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Steve Bruce delivers one of the most bizarre quotes in press conference history

Steve Bruce delivers one of the most bizarre quotes in press conference history when asked about the social media boycott.

Newcastle United are set to take on Arsenal this weekend looking to build on recent positive results with The Magpies on the verge of safety.

Bruce is a manager of the month candidate after picking up Premier League wins over Burnley and West Ham – while they secured good points against Liverpool and Spurs.

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On Friday morning, he was asked about social media, to which he replied: “”You know my thoughts on social media. There’s good and bad. I worry about social media, not just about disgusting racism, but I worry for young people when they’re vulnerable and looking at it. Governing bodies need to police it better.”

On the planned boycott by majority of clubs, leagues and broadcasters of English football, Steve Bruce was quoted saying: “I was talking with my son about abuse a referee was getting & he said ‘Dad, it’s nothing compared to what you get.’ I looked & was like ‘wow’. But on the flip side social media got me my dog back after it ran away from a Firework display.”

He added: “So I’m all for the boycott because we should all be accountable for what we write. People shouldn’t be allowed to write these things. I continually worry about young, vulnerable people and the affects it has on them.”

Three weeks ago, in light of several clubs announcing a boycott of social platforms in response to abuse and discrimination, Bruce said: ‘I’m right behind the actions they have taken, I applaud those clubs.

‘The abuse that that I’ve taken on social media… for me, it’s a scourge, we should ban it all. I don’t see any benefit. Ban the whole lot as far as I’m concerned. No social media, for me, would be the way forward.’

Thierry Henry is leading a campaign for social-media bosses to make users more accountable for their posts.

He said that a weekend boycott would send a ‘very powerful’ message.

Henry wants all users to be verified by way of official documentation, and Bruce added: ‘It’s about time people are accountable, like with your phone. I do think the platforms should be policed better.

‘Some of it, and I’ve seen it, is vile. If you’re vulnerable, and people are abusing you… young people of today are constantly reading it and getting abused. If you’re a little bit fragile then it can damage people.

‘My son came off because of the abuse he was getting and my daughter has done the same. It’s not right.’

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Steve Bruce also spoke on Allan Saint-Maximin’s future at Newcastle: “I have no doubt he’ll attract interest (from other clubs) – you only need to watch him once to know he’s a gifted footballer & he’ll get you off your seat.We stood & applauded him for a goal he scored in training the other day.”

He said he was desperate to sign Joe Willock permanently: “He doesn’t like being called super-sub by the way. But I’d love to keep him, he ticks all the boxes. He’s enjoyed it here – and why wouldn’t he – he’s got the football world talking about him with his late goals.”

Fans reacted as Steve Bruce delivers one of the most bizarre quotes in press conference history…

@NUFCJL: Anyone else find it REALLY weird that Alex Bruce shows him it and constantly tells him how much “abuse” he’s getting. There’s just a weird complex to this and I can’t put my finger on it. If he’s not on there and made that choice why is his son showing him these things? Strange

@AliOliver27: My new all time favourite tweet

@GlennMCcready: Why the fuck would you take a dog to a firework display 😩

@SneakyFulhamFan: This is the man who is staying up at our expense. The man who Scott Parker has lost out to. I have absolutely no strength left in my body.

@TPDWillo: what an odd thing to say.

@danmorgi34: This is the most Steve Bruce quote going… Alex Bruce loves it.

@ebanks_brook9: That’s kind of sad and unreal at the same time!

@adame8719: Who takes their dog to a firework display 🙈

@mathewclarke: This is brilliant. Like something Trunp would say in a rally

@chrislepkowski: I’m no dog owner…but a dog at a firework display. What?

@neilTheMagpie: Quite amusing that, in a perverse sort of way

@carlinbiffa: But his son was ok to threaten a Sunderland fan a few years back on social media

@IP_Freely: Opinions about his management aside I find Bruce a very likeable man. I would love for him to succeed.

@Collins1892: @QuicklyKevin classic Steve Barnes

@ReeceDSport: Best. Quote. Ever

@nicola_cookson: How can his son see the abuse? He’s blocked virtually everyone on Twitter

@markhardy9999: Maybe if he had not of taken a dog to a fire work display it wouldn’t of became alarmed and upset to the point it has to run away

@cjhhhh21: Is this real life?

@ImRobM: Steve Bruce taking a dog to a firework display tells you all you need to know about his decision making.

@Louis_f98: Only Steve Bruce would take his dog to a firework display the cabbage cunt 😂

@AlecFlood: Imagine taking a dog to a fireworks display. Steve Bruce.

@StuLord: Why the fuck is Steve Bruce taking his dog to a fire work display. Cruel bastard. @RSPCA_official

@NUFCThreatLevel: There’s your Newcastle United story for the day. Steve Bruce’s dog using the cover of a fireworks display to make a failed bid for freedom.

@Nikrai2: Steve Bruce got his dog back guys. Why the fuck would you take him to a firework display hahahahahahhaa

@Staff_Editor: Good grief. If he wasn’t such a terrible manager and in charge of my club, I think I’d actually like him.

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