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Steve Bruce reveals his plans for the 2021/22 season at Newcastle United

Steve Bruce reveals his plans for the 2021/22 season at Newcastle United after their safety was confirmed earlier this week.

It has now been confirmed that Fulham, West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United will be playing Championship football next term.

Now the Magpies look ahead with head coach Brucey saying he is ‘not ready to retire’ and is making plans, including transfer targets, for next season at the Premier League club.

Asked if he would stay on at the club, Bruce said: “’I’ve got a contract. Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to crack on. We’re doing pre-season at the moment. We’re putting all the plans in place. Conversations will be had, and that’s what I can say on it.

On if conversations were had now they are safe or do they have to wait until the end of the season, Bruce added: “We’re going to concentrate on the season. We’ve already had conversations on pre-season as I said and transfer targets. I think every club would be naive if they not looking who’s available on a Bosman, for example.

“You know that always help every club for obvious reasons, but quietly, behind the scenes, we’re still working away towards, and that’s normal you know, the big conversations are yet to be had, and that will happen in the next week or two.”

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On ‘receiving criticism and the situation with Covid and the amount of matches they’ve had to play without breaks, some would say you’d want a break from that’, Bruce replied with a laugh: “Look I’m the football manager, that’s what I wanna do and I’m not ready to retire yet. So you have to dust yourself down, have thick skin at times, and as I said, I’m no where near ready to retire yet. I will crack on to the best of my abilities.

Steve Bruce spoke more: “What makes this club great is its fans. They come in their thousands and want the club to do well. And basically, so do I. If the fans think that I meant their expectations are too high then that’s not what I meant at all. That’s my limited vocabulary.”

A 2-0 win for Burnley meant the Cottagers went down with three games to spare.

Bruce said: “We’re not going to celebrate, that’s for sure.

“Look, we all aspire to take Newcastle into the top 10.

“That’s where the supporters want to be, the players want to be and, certainly, where I want to be. That’s got to be our aim.”

Speaking about the pressure he sustained, Bruce added: “It’s normal I suppose, the Premier League is so demanding.

“When it comes your way you have to deal with it.

“You have to make sure you deal with the job in hand.”

Fans reacted as Steve Bruce reveals his plans for the 2021/22 season at Newcastle United…

@Penaluna: Oh good. I wasn’t expecting #NUFC to ruin my weekend until 8pm Friday night.

@darrennoonan30: Ruined my day, thanks

@Jason_Mag: Confirm relegation then 👌

@DanMcmahonF1: Cheers Keith, kids are crying.

@JamesOnTheMic1: My day has been utterly ruined. Thanks Keith.

@CraigA66: 2 seasons we’ve spent fighting relegation and for most part of the season have ran on luck. With a limited transfer budget and Steve Bruce at the helm, all it’ll take is for 1 or 2 of the promoted sides to have a good season and we’re gone. Recipe for disaster, again.

@InnTooned: Look, if he starts the season with fans back, he will not reach the end of the season.

@AustriaMags: Say goodbye to ASM then. Relegation battle again next year.

@stublem1892: Another season written off before it even starts

@DanielEliassen1: Lord have mercy on my soul….

@WaaayDownSouth: That’s awful news

@coxon_jamie: Trying to backtrack already. Shame he’s mentioned our expectations being too high a few times already now #bruceout #nufc

@joelixton: Cheers, son’s crying nice one

@NUFC_1987: 2 wins in 20 suggests he should

@busterforever: But you said your working mandate was just avoid relegation. That’s not our fans call having expectations

@GThirlaway: Wasn’t expecting anything else tbh clear Ashley isn’t going to get of him, did people expect anything different like

@powdy23: Back track now fans are going to let him know he’s not wanted bruceout

@LiamNUFC98: The club used to be great now it’s an embarrassment

@Carsonsmells: This pretty much confirms we are stuck with Bruce & Ashley for the foreseeable 😭😭😭😭 #NUFCTakeover #BruceOut

@Chrisharte81: Reading this has just fucked up the rest of my day

@NUFCJL: Ashley has definitely taught him the ability to say lots without saying anything at all.

@toastofworcesta: So basically the same as last season then

@magpieman77: Bruce suddenly realising that 10,000 fans are going in the stadium and frantically backtracking!

@ChipperfieldNot: if he wants us to do well why is he still in charge and why was he happy for us to finish 17th?

@Jimmy4249: Tell him he is welcome to blame me for losing his job as long as he goes got every intention of making it as unpleasant as possible for him if he is still there next season

@StagnatingNUFC: What utter BS! Seriously, I can’t understand why the media love him so much. I cannot get my head around how he has so many mates on TV who are willing to sing his praises and call us deluded for wanting him out

@CraigA66: Think the best thing for everybody is for him to part ways with the club. His mindset is polar opposite of every fan and he’s forever backtracking. He can leave in the summer, knowing he’s done the job required of him and we get a fresh start. Going on too long now.

@wilky2k12: If he didn’t mean that why did he mention we wanted the days of signing Shearer for world record fees again? Was that limited vocabulary too

@PaulProud3: Cant wait till we can get back into the ground then he won’t be saying that! The fans will tell him exactly what we all think of him

@Bocafuente: “Limited vocabulary”? Disingenuous, back-pedalling bullshit. What did he think the words he said meant? Good to hear he “basically” wants the club to do well, though. Inspiring as always.

@bigrobnufc: Someone’s starting to realise he’s about to have fans back in the ground, he’s done nothing but call us worse than shit for about a year 😂

@ShevasNUFC: If he didn’t mean it, why did he say all those things about fan expectations then? And if he wants the club to do well, why has he made the whole thing a complete farce under his control?

@wyjprm: As good communication is obviously a key tool in a manager’s armoury surely if he doesn’t have so much as a grasp of basic English his position is untenable. #nufc

@BobHend25497803: Steve Bruce’s “limited vocabulary” matches his limited managerial ability

@As_it_is10: What a fucking bell end. Using the phrase “limited vocabulary” on purpose looking for some sympathy

@mag_1892: What a load of bollocks he knows exactly what he said and is back peddling to avoid any stick when the fans come back

@NathJD92: Blokes a coward

@davidharrisonn: The mans an absolute clown

@lc_curry: Thats not what he has said, constantly having digs at fans for wanting better than simply surviving. This man has taken our club backwards in every area. He is a fraud and a coward. #BruceOut

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