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Stockport issue statement with fans ‘seriously’ assaulted and Barrow bus window bricked

Stockport have had to issue a statement with a number of fans ‘seriously’ assaulted and Barrow having their supporters’ bus window bricked.

Officers policing the fixture between the two sides, which resulted in a 3-2 defeat for the hosts, were made aware of an incident at 5:15pm (Saturday) on Merican Way.

A man was found having been ‘seriously’ assaulted, police said. A man in his 30s was arrested at the scene on suspicion of assault and has been taken into custody.



GMP have since launched an investigation and have appealed for anyone who witnesses the incident to contact them immediately. No further details about the victim’s condition have been released.

The League Two club later released a statement saying another man had been assaulted through a car window.

Witnesses described seeing police and paramedics descend outside Edgeley Park shortly after the game concluded at around 5.10pm with at least one fan said to have been seen tended to by paramedics as he and other members of the public were asked to evacuate the area by police.

A spokesperson for GMP said: “At around 5.15pm officers policing the Stockport County game today became aware of a man seriously assaulted on Merican Way. A man in his 30s has been arrested at the scene on suspicion of assault.

“Initial enquiries are ongoing and anyone who may have seen something is asked to contact us online via our LiveChat facility or by contacting us via 101 quoting incident 1300 of 30/07/2022.”

County said in a statement: “The club is appealing for witnesses for two assaults following today’s fixture with Barrow. A man has been seriously assaulted on Mercian Way and another through the window of their car whilst driving out of Caroline Street onto Mercian Way.

“These incidents are appalling have no place at Stockport County or in society in general and any fans found to be involved will be subject to a lifetime ban.”

Twitter users reacted as Stockport issue statement with fans ‘seriously’ assaulted and a Barrow bus window bricked…

@MattWhi02567764: Scenes at the Barrow fans coach was embarrassing to SCFC.

@supersi666: Damn right, Bricks hurled at the buses, we had a young lad in tears on our coach, saying he was scared, he was only 7/8, great example set to future generations 🙄

@robparkerauthor: This is exactly why I rarely go anymore. Adore the club to pieces. Had a season ticket for 25 years, but the aggravation and aggression witnessed attending games took any shine off it a long time ago. The amount of fighting in the Cheadle End alone, between our own, was enough.

@GazScFc: Whoever it was. We don’t want you at our club simple as that.

@jonnelson78scfc: @GMPStockport @gmpolice wanna have a look at themselves, letting both sets of Fans out at the same time & parking @BarrowAFC coaches across the road.

@smithyscfc1: It’s the same old shit init. Like they don’t know what would happen then love getting heavy handed. It’s inevitable at almost any club.

@Edgie_86: Why do you pay for the POLICE presence 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ not worth a wank @gmpolice I know a few coppers myself won’t name names but they are a waste of skins also

@Iandowden: Hope who ever it is gets life time ban

@samjwjonas: Hope the guy is okay. Walked past towards my taxi and saw a guy standing outside a nice Porsche absolutely dripping in blood next to his son. Said he was okay and didn’t need anyone but I was worried for him regardless.

@m_w890: Let me guess. All fans let out at the same time and police just watched them go at it…. exactly the same happened at the wrexham game last year. Was an absolute shit show.

@1RobMoore: These bellends 100% are not welcome at EP. Where were you when we were shit?

@FyldeMax: Disgusting fan base

@JonnyMac_95: Took the defeat well 👌

@Chris_Horner1: Stay classy

@waltonyeah: Classic Stockport County

@m_cuss: Fucks sake. Toxic masculinity whatever the circumstances – we lost, you won – have or learn the capacity to deal with that.

@simlew86: It is football. Losing is part of the sport. There’s no excuse whatsoever for such disgraceful behaviour on a day that should’ve been a celebration for the town and the club, regardless of the result.

@cockneyhatter: Here we go again, first game in and it’s gone to shit already 🤯

@TomGo1die: Witnessed countless police officers literally standing and watching the public deal with the bloke.

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