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Steve Cooper and Thomas Frank both unhappy with VAR decisions as they call out PGMOL

Steve Cooper and Thomas Frank were both left unhappy with VAR decisions in their game as they took to call out PGMOL on Sunday.

The Nottingham Forest boss criticised the decision to hand Moussa Niakhate a red card, while Frank felt Brentford should have been awarded a spot kick.

The game at the City Ground finished in a 1-1 draw, with both managers left frustrated, something in common with Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool took aim at the referees’ body the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) who admitted the decision to disallow Luis Diaz’s goal was “a significant human error”.

Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper, speaking to MOTD: “There is a lot to assess. I thought we started the game a lot better. We played some good football and got in some good areas. The frustration is we haven’t created enough when we have got into good areas.

“Brentford had spells of the game without really hurting us. We didn’t start the second half well and there were lots of individual mistakes which led to the free-kick and the Brentford goal.

“And then it’s a different game. You’re 1-0 down with 10 men but to think that we got back in the game, got the result and seen it out, it ends up being a much better point for us than for Brentford.”

On the red card to Moussa Niakhate: “We all want the referees to be in a good place. Not just what happened yesterday but in general, it is the one Premier League game of the day. It needed to be a real clear and concise performance. But they have just raised more questions than answers.

“There are going to be talking points when there didn’t need to be. If he doesn’t give him the second yellow – it’s definitely a first yellow and it’s a silly one from Moussa around the edge of the box because you have to defend the free-kick – but to give the second one. If he doesn’t give it, it doesn’t even get mentioned.

“The fact he’s given probably creates more problems for them to talk about. We’ll have to accept it but in the greater scheme of things we all want referees in a good place. Unfortunately today he’s added to that a little bit.”

Brentford manager Thomas Frank, speaking to Sky Sports: “We are just in that spell where we can’t get over the line in terms of winning the games. It’s a game we clearly should have won.

“We can’t keep the ball out of the net when it’s 11 against 10. That’s an unbelievable finish that’ll happen one in 100.”

On whether this poor form is just a spell: “100%. We are strong believers of good performances, keep doing the right things, adding layers, keep learning from games like this.

“It’s just a matter of time before we get over the line and get some wins.”

Brentford saw two handball penalty appeals turned away in the first half, then felt they should’ve had a spot-kick in the second half for a foul by Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Matt Turner on Yoane Wissa.

“I think some managers would say yes, definitely two clear penalties (for handball),” Frank told Sky Sports post-match. “I probably would say I can see them being given, I can see them not being given.

“But I think there’s one that was more clear. That’s a clear one. That’s the one (the referee) should have called. Second half, the one with Yoane Wissa, that’s a clear penalty.”

Asked to elaborate on recent issues with VAR, Frank said: “First and foremost, I’m very glad you started the questions about our performance and the football because that’s the bit we need to talk about.

“I know it’s the talk of the town at this moment in time, the VAR. I’m just so tired of talking about it. I much more want to talk about football, but I understand we need to do it.

“I also feel the pain and frustration when it doesn’t go your way. I can’t affect it, I can’t do anything about it. I need to focus on what I can affect.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted with Steve Cooper and Thomas Frank say they’re both unhappy over VAR decisions as they call out PGMOL…

@Oliverwelch16: Clear red cry more cooper 😂😂😂

@lillywhite10: Total nonsense and the way the pundits were nodding whilst he said this then waited for him to leave before saying it was a definite red says all about modern punditry. Embarrassing

@david_strutton: None of the 3 had the balls to tell him he was talking out his rear end !!

@TtcWayne: Clearest yellow cards you will get.

@Austin_Pack: Stonewall second yellow

@Stephen1970t: Clear booking for 2nd yellow.

@billymbeatty: The clearest two yellow cards you’re ever likely to see…

@LuvFB_HateFifa: This is a nonsense, it was definitely a yellow card. This is why the refs can’t win because someone will always argue black is white, even when they make correct decisions.

@TonyDarwall: Just bin VAR, it’s rubbish. If someone is offside by a stray armpit hair, I’m happy to call that onside.

@daveandwolves: With the money involved in football it will always be open to corruption. VAR is a clear and obvious creation to generate money and protect the highest contributors. It’s happening right in front of our eyes – the biggest money making scheme ever created run by corrupt officials

@RichTheRed252: What about the players? Trying at every opportunity to deceive the ref into giving them a decision? How can you referee a game under those circumstances? Not to mention the managers acting like children adding more pressure. It’s no wonder it is a complete mess.

@phil_wwfc: Get rid, I’m happy with on field mistakes, evens out over a season but var is wrong. Understand the amount of TV games and pundits analysts picking officials to bits but it’s ruining football for the fans. Bottom line live TV games is wrecking football for the match going fans.

@RadiantL1ght1: Another horrendous decision. The officiating in the prem is in a all time low

@Philthomas1968: How can that not be a penalty, the player beats the keeper to the ball and the keeper kicks through him. Will we have a week of analysis, apologies from @FA_PGMOL and a letter to the pope asking for the game to be replayed.

@rajywhuaaat: Yet another wrong decision from the referees and VAR in less than 24 hours after that farcical decision in the Spurs v Liverpool game. @FA_PGMOL got to be feeling the heat! It’s outrageous officiating at this level. You’re ruining our game!

@pdobbie: Sack those that make to many mistakes and don’t just give them 2 weeks off! VAR works but those clowns in charge are not fit for purpose. How many incidents have these refs been in and come to the wrong decision? I’m not one for cancel culture but they’re just not up to the job

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