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Steve Cooper ‘fuming’ over VAR with West Ham’s David Moyes reeling over Palace penalty call

Steve Cooper says his Forest players are ‘fuming’ over a VAR with West Ham’s David Moyes reeling over the Crystal Palace penalty call.

Cooper has expressed his doubts over the VAR angle which allowed Brentford to score a late winner against Nottingham Forest.

Josh Dasilva scored in the 94th minute winner at the near post. This was a blow to Forest’s hopes of survival. However, VAR check out a possible offside interference from Yoane Wissa who was in the Nottingham Forest goalkeeper’s vision.

VAR said Wissa was onside, but Cooper expected Wissa to be offside after looking at the angle in real-time.

Forest was ahead for the majority of the second half thanks to Danilo’s goal, his second in two matches. But Cooper’s team blew their lead away in the closing minutes.

Ivan Toney’s 82nd minute free-kick went through Navas while Dasilva’s winning goal saw the ball through his hands.

Cooper blamed the scoreline’s negative turnaround on fatigue in what was their third game in seven days.

He said: “The guys are fuming, the subs and staff could see it live and we thought it would be the opposite. I’m waiting to see the clear-cut image to make it ok. You can’t make it on judgement or assumption.

“If he is offside, he would have been affecting with the goalkeeper’s vision. If it is onside, it is onside. I really hope at this stage of the game and the season that they didn’t make a call when they’re under pressure on assumption.

“I hope I see it [an image where Wissa is definitely onside]. It’s a massive call. It will make the headlines for you guys [journalists].”

He said: “It was always going to be a tiring game, the third in a week. Players with fatigue, hot day. It wasn’t a game with real quality. A game with moments. You see that with the goal we scored, it was a scramble.

“It was always going to be a tiring game, the third in a week. Players with fatigue, it was a hot day. It wasn’t a game with real quality. A game with moments.

“You see that with the goal we scored, it was a scramble, you try and create moments like that. It was just about trying to accept Brentford were going to have the ball and it was about trying to manage that and we did. I didn’t see us conceding a goal.”

Questioned on goalkeeper Navas, Cooper said: “I just think now is not the time to speak about anybody. It’s about real togetherness and sticking together. It’s a tough one to take.”

Meanwhile, West Ham boss David Moyes is on a tight disciplinary rope right now with the FA after his second outburst over VAR within a matter of days.

It’s reported that the FA was seeking answers from Scot after he said that VAR operators in the Liverpool match lacked “football knowledge”.

Moyes was quick to point out that the VAR had failed again after Crystal Palace received what could be described as a ‘soft’ penalty kick during Saturday’s early Premier League match.

Moyes said: “You’ll probably hear them come out with some rubbish about, he needed to break his fall. Well if you lunge at the ball it’s your own fault for lunging and being out of control in the tackle. You can break your fall by sliding and having to put your arm down.

Here’s what fans on Twitter are saying as Steve Cooper says his players are ‘fuming’ over VAR with West Ham’s David Moyes reeling over the Palace penalty call…


@craig231084: So much karma for you this season

@firth09: Remember Wembley…🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

@SamTooon: They got it right, unfortunately Steve you don’t get it right and you’re sending the club back down to where they belong 👍🏽

@Waiwera1942: Absolutely delicious watch Cooper and Florist fans complaining almost every game about VAR. The irony isn’t lost on us Town fans. Love it.

@RichardAntcliff: For such important decisions the technology (if you can call a camera on a weird angle with arbitrary lines drawn on) just isn’t good enough. Needs Hawkeye style or scrap it. We’re no further forward.

@Danny40906984: Oh let’s blame the officials a 😂 only reason got in the prem league was because of the officials, let’s not forget that play off final @htafc

@LeeBeech3: The benefit of doubt should always be given to the attacker and it’s a rule. Why are managers getting salty about actual rules being followed seen Gollum getting salty about Tiago falling on the ball look the rules up

@redmannffc: This the interview of a manager up for the fight? Looks beaten and out of ideas

@timjohn92943131: With you all the way Stevie boy & that’s the only reason your in the Prem – short memories

@darren_tv: Time to look inwards SC. Tactical decisions and player conditioning needs to be addressed. We’ve dropped more points from winning positions than any other team this season in PL. That’s not all down to poor decisions made by officials.

@connor_newton: Let’s be honest Steve. Certain substitutions cost us. Took Awoniyi and Johnson off far too early. We were cruising, it weren’t pretty but it was working. The reality is 23 points dropped from winning positions now, we deserve to go down for that itself #NFFC

@EmmaBfc90: It’s onside, it’s literally right there in the picture😂 So funny how much we make Gollum cry every time.

@_____1878: The line literally shows he was onside, Steve


@dthomson123: Just keeping as many teams in a relegation battle as possible for the viewers, more viewers more money, league is sooo corrupt

@ThisIsJorgen: Maybe we should stop having refs and let one of the managers make the calls instead?

@AdamStevenson7: From a complete neutral – absolutely nailed on penalty

@JasonSinclair7: Never a penalty….not sure what the VAR are looking at !!!

@shaunle61197008: Does he ever stop crying about var and decisions.. he’s had more than most teams with var decisions going his way …would help if he knew the games laws before crying half the time too

@JimJones1425: Losing more and more respect for Moyes every passing interview. I used to have a lot of time for him. Now he’s just a moaning old hypocrite with no morals. Shame

@chris_speller: Don’t think his defenders did a good enough job if they conceded 4….but let’s have another pop at VAR 😳

@marktheram7: Moyes is not wrong. Absolutely pathetic decision 🙄

@td67coyi: West ham cannot blame refs or var for the utter incompetent manager we’ve had all season. Moyes has far,far been our worst performer all season and half of last.

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