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Stewards and Portsmouth fan get into fight after the 89th minute winner against Barnsley

Stewards and a Portsmouth fan, get into a fight after a mini pitch invasion took place after the 89th minute winner against Barnsley.

A group of fans legged it onto the pitch after the goal which secured them the League One title and promotion, with many of them returning to the stands before running on the pitch again come the final whistle.

However for one lad, he ended up getting ejected as he clashed with a number of stewards while trying to make it back to his seat on the 89th minute.

Some fans watching on can be seen with their arms out baffled as to the need for the troubling scenes while others booed as the lad, who has his coat ripped off in the scrap, practically gets carried out.

Under the Football Offences Act 1991 pitch invasions are a criminal offence in England and Wales. The act prohibits spectators from going onto the playing area of the stadium.

The legislation states that it is an offence for a person at a match “without lawful authority or excuse” to “go onto the playing area, or any area adjacent to the playing area to which spectators are not generally admitted”.

Under the act, throwing missiles towards the playing area or the area where spectators are, as well as indecent and racist chanting are also offences.

Under the Football Offences Act the sentence for invading the pitch is a fine not exceeding level 3. According to the Sentencing Council level 3 fines are £1,000.

However, clubs might find themselves in hot water with sporting bodies over their fans invading the pitch.

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Twitter users reacted after a stewards and a Portsmouth fan get into fight after the 89th minute winner against Barnsley

tom.molyneux_: No need for that second steward to get involved

declan.170: Jobsworths

6_tyler_3: he was just gonna jump back in the stand no need from that second steward

darrenarcher44: Listen the lad was celebrating bit ott from the stewards imo

tomchurch85: Then 20k go on the pitch and enjoy.

happytrucker1_: That 2nd steward needs looking into , he totally inflamed the situation , really poor stewarding all round

ste.toon: For me the steward just made it ten times worse than it needed to be

leighpricey: Bloody hell. Let him celebrate.

m.camp17: Attempting to shove someone head first into a barricade followed by an unnecessary sneak attack, stadium stewards are the worst.

joe.jkn: Second steward wanted his 10 mins of fame

lee__hughes: Probably a head steward on a power trip

gofortheturkey: That 2nd steward has lost his job then, just grabbing someone round the neck, what a div

woody12174: Hopefully he’s got himself a lifetime ban…stay off the pitch/pitchside and none of this happens. Every fan in the country knows you don’t cross over. Bit heavy handed maybe but play stupid games get stupid prizes

Nigel Hambleton: Nice ban incoming

Will Wilton: Steward …. what a complete tosser, waded in and didn’t understand the situation..angry to put it mildly 🤬

ethanbritton1997: One way to miss a party

Sarah Dean: I remember my first shandy

Andy Gudgeon: Got his stoney on 😂😂😂

x_caroline_smart_x: Idiot 😂😂

Ian Runciman: Wanker stewards like

ell19272002: Just won the league now ya got a 5 year ban because of a steward who’s a cock

nicksfudge62: They literally act like they’re military personnel, absolute cunts

Colin Smith: Orange vests are the jobsworths

jamessmith91: Had the chance to get back in the stand and never. His own fault 🤣

aricketts108: Against the rules to run on the pitch, that’s what they’re hired to do, enforce them 👍

xxclaudettemaddenxx: He was heading bk to he’s seat no need for 1st steward to push him then deffo no need for 2nd steward

alanmacpherson: That steward grabbing around the neck, then landing on his backside…. Next comeuppance a P45.

rodney_clam: Could have easily just hopped back over and been fine but had to prove he’s ‘hard’ and now he’s nicked. What an idiot

Mick Short: Jobsworth Steward needs to be sacked fkin fat arsehole

Andrew Waddingham: Get off the pitch you idiot. Who do you think you are you bloody idiot

kye.brannan: Can tell they haven’t been promoted in a while

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