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Steven Gerrard fumes with Aston Villa’s Robin Olsen attacked during Man City pitch invasion

Manager Steven Gerrard fumes with Aston Villa’s Robin Olsen allegedly attacked during the Man City pitch invasion on Sunday evening.

The Cityzens supporters poured onto the Etihad Stadium turf when the final whistle blew to crown their side Premier League champions following a dramatic 3-2 win over Aston Villa despite being 2-0 down at one point.

Both sets of players were quickly surrounded with Villa boss Stevie G claiming the crowd quickly became violent. A video of the incident can be seen below…

Gerrard has been quoted as to claiming Olsen, who stood in for Emi Martinez between the sticks was attacked during the pitch invasion.

Gerrard added: “We’re going to see how he is now, but I think you should ask Pep [Guardiola] and Man City those questions.”

Olsen came off holding the back of his head after thousands of jubilant Manchester City fans took to the field at the final whistle.

That, despite an appeal on the tannoy and big screen in the ground before the end of the game to stay off the pitch.


Manchester City would like to sincerely apologise to Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen, who was assaulted after the final whistle at today’s match when fans entered the pitch.

The Club has launched an immediate investigation and once identified, the individual responsible will be issued with an indefinite stadium ban.

Meanwhile, The Athletic’s Charlotte Duncker says: “Understand Villa aren’t going to make a formal complaint to Premier League over it. Olsen said he felt something hit him on the back of the head as he was leaving the pitch but doesn’t know what it was. He felt fine leaving the stadium.”

On Tuesday Everton fans got carried away after they won to secure their Prem status and goaded Crystal Palace footballers and manager Patrick Vieira, who reacted by kicking one supporter to the ground.

There have been several pitch invasions following play-off triumphs in the EFL and too often scenes have turned ugly, with Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp the victim of a headbutt on Tuesday.

Swindon Town players were also assaulted by Port Vale fans at the end of their League Two play-off semi-final defeat, while Northampton supporters threw flares at Mansfield stars.

Luton Town manager Nathan Jones also condemned the “disgusting” behaviour of a minority of Huddersfield fans after they decided to goad his players rather than celebrate their place in the Championship play-off final.

TV cameras showed the goalposts had been broken with talkSPORT host Adrian Durham describing the scenes as similar to when Scotland fans stormed the Wembley turf in 1977.

“Where Manchester City scored their three goals, the crossbar has been broken,” Durham said. “It is like the Scots at Wembley in the 70s. The crossbar has been broken, it has been snapped away to our right.

“The pitch is being cleared, I think they realise there will be a title celebration. That’s where the goals were scored. They probably want a memento.

“There’s no indication it is hooliganism and violence or any trouble. It’s just fans swinging on it and sitting on it. That has now snapped. 

“The pitch is being cleared, I think they realise there will be a title celebration. That’s where the goals were scored. They probably want a memento.”

Micky Gray added: “They probably do. You don’t want to put a dampener on someone winning the Premier League and how this Premier League has panned out.

“You talk about supporters coming onto the pitch, and we talked about it before this game actually, in front of me there was a boy who got barged over and was crying his eyes out. His father went over and got him away from the supporters who were around the young man.

“There was a lady steward, she got barged to the floor. It’s a long season and I’m not being negative, but I’m keen to point out things I’d wished hadn’t happened.

“We don’t want to see that. We don’t want to be talking about that. We want to be talking about a fantastic day for Manchester City.

“They are picking up the Premier League, back-to-back, but we have to highlight that.”

Fans reacted as Steven Gerrard fumes with Aston Villa’s Robin Olsen attacked during the Man City pitch invasion…

@robevs: The only way to stop this is to start docking points

@jimbotwalker: Fucking great week for the image of the football fans!

@CraigyBoy_87: Absolutely disgusting! Pitch invaders are a bunch of degenerate morons! Should be banned from all football venues.

@Carlos4LFC: 30 point deduction for city #JusticeForOlsen

@Harryrutland24: do better with pitch invasions, its dangerous ffs

@LFC_Lewis66: Fines and point deductions should be the way to go. No issues with fans coming on the pitch to celebrate, but when it comes to attacking players is when it goes too far

@_HopperLUFC: The steward getting wiped out 🤣

@VillaBoyJohn: This sudden return to pitch invasions and crowd violence is leading us back towards the bad old days – just as it was going so well, that standing areas were coming back & fences/barriers were coming down! The last 2 rounds of matches have been a big step backward in that respect

@RoosterEdwards: They was saying a 3 point deduction from Everton cause of the other day so the same for Man City? Bet not 1 thing happens watch

@GarySmithJnr: Absolute scumbags. Stay off the pitch! 🤦🏼‍♂️

@sparkym5: Pitch invasion after coming back from 2 down to win the league is fine if its good natured, bombarding Villa fans with smoke bombs is not on. Poor lad next to us copped one on the side of his head we were only sat across the aisle from the City fans.

@GillesOffTheWeb: LOL why would anyone do this? I think pitch invasions are ok, but the cocaine & Madri crew are determined to get them banned

@tavfcuk: Surely a points deduction?

@milessteven001: Much of this is on the @premierleague, who’ve had ample time and opportunity to condemn the recent invasions, especially following the ridiculous scenes at @Everton last week. To stay silent is effectively to condone or support fans invading the pitch.

@shazhewwy: God forbid one day a player is going to be seriously injured or worse. There has to be serious consequences for pitch invasions. Doesn’t matter what colours they play in nobody deserves this. Emotions run high at matches but enough is enough!!

@4shaann: You’ve just won a league and you assault the goalkeeper of another club in order to celebrate? Bit weird. Do these planks know they are literally being televised?

@littlebuster6: Pitch invasions have been happening forever. I’ve been involved in plenty and never known there to be any problems. What the fuck is wrong with people at the moment? Is it too much to enjoy the moment and not fucking assault someone?

@Jamie_UTV: Disgraceful fan base the day that fall apart will be glorious

@sarahcodd1: this shit is getting beyond now

@DannyHarkinJnr: Why can’t fans just enjoy their moment. Stop assaulting people that are simply doing their jobs for our entertainment. Wankers

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