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Steven Gerrard hits back after Jesse Marsch rips into Aston Villa during post match interview

Steven Gerrard hits back after Jesse Marsch absolutely rips into Aston Villa during his post match interview with Sky Sports.

Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch slammed Aston Villa’s repeated timewasting tactics with the game finishing 0-0 at Elland Road on Sunday evening.

The home side went down to 10-men when Luis Sinisterra was controversially sent off after he received a second yellow card for blocking a free kick attempt.

But despite playing the second-half with a disadvantage, Leeds managed to grind out a point against Steven Gerrard’s side.

Sky pundit Roy Keane, meanwhile, didn’t have much sympathy for Sinisterra as you can see in the video below…

After the full-time whistle, a frustrated Jesse Marsch didn’t hold back in his post-match interview when discussing the tactics used by Gerrard’s side throughout this weekend’s clash.

“Villa slow the game down and now it’s two or three opponents that we’ve had here that just wanna throw the ball away, take a minute in every goal kick, and so, we need some help to manage this,” he told Sky Sports.

“We can’t do it alone and the sad thing is, this (Elland Road) is the best environment in the league for me and our fans don’t come here to watch a snail-paced match.”

He wasn’t done there, either. Marsch was in an apologetic mood to those who attended the Premier League clash.

“I almost feel we have to apologise to our fans,” he added.

“They didn’t get an entertaining match, they got a match that was slowed down by an opponent from the first minute and they [the fans] don’t get to enjoy coming to Elland Road as much as they should.

“I will be speaking to someone from the league and [have] already spoken to the referees’ committee, it’s clearly a tactic. I feel bad for our fans, they have to watch that and they don’t get an energetic game.

“It’s respect for how we play against the ball, in the aggression we show and quality we have against the ball. Our fans like to see us where the team plays with aggression and they [Villa] are trying to flip the script.

“I have had more referees that were able to manage it better – it leads to frustration to everyone in the crowd.”

Steven Gerrard hits back after Jesse Marsch rips into Aston Villa during his post match interview. “Was he unhappy with their time wasting when they went down to 10 men?” the Villa boss asked.

“Works both ways,” the Villa boss added. “I’m not really interested in what Jesse thinks. My priority is Aston Villa.”

Gerrard’s men were warned by referee Stuart Attwell as early as the 20th minute about the time they were taking at goal kicks, throw-ins and other set-plays.

Despite this, he insisted Attwell had a ‘good game’, stating he could not pick out a single error with the official’s performance.

“I thought he had a good game. Is there any [decision] he got wrong? I think that’s a good game. If a referee doesn’t get anything wrong, that’s a good game, so well done to Stu [Attwell].”

Villa manager Steven Gerrard admitted that his side wanted to “frustrate Leeds”.

“At times Leeds wanted a war and we went to war,” he told Sky Sports. “When it was scrappy, we dug in, we fought, we won second balls, we competed really well. We frustrated Leeds and the crowd.”

Marsch claimed his Leeds side fought “like lions” and revealed his teams have been working on what to do when they get a player sent off.

“At half-time I said: no frustration, we know what the tactic is and we want to focus on we want to achieve. Everything changes when we go a man down,” added the Leeds manager.

“We worked over the four weeks on ‘man-down tactics’ so it helped us in the moment to manage it. Next time I will work on ‘man-up tactics’, that’s a better strategy!”

Player ratings

Leeds: Meslier (8), Kristensen (6), Koch (6), Cooper (6), Struijk (6); Adams (6), Roca (6); Sinisterra (5), Aaronson (6), Harrison (6); Rodrigo (7).

Subs: Firpo (6), Bamford (7), Ayling (7), Klich (n/a), Summerville (n/a)

Aston Villa: Martinez (6); Augustinsson (5), Konsa (7), Mings (6), Young (6); Luiz (6), McGinn (7), Ramsey (7); Bailey (6), Watkins (6), Coutinho (7)

Subs: Bednarek (6), Buendia (6), Ings (n/a)


@Lucasglory___: He’s spot on!

@MainManMiIe: Did he not see meslier diving onto the floor after every time he caught it 😂😂

@LukeePeachey: We were down to ten men after you spent a large amount of the first half doing the same, he’s hardly gonna be eager to clear it is he?

@JBlunnn07: Us villa fans aren’t happy with the tactics either don’t worry about that 😂

@RH_AVFC: Why’s he worried about us? Should take a look at his own team.

@Gamer34671: Leeds are better than Villa lmfao

@AVFCJames1874: Meanwhile Sinisterra got sent off for blocking a quick free kick and slowing the game down…

@LUFCTheo: not like your whole squad was slowing the game down. but ye let’s pick that one leeds moment

@buendiazboyz: we don’t want to either Jesse please get Gerrard to resign

@Avfc_Barry: In one interview this man has shown more knowledge of Aston Villa than Gerrard has in 10 months

@ktd_avfc: didn’t their player get sent off for stopping a quick free-kick? Sounds like slowing the game down to me…

@yeswekante7: I actually love what he said and I agree with him, this bum manager at villa spend over £100m and his team wasting time in the first half

@LouisWStanley: People have a go at him because he’s American, but remember the average time the ball is in play in the prem is 54 mins…

@balc_top: Your player got sent off for stopping the opposition taking a quick free kick. Seems abit hypocritical

@wilsterdavies1: Leeds aren’t strangers to the dark arts either but he isn’t wrong about this. Gerrard is in self preservation mode: this isn’t what our owners were sold by Purslow. He needs to be sacked tonight.

@ChampionshipJC: Bring on another two week break so we haven’t got to see this freak harping on a load of bollocks almost daily.

@_lewisnufc_: Sounding a lot like Klopp, like it or not, opposing teams can play however they like.

@Villafanmike: Let be honest – both teams did it and it was a boring as f*ck game. I’m just glad Mings played so that they had something/someone to sing about. #AVFC

@AvfcU: Right, whatever the Villa performance was like Leeds had a man sent off for stopping Villa playing an early free kick didn’t they?! Add that to the 20+fouls they gave away and maybe Leeds contributed?! Embarrassing comments really #avfc #lufc

@PompeyKai: I’ve said it all along and I will continue to say it. Stop the clock when the ball is dead!!! The amount of time that is wasted from dead ball situations is ludicrous, in the future we will look back and laugh at that fact that the clock keeps ticking when nothing is happening.

@ToffeesInLondon: What a moaning, whinging sour manager this guy is! Similar comments when they played us, maybe look at your own team & their discipline especially?

@musto_jim: He’s completely right but I still can’t take the bloke seriously 😂😂😂

@TheVillaHome: He is just spouting absolute waffle 🤣 his team were the culprits of slowing the game down

@GeorgeWoodEFC: Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t his own player get sent off for trying to prevent a quick free kick, therefore slowing the game down?

@JBirchWWE: He’s not wrong. #LUFC

@HauntedLFC: The Prem need to do something about this. Everyone is now doing it. Ruins every match.

@bririley_70: I like this fella a lot and he’s right here too. Another reason football is practically unwatchable right now.

@STU1VENBERG: The way the UK hate Americans is crazy if Marsch came from Spain no one would care that he’s saying this

@peedsinfidel: Love the amount of people who are fuming when he says stuff

@meatmansoccer: He is right. This is an entertainment business and in the premier league there is far too much negativity, game management and time wasting, Honestly, it is one of the worst leagues to watch these days IMO, often because of shit like this

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