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Stevenage fan runs on pitch to attack Bradford’s Andy Cook causing match to be delayed

Stevenage fan runs onto the pitch to attack Bradford’s Andy Cook, causing the League Two match to be delayed on Saturday.

The Bantams led 3-2 going into the final stages at the Lamex Stadium when Cook, 32, scored the away side’s second goal.

One home supporter, however, somehow got past stewards, ran onto the field on the 89th minute with Stevenage player Alex Gilbey arriving to diffuse the situation after the fan tried to attack Cook.

Bradford players also rushed to surround the fan when stewards finally ushered him off the pitch, but even then waited if you like until he got back in the stands rather than get on the field of play to get him.

The game was briefly halted when the perpetrator was taken away.

Bradford tweeted ah the time: “89′ | Delay in getting play restarted as a home supporter runs onto the field and looks to give Andy Cook a bit, only to be stopped by Stevenage’s Michael Bostwick. 🦌 2-3 🐓”.

Bradford held on to prevent Stevenage scoring late when the match was eventually restarted.

They were successful as Jamie Walker’s goal in the 86th minute proved to be the winner, and the result sees Bradford move up to eighth place in League Two, just two points behind the playoff spots.

Stevenage remains in second place despite their defeat, falling eight points behind league leaders Leyton O’Neil.

They have a four point advantage over Carlisle, and they have two games in their hand.

A statement from Stevenage said that the fan has been arrested and banned from the Lamex Stadium.

It read: “Entering the pitch is a criminal offence and puts players, officials and supporters at great risk. This is not tolerated at The Lamex Stadium.

“Football stadiums should be a safe and enjoyable space for everyone, and these incidents are completely unacceptable and have no place in our game.

“The individual has been arrested, issued a ban from The Lamex Stadium and the club are working closely with the police and their investigation.

“The club is also reviewing the stewarding response and protocols following the incident.”

Mark Hughes thanked Gilbey for calming what could have been a very serious situation.

“You don’t like to see that,” said the City boss as per Telegraph & Argus. “Credit to the Stevenage lad who recognised what was going to happen.

“If he hadn’t intervened, obviously Cooky wasn’t aware that the lad was trying to give him a clump.

“We thank the Stevenage player for that. If he hadn’t seen that, it could have been a really nasty incident.

“There are idiots everywhere unfortunately. I don’t know what influence he was under but he didn’t do himself or his club any favours.”

This is what social media users said after a Stevenage fan runs on pitch to attack Bradford’s Andy Cook causing the match to be delayed…

@MrDKeegan: Just like the stewards… a day late

@LukeRavenscr0ft: Investigate the stewards for not doing their job too?

@ThomasWillett01: Hope it’s a lifetime ban

@Mickyboy74: Stewards that all watched and did nothing should all be sacked

@Vegyjones: Stewards getting a hard time, but dependong on the layout of the stadium you can’t stop everyone gettong on the pitch of that is there intention. May be good to hear from the person in charge of stewarding to explain their roles and the response.

@RichMain5: Who ever controls the stewards should have had the stewards on the east terrace pitch side They should have seen and heard what was happening and made the decision like the away end and placed them pitch side. But where was the response team to deal with pitch invaders.

@hcafcisaac: Should take action against every steward as well

@2old_for_this: No apology to Andy Cook or our club though is there !! #bcafc

@BantamSilver: You also need to improve your stewarding so that they actually make an attempt to apprehend anyone running onto the pitch #bcafc

@SHD_Backup: Your stewards are an absolute disgrace.

@Tom__WD: If he was actually 14 a lifetime ban seems somewhat unnecessary. The incident clearly shows our stewarding is pish. Also pitchies being an automatic ban and an offence is OTT, should be circumstantial. We all know if we go up going to be all over it

@rjb_1998: Saw people talking about the lack of stewarding and thought they were exaggerating, fair play that’s genuinely hilarious what the fuck

@alex_ingarfill: This is embarrassing from our stewards!!! No wonder why we can’t go full capacity, We can’t manage with this small amount!! Get a grip!

@ChrisLukeJones: Fair play that be the most lackadaisical stewarding I’ve ever seen. Runs on the pitch, charges someone roams around for a while and no one even gets near him until he jumps back in the stand

@rjb_1998: Stewards clearly thought the “encroaching the pitch is a criminal offence” signs applied to them too

@burkeybcfc: Massive credit to the Stevenage players there. Absolutely disgraceful from the stewards.

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