disallow Niall Ennis’ goal against Swansea.

Stoke thought they’d got an equaliser, but couldn’t believe that Niall Ennis’ goal was ruled out by the referee, when the score was at 1-0 to Swansea.

Ennis unintentionally dislodged the ball from Rushworth’s grip and proceeded to roll it into the unguarded net.

However, their efforts were in vain as the goal was disallowed for a foul, despite the unintentional contact with Rushworth.

“Stick together and keep your heads up,” Schumacher said when asked what he said to his team after the 3-0 defeat.

“We have been playing well and we need to remember that, we have been in good form and no matter what happened down here tonight we would have had to go to Sheffield Wednesday and put in a huge performance.

“We will need that even more now.”

He added: “Sheffield Wednesday will be a physical game, they are going to put balls into our box, they are going to have a lot of set-pieces – that is how they got their goals last night – so we will have to defend those situations better than how we did tonight.

“The message is no sulking, get our heads up and go again because it is another huge game at the weekend.”

Schumacher, who acknowledged his side dropped below the standards they have set in recent weeks, but felt his side were on the wrong end of two important decisions at crucial moments in the game.

First, Niall Ennis controversially saw a goal ruled out for a foul on the hosts’ goalkeeper Carl Rushworth before Swansea made it 2-0 through a penalty after Luke McNally was penalised for a foul on Ollie Cooper.

“I thought it was a ridiculous decision at the time,” Schumacher said of the disallowed goal.

“I had a good view of it and it looked to me like the goalkeeper tried to take a quick throw-in, he has collided with Niall, who isn’t aware he is even there, and has then tapped the loose ball in.

“I felt it was a poor decision at the time and when our analyst has shown me the replay, I can see it’s definitely not a foul.

“It is disappointing, we didn’t play great in the first half, but it should have been 1-1.”

He added: “The decision for the penalty for the second goal also looks like the challenge is outside of the box so that is two big calls, in a game that wasn’t going the way we wanted it to, we needed to go for us and they didn’t.”

Swansea head coach Luke Williams felt his Swansea City side got the just rewards for the improved energy and intensity in their performance.

“We got a response, I think everyone could see that,” he said.

“I was pretty direct after the Middlesbrough game, the players put that right and that’s a good feeling as a coach.

“The energy, intensity and aggression were there throughout the whole game, and then there were some lovely moments as well.

“When the fans come to the game they want to see these things as a minimum.

“The best bit was the willingness throughout the whole game to put their bodies on the line.

“Liam Cullen had to come off because he literally could not feel his legs, and that’s the only way.

“Win, lose or draw there has to be something there that everyone can see, that people are giving everything.

“You can lose a game of football you don’t deserve to lose, but to lose without giving the absolutely maximum is not a nice feeling.

“Tonight we gave the maximum and we got the points.”

Williams praised Grimes, saying: “He was outstanding, what a player. He steps up for the penalty and you could almost tell from his stance that it was going to be a goal.

“That was a proper penalty from a proper captain. There was no safety lock on there, his technique was so good, and that confidence and swagger meant there was only one outcome.

“He’s a brilliant guy, and we are lucky to have him.”

This is how fans reacted online with Stoke boss angry at the ‘poor decision’ to disallow Niall Ennis’ goal in defeat at Swansea…

@ShropshireJacks: No. He’s got two hands on the ball and interfered with distribution.

@niallswans: I mean he’s knocked it out his hands, intentionally or not 🤷‍♂️

@Swansea_talk8: He has two hands on the ball by law it’s the correct decision but I don’t think Rushworth has full control finally got a decision going our way

@Davey8383: Nothing wrong with that, we are very lucky.

@david203cymru: Clearly a goal. Yet another howler by Stroud. Swans very lucky.

@TsimikasDad10: That should’ve stood wtf

@marksmithccfc: Correct decision as per Law 12

@matgiles14: Sky just put up the rule it was rightly disallowed I thought it was a goal in real time, I’m in the stadium btw

@Ryan_Henshall5: Cannot wait for our 13th apology of the season

@swansdaviesgjd: Definitely should have stood but it’s about time had a bit of luck. Hopefully we win by more than 1 goal now because otherwise we would be counted lucky for a win but who cares

@ReesWillzSCFC: As it a swans fans, It should’ve stood as a goal, Carl Cleary drops it ngl, but it was a good win

@RosstheJack: Accidental yes, but it doesn’t matter. Knock the ball out of the keepers hands when he’s in control of it then it’s a free kick. It’s not even a debate, it’s the laws of the game.

@helen_buckley23: No foul at all. Keeper dropped it on Ennis’ head. Goal should have stood 😡

@Eddmillo: Keepers are FAR too well protected

@weare_stoke: What an awful decision that is.

@hazza_l8: Horrible foul by Ennis, getting the ball launched off his head 👍

@Steve___SCFC: Stroud saying he’s got two hands on the ball. He’s looking right at it and he’s clearly trying to throw the ball with one hand. Awful ref, awful decision. Cheating bastard

@ohlookitswill_:  That is an insane decision hahahaha

@IzzardBecky: He drops the ball on his head? 🤣😫

@revphilipgreen: Utterly ridiculous. Where’s VAR when you need it?

@charliescfc_: What an absolute disgrace, EFLs corruption against Stoke continues

@SCFCJosh_: Corrupt EFL back at it again

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