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‘Steve Cooper banished me by text!’ – Ex-Nottingham Forest player Joe Lolley speaks out

‘Steve Cooper banished me by text!’ – Ex-Nottingham Forest player Joe Lolley speaks out in an interview on the turn of events at the club.

He shedding light on his time at the Reds, and the situation involving former Forest boss Steve Cooper, before leaving.

In August 2022, Lolley was made to train with the Premier League club’s U23 side and youngsters, leading to him looking for a move away.

Joe Lolley has since gone over to Australia and is playing for A-League club Sydney, of whom he’s made 46 appearances and scored 15 goals over two seasons as he adjusts to life in a new place and league.

He has also dropped this message via Instagram, in which he says: ‘This is where I had to train with three 15 year olds for 2 weeks after I was texted and told I had to leave the club and I couldn’t use the first team building after 4 and a half years and 171 games. Very respectful 🤥.’

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Forest Fan TV took a look and reveal more of what Lolley had to say: “In today’s video we’re going to be talking about Joe Lolley one of my favourite players over the last 5 to 10 years at Forest was amazing what he did for us and the treatment handed out to him by Steve Cooper I’m sorry just doesn’t sit well with me at all.

“Okay speaking of Joe Lolley let’s get into this and let me run you through exactly what’s happened because it’s it has angered me so Joe Lolley was on a podcast football friends with Ben and Stef where he was talking about his time in Australia how he ended up getting there a bit about his career and everything it’s actually a really good listen if you want to go and check that out you can check it out on Spotify and and the other podcasty places but anyway the bit that interested us as Forest fans was when they asked him about how did his time at Nottingham Forest come to an end and it’s not pleasant at all.

“Basically what happened Lolley was still there after we got promoted he even went out to the Spanish camp where Forest trained for a week and it was when he returned that he was banished by Steve Cooper and the thing that I can’t stand is that he was banished by text and told ‘you can’t um train with the first team you’re not allowed in the first team facilities off you go on to the under 23s’ and that was all via text message.

“So let me read you the quote that’s come out from Lolley, so Lolley says ‘I had just come back from pre-season for a week in Spain I got back the next day, and he as in Steve Cooper just texted me and said you’re in the under 23s, you’re not allowed in the first team building considering I’d been there for 5 years and played 150 games to not come up to me or to not ring me or to not speak to me in person, you know what it’s like in football. These things are strange how you know it was really disappointing how it ended at Nottingham Forest’, then he goes on to say, ‘suddenly I wasn’t allowed to be in the first team building it was weird I was just training with 15 and 16 year olds three times a week just to keep fit and just because they wanted to force me out it was a shame how they treated me in the end if they had just said you are free to go we would like you to leave and keep training with us until you find a new club that would have been football I’d have been yeah no problem it was pretty brutal way to end’.

“I have to say I tend to agree with Lolley look yeah I do have some biases towards Lolley I think he was brilliant but I also think there’s a way to treat players and this is not how to do it look Joe Lolley has been a great servant for Nottingham Forest he understands how football works, but the fact that he got it by text message does not sit right with me.

“Can you imagine if you in your normal day job and because remember this is a job for Joe Lolley got up in the morning found a text message from your boss saying ‘don’t come in today um we don’t want you anymore end of’ it’s it’s just pathetic it really is so you know shout out to Joe Lolley for talking out about it but how do you guys feel about this one and this really moves us on to the next topic which is about the general treatment of players at Nottingham Forest under the Cooper regime.

“We’ve seen so many clips about Cooper and how he banded the squad together how everyone was in unison everyone was happy all the usual stuff I mean we’ve seen clips (which shows Cooper say) like this ‘that is not what this football club is when people make big errors we don’t kill people we get behind them’, and is that just face talk? In my opinion 100% there was so many things that were going on behind the scenes under Cooper’s regime that you guys don’t know about that I do know about that changed my opinion of him.”

