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Statement issued as video surfaces of FC United of Manchester and Workington fans fighting

A statement has been issued as a video surfaces of FC United of Manchester and Workington fans fighting in a bar post-match.

Workington AFC tweeted: “We are aware of an incident which took place in the bar following our game at FC United of Manchester yesterday.

“The Police attended and we will co-operate fully with any investigation.

“Workington AFC condemns violence of any form and it most certainly has no place in non league football.

“We will be working with FC United to conduct our own investigation and we will take appropriate action where necessary. Thank you”

FC United meanwhile said: “We’re aware of an incident that took place in the Main Stand Bar after our match against Workington AFC today. The police responded to the incident, and we are cooperating fully with their inquiries.

“FC United condemns all forms of violence. We are a community football club and any behaviour that endangers the safety of our staff and supporters is completely unacceptable.

“We want to reassure our supporters that incidents like this are extremely rare at Broadhurst Park and we take them extremely seriously. We are conducting our own internal investigation and we will take action against the perpetrators.

“We are unable to comment further whilst this is an ongoing police investigation. Thank you.”

The game itself saw the hosts ahead after 7 minutes, when Dontai Gabidon goes on the break and taps it in. However, almost as quickly as FC United scored, they concede, with Workington’s David Symington cutting in from the left and the ball bounced off in an unexpected direction in the area and went in the net, as FC’s keeper DJ dived the other way.

Workington went in front on the verge of half time, after an attack saw them break through and Sam Hetherington struck one just out of the reach of Willan to make it 2-1.

Workington then went 3-1 up on 78 minutes, Willan was out of his goal and Lewis Reilly played it in and into the net.

Game info (per Football Web Pages)

Full-time: FC United of Manchester 1-3 Workington AFC
Half-time: FC United of Manchester 1-2 Workington AFC

6′ Dontai Gabidon cautioned
7′ Dontai Gabidon scores
8′ David Symington scores
36’Joe Ferguson cautioned
43′ Sam Hetherington scores
45′ Lewis Reilly replaced Sam Hetherington
45′ Paul Ennis replaced Dan Lafferty
51′ Jake Allan cautioned
57′ Trevon Bryan replaced Paul Ennis
60′ Kelan Swales replaced Dontai Gabidon
65′ Bobby Carroll replaced Conor Tinnion
67′ Aran Fitzpatrick cautioned
68′ Charlie Oliver cautioned
70′ Luke Griffiths cautioned
75′ Aidan Roxburgh replaced Jake Allan
79′ Lewis Reilly scores
83′ Jim Atkinson cautioned
84′ Bobby Carroll sent off

Twitter users reacted with a statement issued as a video surfaces of FC United of Manchester and Workington fans fighting in a bar…

@Chopper1683: Not a phone in sight. Just people living in the moment.

@ryanmsmith89: 1-4 to Workington then?

@footballtravs: Very scruffy but go on! 👊😂

@TonyFrs: Seems like it’s going back to the 70’s/80’s

@jjberwick87: Old manc fannies out

@Petersm8622: 🍺 involved as usual 🤷🏻‍♂️

@DaveTatton2: That’s a shame because they were a welcoming club when we were there fans were great

@crosskeysfan: The legends in the hi-viz really earning their money here.

@Jackalbion96: 7th Division btw, greatest footballing nation on Earth

@MacauleyHannah2: Totally embarrassing, fighting over a game of football.

@yremogtnomnagol: Look at me the pacifist stood at the bar not getting involved proper legend

@cockneyhatter: “If anyone wants to stay after the fight” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@LDA74: Someone please come and collect your dad…

@Trappsradio: Some of the best stewarding I’ve ever seen !

@LiamJohnPaul: One of the main reasons we drink from plastic glasses. Because these lads can’t hold their ale.

@Conor__S22: Give the announcer a raise hahaha

@BarSideBoys: Steward just wanted to go home 😅

@MattyClarkson1: Making friends not millionaires

@danosmith79: The bloke on the mic 🤣🤣🤣

@_cs516: Game FC United tbf they’re all just ex United lads who fucked Manchester United off

@jjberwick87: Childish football behaviour

@JP71AFC: There’s always a woman screaming in the background 😂

@tompondorosa: The non League has some rucks at the games big time!

@DW_Wiggy: A few Marras getting stuck in

@UK_BJK: Nice to see the stewards trying to take control 🤣🤣🤣

@BMUFC_1878: Another reason why I love NPL football

@databasedean: Fella on the left at 21 seconds just carrying on his chat 😂

@HatterSteely: Always were a bunch of wankers

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