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Stephen Howson apologises as fans fury at comparing Ed Woodward with Munich disaster

Rio Ferdinand co-host Stephen Howson apologises as fans on social media fury at comparing Ed Woodward with the Munich disaster.

Rio Ferdinand’s podcast sidekick Stephen Howson said sorry after saying Ed Woodward was worse for Manchester United than the Munich air disaster.

Howson, who works with the Rio on Vibe with Five, compared the impact which Woodward had in his near 10-year reign as executive vice-chairman to the darkest day in the club’s history, which saw eight players and three officials killed on the 6th of February, 1958.

Speaking on the Paddock Podcast, in a short clip which has done the rounds, he said: “I think where United are at the moment, f*** it I’m gonna say it on camera. I think Woodward was worse for us than Munich.

“Obviously I’m not comparing people passing away, but I’m saying 10 years post-Munich we was European champions. Ten years of Woodward, we’re in the s***.”

He then added: “I’m absolutely not taking anything away from the people who have lost their lives in Munich, but in terms of something that’s f***ing happened, Woodward has been f***ing worse for the football club and where we’ve progressed in that time.”

After a clip of the comments was shared, one person replied: “There is no possible context where these words are acceptable.” Another wrote: “The worst take I’ve seen with someone who has a huge following. I HATE Ed Woodward but saying that is massively disrespectful and should be apologised for really…..”

Responding to the backlash, Howson replied: “I can apologise on the delivery, for sure – but this wasn’t a scripted point – never is. It’s a podcast. It was 40 odd mins in to a chat. I clarified at the time what I meant. Most people have understood. But Twitter will look for outrage like it always does.”

In a later tweet, he wrote: “I definitely should have worded this better & apologise for any offence I’ve caused. Please watch the full context below, I hope people can see what I was trying to say. I’m a fan who loves our football club, not a trained presenter so I may f*** up sometimes. I’ve done some docs on Munich in past – I know the importance of this to our football club.”

As mentioned, Stephen Howson apologises as fans fury at comparing Ed Woodward with the Munich disaster…

@Utd_Deng: Wtf! Man said it with no shame as well 😔

@JohnGubba: There is no possible context where these words are acceptable.

@TheUnitedSmith: It doesn’t matter about context or what you meant really because there are a million and one other things that you could have compared it to, to show the extent of your point, horrible to compare a novelty like Woodward to a historic horrible disaster

@thegaffer1969: Munich should not be used as a comparison in any context. As you said yourself, this is a fuck up.

@kylehaddy: Still the same in full context your comparing people dying in a tragedy to a guy hiring the wrong managers. You only said to be edgy. Can see how uncomfortable @JayMotty was 2 minutes later.

@OutlawTay1: Wtf how could someone even think of that

“Fuck it I’m going to say it on camera”
Makes you think what else he’s said.

@Shreyas_56: @rioferdy5 you give this guy a platform to spread hate

@InsqneMagic: Have a word with him @rioferdy5

@Caleb_Mufc: Munich was bigger than football let alone Manchester United. This guy has something seriously wrong with him wtf

@MUCanvasBadges: Wow oh Wow. This is the sort of people @rioferdy wants to make United content with. Yes he was bad for us but nothing compares to Munich. Simply unbelievable #mufc

@mcfcIeo_: It’s obvious that he means that in a purely footballing on the pitch sense, Man United have been damaged more by Ed Woodward’s presence than the players they lost due to the Munich Air Disaster but that’s an unforgivable thing to say or even think like that. Horrible, senseless. I understand the point he’s making but I don’t give him any sympathy. It’s a disgusting and insensitive way of looking at things. How does that even cross your mind because your football team’s been having a few bad results?

@JonnyFX1: Stephen Howson has seriously put his foot in it this time! @rioferdy5 comparing the Munich tragedy to Ed Woodward’s reign! People lost their lives for god sake! Wasteman!!

@seanyIawson: I always knew that Stephen Howson was a cunt. Nice to have these things confirmed. Another United fan with no brain running their gob with authority. What a fucking disgusting thing to say.

@jasonoconnor121: I know and understand the point you were trying to make, but I don’t think Munich should be put into comparison with anything, it is, and always will be the worst thing thats ever happened to Manchester United, and i know you know that too

@UnitedDNA99: “F**k it, I’m going to say it on camera. Woodward was worse for us than Munich.” I knew he was scum for scamming our own fans but what this vermin said about Munich is unforgivable. @StretfordPaddck get rid of this pr*ck. Look how uncomfortable Jay looked when he said it.

@shornKOOMINS: What the hell is wrong with that guy?

@jabbathesutt: Howson yet again proving he has cotton wool for a brain. And you still associate with him @rioferdy5. Why?

@rebekkarnold: This is absolutely grim

@GarBreeninhoLfc: Some good United lads out there I know but this is an embarrassment, any links this emptyhead has with their club should be cut. A disgrace to the lives lost in Munich

@TommyPhillipss: How has he openly said that 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@_Riddxck: There’s definitely a correlation between cholesterol levels and speaking utter shite

@EPLIndex: A terrible, terrible fella. Tries to claim the context was “in a footballing sense”. I think most of your players dying is worse in a “footballing sense” than not winning trophies for a few years myself.

@livzledgee: How you comparing Ed Woodward ruining man utd to the munich disaster like innocent people never lost their life 🤦🏽‍♂️

@Biggies_MaIIs: He’s an absolute dickhead this bloke. Trying to defend himself as being “taken out of context” and RTing all the braindead idiots saying “he worded it wrong but I get his wider point”. I mean fucking hell. They have no grip on reality.

@DPSD37: I’m blocked by this mess already but can you believe he’s said Woodward, a man who assisted United’s managers in spending a billion pound on the players they wanted, is worse than the Munich disaster?

@RSCSpeckyB: That’s disgusting, even with the context underneath it’s just not right to even have the two together in the same sentence. That club has lost the plot since Sir Alex left, they have no morals left or dignity on and off the pitch.

@winkveron: Horrendous comment in whatever context it was meant

@ZizouSzn10: an absolute fuckwit

@NameIsJamie: Those lads died. No amount of poor performances by a chief executive can ever come close to how devastating Munich was.

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