See can watch more in full below…

Steve Cooper said at the time when questioned about Lolley’s future that he liked to train with “a certain number of players” as he prepared his squad for top flight football.

“It’s not about any individual. It’s about trying to prepare a squad and a team that we want to commit to for the season ahead,” he said, per Nottingham Post.

“Part of the preparation is the training and coaching model we use, which is more or less 20 players every single day. Sometimes that varies, of course, it’s not completely fixed. When you bring players in and move players on, it takes a little bit of sorting out. That’s all it is.

“It’s just the natural process; the turnaround of ending one season and getting ready for another one. It’s as simple as that.

“Some guys will do pre-season with us and move on. Some guys will do pre-season elsewhere and come back in or will move on or whatever.

“I like to train with a certain number of players. The players are really clear about that. And that’s what we’re committing to.”

Questioned if making such decisions was a difficult part of the job, Cooper added: “It can be, yes. But at the same time, it’s part of the role. I accept that’s what you have to do at times. Part of being a leader is making decisions that are right for the team and the club. I am happy to do that.”

‘Steve Cooper banished me by text!’ – Ex-Nottingham Forest player Joe Lolley speaks out and this is how fans reacted on Twitter…

@MyDesireIs_: If this is true, it says a lot about the #NFFC owners that they would treat lolley like this. £45 for a cup game tells you what they think of the fans. Certainly not the club I fell in love with. Is being fourth from bottom of the Premier league really worth it?

@TedSmiley08: Fair enough if he wasn’t in their plans moving forward. But letting him know by text and then banning him from the first team building? Seems pretty harsh to me. #NFFC

@MrTrickyTree: Joe Lolley was a fundamental part of that promotion winning side. A hero treated like shit. Its things like this that make you realise the people who run the club can be absolute cunts! #NFFC

@elisheab8: Why would you come out with this now? The man had his moments and proved himself in stages. The guy also had moments where he made major mistakes and unfortunately didn’t prove himself fit for a building squad. It’s football, get over it

@AshJ1865: Poor form from Forest this is. Really poor

@MistryNFFC: Curious as to why this is coming out now

@jaacknffc: You do all realise Lolley is literally publicly shitting on the club and you’re all crying for him. Embarrassing. Might as well of posted “Fuck Forest”

@ggdotcom6787: have you seen the second slide on his story? (post about the fans) I think he’s upset with some aspects of how he was treated as he wasn’t a part of SC premier league plans. which is fair enough as he was a brilliant servant. I don’t think its a “fuck the club” just frustration

@CCarachi: He is shitting on coops not forest

@SagaciousFellow: Don’t think he is at all. He’s just saying what happend, and it was undeniably pathetic from the club.

@Jake_Dougie: Joe Lolley carried the club on his shoulders for two years whilst also turning down premier league interest for us. He deserved more respect than what was shown

@NffcJoe_j: He knows half our fans will be on his side. I’m convinced half our fan base actually hates the club

@FORESTRMAG1C: I must admit if I was fired or moved into a different role by text, that’s pretty shitty

@Gavinthered78: Club create a lot of self inflicted shit themselves

@msmmcglau: While it’s obviously not ideal, Lolley is equally disrespectful here by dismissing what was probably the highlight of three young prospects’ careers. He’s a senior pro who was being paid to be there, poor attitude. #nffc

@MG45664508: Steve Cooper being a massive cunt. Who would have thought? 😂

@nffcmolly: honestly disgusting in a guy i used to admire

@RayRun9: Disgraceful treatment, was best player in team until cooper. Miles better than what came after him, ayew lingard Dennis etc.

@Rocky2Red: very poor treatment to be honest of joe lolley. if true thats pretty shitty of cooper, it happens at all clubs, but there’s a right way of doing it. just waiting for @JoeWorrall5 version of events after he was banished 👀

@ashdabell58: Never really the same after his injury, wish him well, flourishing in Australia at the moment.

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