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Steve Evans speaks of conspiracy against Stevenage as he vents at Port Vale penalty decision

Steve Evans speaks of there being a collective conspiracy against Stevenage as he vents at a penalty decision awarded to Port Vale.

Steve Evans was left seething with anger after a late penalty call robbed Stevenage of a victory in their 2-2 draw against Port Vale.

Initially, the hosts fell behind due to Terence Vancooten’s unfortunate own goal, but they managed to turn the game around and take a 2-1 lead.

Jamie Reid equalised for Stevenage, and Vancooten redeemed himself by scoring their second goal.

But in the dying moments of the match, the assistant referee signalled for a handball by Dan Butler, leading to a penalty.

Funso Ojo converted it, leaving Evans furious with the decision, saying after the League One draw: “In the first half we were appalling, that’s a kind word for it.

“I think there was a lack of respect from some of our playing staff towards the Port Vale players, and they certainly haven’t got that from me because I know a lot of them personally and I’ve seen them play many times, they’ve outplayed us on three occasions this season.

“We changed it at half-time and got back in the game, scored a couple of good goals, missed some sitters to kill the game and I thought the points were ours.

“Then we’re well over the added time and a cross comes in and the assistant referee gives a penalty – on the video there’s not a chance that’s a penalty. It’s no surprise it’s at the home end with home supporters behind him and behind the goal. It’s an absolutely appalling decision.

“You cannot have an assistant referee get involved like that. I think we’ll be getting an apology but I’m sick of them, I don’t want them. They’re fighting to stay in League One but they won’t get any more help than that.

“It’s a disgraceful decision from the assistant referee. If he’s getting those decisions wrong he shouldn’t be officiating in the Football League. I don’t know his name, I don’t want to know his name but there’s nothing we can do.”

Port Vale joint interim boss Will Ryder said: “It’s a valuable point, it was a rollercoaster of emotions today.

“What I was most pleased with was how the players stuck to the plan, they didn’t deviate around what we’ve worked on, the analysis.

“We had a plan with the staff and we’ve worked really hard on our game plan and our strategy and making sure that we’re going to compete and do the horrible side of things, getting pressure on the ball and winning duels.

“I think we were unlucky not to get more goals than we did and I’m delighted for every single one of them that we’ve swung the momentum.”

Twitter users reacted as Steve Evans speaks of there being a conspiracy against Stevenage as he vents at the Port Vale penalty decision…

You said when Leahy went down at Adams Park it was “just a head knock”
Despite the urgency of the players.
Despite the medical team struggling to find a pulse.
Then you go over to your fans celebrating like Bertie big bollocks.
No class.
Rancid human.
Fuck off

@JoshCGrace: Glad someone has to bollocks to come out and say it how it is. Standard of officiating in League 1 is atrocious. How can literal amateurs officiate professional matches?

@JGsLongThrow: Steve Evans here, basically suggesting that there is a collective conspiracy against his club, involving all League 1 refs. An effective technique to build a siege mentality, although it ignores some of the decisions that occurred at Adams Park and his reaction on that day.

@WAFConTour: Someone needs to show him the vids of the 2 Wigan games the stinking fat pleb #wafc

@StephenJPike: I think it’s in the region of 12-15 points that poor decisions from the officials have cost us this season now, apology letters must have their own cabinet. Outrageous

@JPlumby_: “They don’t want us in there” hope he’s willing to accept a fine for claiming that the EFL are match fixing 😬

@Antzharris10: ‘they don’t want us up there’ What a deluded fella. I highly doubt anybody, not least a match official, gives a toss if you go up, down or are mid-table. I can’t stand managers saying their own names in interviews ‘is it Steve Evans again’ 😂😂

@Wafc1300: The most unlikeable bastard in football

@Adam_PVFC: Still crying 😂😂😘

@RMcCarthy98: Win and he’s a genius lose or drop points and it’s always the ref’s fault rinse and repeat all the time with that lump of lard

@tomclarke1: INJECT IT BABY!!! #pvfc

@MJRose_: He’s got a point. The standard of refereeing throughout the football league is appalling

@AntonyBullen66: Whether you like him or Nigel Clough doesn’t really matter. They dare to speak up about the appalling standard of officiating. I’m not even sure who is in charge of officials anymore but needless to say they’ll keep dishing out fines rather get their own house in order!

@dannybezza86: Apology incoming, from Steve Evans to the ref after his own admin put a video on that shows a handball 😂😂😂😂

@Prestonoldham51: Deliberate handball in your own 18 yard box tends to result in a penalty. Hope this helps

@lordgriff98: Excellent spot by the assistant

@GaryPello: Looks handball all day long that from a neutral POV. I also get the benefit of twenty watches! Ref and Lino get one.

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