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Steve Bruce hits out at Newcastle fans and makes admission on his role

Steve Bruce hits out at Newcastle fans and makes an admission on his role after being booed despite his side’s win against Sheffield United.

The boss has warned he won’t put up with “ridicule” and doesn’t enjoy management, but plans to stay on as Newcastle United boss next season.

He has held his hands up to the struggle of this season, admitting a slice of it “wasn’t good enough”, and says he needs three or four new “quality” players for next term.

Bruce says the booing he suffered during the lap around the ground after the win on Wednesday has not put him off taking charge next season.

However there will be “big conversations” with owner Mike Ashley and his advisors in the coming days.

Asked if the jeers would impact on the last year of his contract, Bruce said: “The reaction, from the minority…. I am never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, I wasn’t from day one. Of course you are disappointed, but you accept that large parts of the season were not good enough. I understand that too. I am going to crack on as best I can.

“Whether it was a minority, others can judge. We had an awful run over the winter. When people have negativity I have to accept it and it is part and parcel being a Premier League manager.

“Obviously there are big conversations to be had. Let’s see. I am too early to retire. I am getting ready for pre pre-season, for the transfer window, unless someone tells me different.

“As I have said about criticism, if it is fair and balanced, when it is ridicule it gets your back up.

“It is too early to retire yet and I will carry on as long as people want me to do that.”

Bruce admits the job is not much fun, adding: “I have been asked many times, do you enjoy management. Nothing is better than playing.

“Do you ever really enjoy management. You enjoy certain elements, it doesn’t last very long. Enjoy, hmmm, I wouldn’t say you enjoy it.

“It is a challenge. There is always something around the corner. That is managing, it is a difficult job.”

Steve will ask Ashley, who the Sunday Times Rich List says has got £769m wealthier in the last 12 months, for funds in the transfer window.

Bruce said: “If that is right about Mike good for him!

“My job is to knock on the door. I go through my CEO and he is fed up with me knocking on the door.”

Bruce states a win on Sunday, which will take the points total to 45, higher than last season, won’t be a cause for celebration but is a target.

He added: “I would not say it is a success or an achievement. We will accept it because of the problems we have had

“After that the players get a well-earned break. I’m sure they are sick of the sight of me! They can clear off and do what they like and get out of my hair for a while.”

Bruce says that Newcastle will try to “test Arsenal’s resolve” over Willock after Mikel Arteta insisted he would be brought back into the first team.

He said of Willock: “He has been great for Newcastle. He’s propelled himself by scoring six. But let’s see. We will see in the summer if we can test their resolve.

“He is a smashing lad. He has enjoyed being up here. His father has enjoyed it too. They say: Oh I don’t want to go to the North East but he loves it.

“He has probably done too well! We will see what happens.

Bruce’s comments come just a week after he praised the fans: “What makes this club great is its fans. They come in their thousands and want the club to do well. And basically, so do I. If the fans think that I meant their expectations are too high then that’s not what I meant at all. That’s my limited vocabulary.”

Twitter users reacted as Steve Bruce hits out at Newcastle fans and makes admission on his role…

@Toonern: We would have gone down without Jones so credit to the club for doing something that worked. Its not your achievement Bruce!!

@AOlssonNUFC: Just the winter ffs shows how clueless he is try the whole fuckin season

@marktfleming: It’s not the Winter of discontent, Steve. It’s the fact that you and the owner are a disaster waiting to happen. We can see it even if you refuse to.

@ToonMouthTyne: 🤡🤡🤡

@Ted246_: The fans inside on Wednesday had their chance and blew it. Course he will think they’re the minority. #BruceOut

@LiamNUFC98: Luckily stadiums won’t be full till next season

@MartinJohnson10: He’s in for such a wake up call next season. I don’t know a single nufc fan who wants him as manager

@CiaranMcQuaid2: Oh great. Wait till there’s 52k in see if it’s a minority then

@michaeL73523388: I question if it is minority or majority of fans want Bruce out my opinion is it is the vast majority,and he will find out next season when he takes team on his normal long winless run, and he will feel the wrath of fans.better he went now, #BRUCEOUT

@RentonStu: ‘I will carry on as long as people want me to’ Nobody wants you to Steve

@steviewatson01: Minority! Blokes an absolute bellend. He’d be better off not answering the questions because if he thinks it’s a minority wait till next season. Most hated manager I can remember.

@runboyrun35: “But I’m not ready to retire yet. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll crack on to the best of my ability. I will carry on as long as people want me to.” erm Steve, people don’t want you to carry on so do one ya big bell!

@mickycantwell: I’ve slated him this season, but I’m pretty sure that he isn’t going to be leaving the club in the summer so I’m willing to give him another chance. If we could replicate what we’ve done at the end of this season then I’d be happy

@TonyBongeordie: Not worth listening to, it will be his usual drab, “oh life is such a struggle” , “the premier league is so tough” , “NUFC are lucky to be safe” blah blah miserable shit…….am I wrong?

@1892Killer: Accepting isn’t enough. He needs to listen, admit his deficiencies, recognise that he’s not capable of motivating the squad to produce consistent performances, understand that most of us never wanted him here & that by insulting the fan base he lost even more & resign. #BruceOut

@markhardy9999: He’s never accepted responsibility EVER. He has always said “it’s my responsibility bla bla bla “ then proceeded to blame others

@FactsRafa: Bruce uses the word ‘’We’’ to take away blame from himself.

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