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Steward goes viral after rugby tackling fan to ground at Boreham Wood

A steward goes viral after rugby tackling a fan to the ground at Boreham Wood’s FA Cup tie against St Albans City on Monday night.

Footage was uploaded to social media and as the days passed, the views racked up and many choosing to mock the National League side for what happened post-match in the local derby.

They decided to invade the pitch following their Wood’s 4-0 victory over their opposition who play their football in the league below.

Fans legged it onto the pitch as the final whistle blew, with Boreham supporters knowing that the winners of their tie would advance on and face AFC Wimbledon in the next round.

Josh Rees scored twice, punishing a defensive error after 25 minutes and heading in Kane Smith’s cross to double the lead four minutes after half-time.

Gus Mafuta’s header put the hosts, who reached the third round for the first time last season, in total control.

Substitute Adrian Clifton then added a fourth with nine minutes remaining and some of the scenes minutes after full time marred it with objects thrown at both sets of fans as can be seen below.

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Due to individual pitch incursions onto the pitch in the last few minutes of Monday nights match against St Albans City, the following steps have already been taken;

A full site and stewarding investigation has been implemented. A full safety meeting has already been had with all senior club officials in attendance, complete with our two safety officers and with our security company.

Already we feel that lessons have been learned, as this was our first ever full house and those lessons will be implemented as part of our match day operations going forward. We accept, as every attending football supporter who attends games already knows, that if an idiot decides to run onto the pitch, it is nigh on impossible to police 100%, hence why we will now make our stadium and facility usage bans severe.

Two people have already been named and been issued with complete Stadium, Astro Pitch, Bar, Function and facility usage bans and both the police and schools have been notified of our actions. Our investigation into the third person who went onto the pitch but who evaded our stewards is still ongoing.

We now turn to those moronic few who completely spoiled what should have been a deserved St Albans City’s fans celebration with their own players, and also spoiled a fabulous chance for our loyal supporters to celebrate with our very own Luke Garrard and our players. It was embarrassing to witness some of our fans goad and look to get a reaction from the travelling St Albans City fans and it was completely unacceptable.

We are still going through all of the ITV footage and the readily available internet clips and make no mistake about it, further bans to some of these idiots will follow. Due to our new state of the art ticketing system and because we took a more phased approach to ticket sales, most people are now on our system.

However, we must not concentrate on those few idiots, because if we do then they win. Let’s just ban them and get rid of them for good. Let’s instead concentrate on the 99% of fantastically loud and proud Wood fans and equally those incredible travelling St Albans City supporters. Because you both created an incredible atmosphere, you were all such a credit to both of our football clubs and, you created an atmosphere that will most likely never be repeated at Meadow Park.

We finish by saying to St Albans City, we wish you all the luck in the world with your promotion campaign and we sincerely hope you manage to join us in the National League for next season. Monday night showed the whole of Hertfordshire that football in our County is thriving and with that record attendance, it was possibly the greatest night ever seen at Meadow Park. It was certainly the biggest Hertfordshire non league Derby in history – so a huge, huge thank you must go to both clubs and both sets of supporters.



The full time scenes, which also sees a steward goes viral after rugby tackling a fan to ground at Boreham Wood, got plenty of talk on scoial media…

@c0_ross: Bit embarrassing… yes into the 3rd round but beating a team from the step below shouldn’t ever warrant a pitch invasion

@ShrimpersTalk: When did the supporters of Boreham Wood suddenly turn up? damn near an empty stadium from them when we visited

@JonTolleyTweets: you win 4-0 and pitch invade…running right past the players and just to goad the losing team. last boreham wood game I saw, a fan jumped on the pitch and punched the K’s captain

@Rushy2808: I wonder how many of this ‘full house’ will be at their next home game. 2nd in the league and currently averaging 800

@Diggerthedog1: Lol more people on the pitch then there normally is for their home matches

@craiganoble: I think them melts would shit themselves if the St Albans fans came onto the pitch! Average age of the fans about 12 😂 won’t come back again until January 👍

@andymilton1996: Fairly tragic behaviour

@WillB_2003: We’ll see them all at Kingfield on Saturday won’t we??

@Mike_Ellsmore: State of this. Pitch invasion for beating a team in the league below, running straight over to the away fans. Normally have an average attendance of about 50. So so tinpot. 😂

@LambyG: Alexa, show me the worst football club in the history of the game.

@SWS1948: The state of it LMAOOOOOOO

@Stef1885: Pitch invasion for beating a team a division lower than them 🤨 😳 🤦‍♂️

@GroundhopperAD: Embarrassing where are all these fans at their home games normally?

@PhilipNev: Borehamwood McDonalds must have been empty this evening

gncrdt: them fans are lucky the security didnt let thogdad on the pitch

daniel_tekkerzyt: Borehamwood fans are sooooo embarrassing 😂😂

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