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Stockport supporters condemn mindless fans for ‘trying to get game abandoned’

Stockport supporters have took to condemn several mindless fans of their own for trying to get their most recent game abandoned.

A post via the club’s group called for positive and unity instead of causing trouble, with manager Dave Challinor’s post-match interview linked in.

His side went to the top of the National League table on Tuesday beating Maidenhead United 3-0, Chesterfield, Halifax and Bromley all have one less point than the Hatters. So Stockport’s win is huge.

However it would seem that there was some culprits in the stands of Edgeley Park that tried to cause trouble, with laser pens shone and bottles thrown.

A post by Leon McCreery read: “Worth watching and understanding why a positive and united fanbase is critical.

“Hatters 83 moved to the Pop side last night because like the majority of us they’re fed up with the behaviour of a tiny minority of supposed fans in UT3.

“Last night some clampet nearly got the game called off for using a laser pen.

“Last week, plastic bottles were threw hitting our own supporters. Stewards are abused nearly every game.

“This behaviour needs to stop for the fanbase to truly become one.

“The atmosphere in the Cheadle End wasn’t the best last night and UT3 seemed a bit lost without the Hatters 83.

“Let’s get it together for Chesterfield, everyone united and singing from the same hymm sheet.

“Team and fans as ONE 💪🏻

“AetF 💙🤍”

Stockport climbed to the top of the table after they claimed a win over Maidenhead, after both sides went into the break all square.

The hosts found the breakthrough on the 53rd minute when Antoni Sarcevic got on the end of a Macauley Southam-Hales cross and nodded home.

Stockport doubled their lead through Ryan Croasdale, drilling the ball into the bottom corner from the edge of the box.

Maidenhead failed to make any impression on the game and County sealed all three points in stoppage time through John Rooney, who smashed home following a deflected cross from Ollie Crankshaw.

The home side have now made it six wins on the bounce while Maidenhead get their first defeat in five games.

After praising a “superb crowd on a freezing cold night”, Dave Challinor paused before considering how best to present a challenge to his side’s supporters to ‘stay with the side’ for the full 90.

“We’re going to have some games here during the rest of the season that are high tension,” said Challinor post-match.

“I’ve been here as an opposition manager, and what you want to do as the opposition manager is make it a nervous place for the home side. What we have to do as a home team is make sure it isn’t that nervous place.”

“To be fair, the fans stayed with us in the second half, but those moments in the first half are when we really need them. They’re the times I’ve spoken about – for example, we will concede the first goal here at some point. When we do, that’s when we need the backing in times of adversity.”

He added: “We have to keep the fans in the game. You don’t keep fans in the game by messing about with the ball at the back and not playing forwards.”

“That’s down to us. It was the same at my previous club – it can be a difficult place to play football as a home side when you’re not at it. When you’ve been not successful as a club over quite an extended period of time, it can become quite a glass half-empty kind of place to play football.”

“We have to get beyond that and realise that the fans who turn up can make it a difficult place for the opposition and create an intimidating atmosphere. That’s what we’ll need.”

As mentioned, Stockport supporters condemn mindless fans for ‘trying to get game abandoned’ while others gave their verdict on the atmosphere…

Jennifer Wheat: I thought we were supposed to be the friendly football club

Mark Belfield: Can the club not take a firm stance with all these people and ban them the prob seems to be getting worse. Was the person shining the pen identified at all? at this rate we’ll end up with league sanctions inc ult point deduction..that would put the top hat on it!

Leon McCreery: Mark Belfield The club have give them enough chances and now actively chucking bans out. 4 last week. The person with pen was identified, not sure on the action taken. No doubt will be hit with a ban. The whole point of this post is to try to prevent all this happening in the first place. No-one wants to see any supporter misbehaving to the extent of getting banned so hopefully a few realise and stop acting up.

Adrian Smirthwaite: They need to understand wat it was like in the old fourth division kids of today have no understanding of wat we lived through lol 😂

Michael Powell: Definitely need the drum and the lads back in the Cheadle End. Atmosphere wasn’t at its best in the first half. As people have said before we’re all County together so let’s get behind the lads together. We’re going to need the support more as the season goes on.

Dean Maugham: It’s not just the kids , grown men at half time hurling abuse because we hadn’t scored. So many people just don’t understand football

Mark Love: Seemed to be loads of new fans, or limited visit fans last night. New and fresh blood is good, but some bizzare behaviour

Robson Sargeant: Hatters 83 😂 liquidate us now

Alex Page: Can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to use a laser pen at a football match, just how dumb can you be??

John Yates: Whoever took a laser pen in to the ground needs to never come back.

Simon Lomas: Lots of entitled little pricks back of cheadle end who need a slap and bit of self policing bring them in line. Whilst we want to increase fanbase and all should be made welcome, braindead, Billy big bollocks behaviour especially amongst own fans is ridiculous, have fun, make some noise… but aimlessly chucking bottles and stuff around home stand or onto pitch is daft

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