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Stephen Cleeve slams ‘inaccurate accusations’ and tells fans to let him get on with saving King’s Lynn

Stephen Cleeve slams ‘inaccurate accusations’ and tells has asked concerned fans to let him get on with saving King’s Lynn Town.

The National League North club reportedly face a race against time to ‘ensure they can finish the season’ with owner Stephen Cleeve holding talks with a number of parties as to how they can sort the situation, with the hope of finding a sum of £300,000.

This had been made tougher with the cash-strapped side needing to pay for security to prevent crowd trouble and deal with fines expected to be handed to the Linnets over grim chants heard in the game and fighting seen when they’ve played Boston United.

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A plea was put out to Stephen Cleeve:

“Dear Stephen Cleeve,

“As a devoted supporter of King’s Lynn Town Football Club, I write to you with a heavy heart and mounting concerns about the uncertain path that lies ahead for our beloved club. Our history, while adorned with moments of promise, is also marred by the anguish of broken commitments, such as the distressing chapter of 2009 when assurances faltered, and our club collapsed.

“Recent events have cast a shadow over the stability and future of our football club.

“Your own candid admission of an unsuccessful quest for investment in America has further exacerbated our already precarious financial state. This setback plunges the club into a perilous situation, leaving us on the precipice of uncertainty and financial strain.

“Moreover, the stark reality, openly stated by yourself, about the club’s immediate financial requirement of £300,000 to sustain the current season is distressing. The future of King’s Lynn Town Football Club hangs in the balance, and the absence of these funds could potentially lead to an untimely and devastating end to our cherished season.

“The alleged dismissal of vital off-field personnel, not only diminishes revenue streams but also signifies a concerning regression. These dedicated individuals were instrumental in generating vital income for the club. Their absence not only impacts the club’s financial health but also speaks volumes about the dire financial challenges faced off the pitch.

“Amidst the challenges off the field, its important to acknowledge the remarkable achievements on the pitch that have brought pride and joy to us, the supporters. The success in securing National League status, coupled with the thrilling FA Cup runs in recent seasons, has been a testament to the dedication and skill of our team.

“The resilience and determination exhibited by our players have provided us with moments of exhilaration and pride, underscoring the spirit and talent that define King’s Lynn Town Football Club. These achievements have been the source of immense joy and inspiration for us, the devoted fans.
However, as we celebrate these triumphs, the shadow of uncertainty looms large over the club’s future. The disparity between the on-field success and the tumultuous off-field situation accentuates the need for open communication and a unified approach to navigate the challenges that threaten to undermine the progress we’ve witnessed on the pitch.
In these tumultuous times, I implore you to recognise the profound significance of open communication and transparency with the loyal fanbase. A fans forum or a platform that allows supporters to gain insight into the true state of affairs concerning our club is essential. Your honesty and openness in sharing the challenges, the strategies in place, and the path forward will not just alleviate the fears and uncertainties that cloud our thoughts but will also unite us in our collective resolve to safeguard the future of King’s Lynn Town Football Club.

“The opportunity for direct interaction and understanding is invaluable. It would not only strengthen the bond between the club and its supporters but also reaffirm our belief in the shared goal of securing a prosperous future for our cherished institution, our football club.

Yours faithfully, Joshua Yates”

Stephen Cleeve has said the following tweets:

“Just to reassure you – no catering staff were told that this was their last day today – there was some misinformation put out by someone, they walked out before the game to try and create maximum disruption which it did.

“After some thought I have decided not to post on social media again until I can bring you some positive news. I have explained in some depth where we are and the situation has not changed, I am working around the clock to find a solution for the club…

“There are a few people who are delighting and enjoying every minute of our difficult scenario and many accusations being made that are widely inaccurate – as those people do not know the full picture. It is no secret that there have been difficulties between certain staff.

“Members but that is the same as most companies. I need to get on with saving the club which I fully intend to do and I do not have the time to be sidetracked or for negativity as my focus is ensuring our survival. I know that many fans are eager to know what is going on and much of your concern is simply as you are wanting to know what is happening but like any transfer discussion I am simply not able to update you without jeopardising these talks. I will deal with other matters once the main job is done. I would like to thank you for your support and the many emails I have been sent wishing me and the club well – I know that I carry a huge responsibility and I am personally exhausted with the situation but it would help everyone if we could all stay positive and move forward together. COYL”

This is what Twitter users are saying as Stephen Cleeve slams ‘inaccurate accusations’ and tells fans to let him get on with saving King’s Lynn Town…

@LeighOvo1: Just out of interest, why would the people in the catering van say otherwise? Fair play to the 2 ladies who stayed.

@robbiesfan: No one is delighting in what is going in in the club. We ALL love the club. Maybe transparency needs to be applied to the club and whats happening. Things like bringing the website up to date??

@Simontimofish: I hope you get saved like my club Southend utd we rise from the ashes I hope there is someone out looking for a project to save Kings lynn

@AndyPickwell: I’m not going to post on social media again… proceeds to post lengthy rant completely detached from reality within seconds. Step away from the keyboard, you plank. 😂

@ButlerAndy: Not a good day all round Stevie Boy……..

@superbendy24: Feel for the supporters. This is clearly a perilous situation. The open statement of the quantum of funds required to continue the season. Seems the club is living well beyond sustainable means, required investment with little commercial return… outcome looks inevitable I think

@renny_overton: Because people often lie about being told they will be sacked, Steve Cleeve never lies after all

@stonecharlie03: Yeah so surely if they’ve walked out they ain’t gonna be there anymore

@ScottyLorimer10: Bet Tommy is buzzing he left now 😂 They are in turmoil.

@R0vers78: You need to find a buyer pronto as it’s clear you can’t afford to run the Club. Not a Lynn fan but a club I always look out for. Would be such a shame if the Club got wound up

@LiamBell24: Have we got a football club next week Stephen

@cas_coach_: Going full time was a big mistake as not feesable for a small attendance club, lots could have been done hire of club room lots of things and ideas

@RicayTownCrier: All the best Stephen, it’s often a thankless task, but having been there I know exactly how difficult it is, and I can clearly see how hard you are working for the best outcome for klfc. All the best mate.

@spm2866: Mr Cleeve without people like yourself local clubs have no chance of ever breaking the glass ceiling in the football world, how you remain collected & calm much of the time during the tough times is admirable & can’t be ignored. Keep believing KLFC will return bigger & better

@richardpotty: Club is in turmoil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Dijkinho: I follow your club from afar as I see the players in the gym so look out for results. All I see is a chairman who has made a right good go at getting Kings Lynn on the leagues. The club is full time in NLN & you seem to have their best interests at heart. Good luck

@AlanNea14196104: Hope you achieve what you are aiming for Stephen, the town needs the football club.

@Sharpey__69: You are out of your depth, aren’t you.

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