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Step 4 club have stadium damaged by vandals

Step 4 club Brighouse Town have seen their stadium left damaged by drunken vandals during lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic.

The frustrated Northern Premier League Division One North West outfit have released photos of damaged fence panels, a broken lock on a gate, and damage to goal posts.

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The non league club’s volunteers have noticed an increase in the number of instances in people trespassing on their private land, climbing a high fence to gain access and even playing football where they aren’t allowed.

Groundsman Darren Laycock said there were groups of children and young adults drinking alcohol in the dugouts and causing damage.

The issue has been reported to the police after more than 50 bottles were found in the grounds.

Brighouse said on their Facebook page: “Here is the damage that has been caused over the last few days. ????

“This is going to cost the club a lot of money to repair as well as damage done to the grass which was due to start growing but this has now been ruined with people being on the grass.

“We urge that people keep away from the ground to allow the pitches to be seeded and the grass to nurture in preparation for the new season.

“Please share this with family and friends and children as well as we are seeing that it is youths aged 14-20 that seem to be causing the damage.”

Mr Laycock said: “We’ve had to start padlocking the goal posts up, so they can’t use them, but now they are being damaged as the groups try to pull them apart.

“They are also damaging the repairs that we’ve done to the grass.

“There was such a large group last weekend that people thought we’d started training again. But it’s not us.”

In April, they launched a donation page to try and raise £10,000 to help them cope with no football due to the coronavirus pandemic. So far they have raised around £4,613.

Fans were left appalled after seeing the Step 4 club have their stadium damaged by vandals. Find out what they had to say by clicking on the next page.


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