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Stan Collymore disgusted at the 10 Premier League clubs who voted AGAINST new £900m EFL deal

Stan Collymore has been left disgusted at the 10 Premier League clubs who voted AGAINST the new £900m EFL deal this week.

According to the Daily Mail, an increasing number of Premier League clubs are contemplating abandoning football’s ‘New Deal’ and pursuing legal action if a government regulator attempts to enforce payment.

On Monday, the top flight outfits met on Monday to vote on a potential deal that could aid the other 72 clubs in the Football League.

However it didn’t even take place after half the league made it clear beforehand that it was not worth doing so.

Mail Sport revealed those clubs were Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham, Aston Villa, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

The Daily Mail add that the idea of one club being asked to give a rival financial help, which could them be used to help them earn promotion at the expense of a team who has funded them, as ‘unpalatable’ and ‘unworkable’.

The Football Governance Bill – due in the coming month – would have the authority to monitor and enforce clubs to be compliant with financial regulations. It would then take a further several months, potentially beyond a General Election, to become law.

The Premier League initially put forward a proposal to pay £836m across five years – which would be in addition to the existing £110m in solidarity payments and £40m a year youth development funding.

Stan Collymore tweeted: “Utter disgrace from the 10 clubs.

“They should fucking remember how many of them have played 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tier football in the blink of an eye instead of giving it the big un.

“Not ONE Premier League club exists WITHOUT the pyramid it came from.

“Fucking jokers the lot of them.

“Liverpool. 2nd tier.
Forest. 3rd tier.
Villa. 3rd tier.
Palace. 4th tier.
Bournemouth. 4th tier.
Wolves. 4th tier.
Chelsea. 2nd tier.
Arsenal. Elected into top flight without merit.
West Ham. 2nd tier.
Spurs. 2nd tier.


“Thank you to those supporters of all clubs who agree with the last few tweets.

“Never felt as dismayed as seeing my club, Founders no less, chose greed and self preservation over a 100+ year old unique football pyramid.

“It’s not good enough Villa.
It’s not good enough Forest.
It’s not good enough Liverpool.

“And if that’s me blacklisted at all 3, so be it. They are only where they are because of the fluidity and solidarity of the pyramid. And everyone reading this knows that’s true.

“William McGregor would be turning in his grave.

“The Premier League is not a unitary, isolated business.

“Bournemouth football club literally spent 114 of 120 years mostly in tier 3 and 4. They are beneficiaries of a fluid, merit based system. And only that. Without the pyramid and it’s potential for upward mobility, they would arguably STILL be in tier 3 or 4 and in no position to Lord it along with 9 others today.

“The Premier League is a part of the pyramid, and trust me, enough supporters and government will ENSURE it stays that way. Therefore it’s one for all and all for one.

“Never felt this low about English football. Much celebrated supporters groups are quiet because their clubs are some of the greedy ones & not one decent pundit is willing to say ” my club is being greedy here”. Soul destroying.

“We’re going to destroy 150 yrs of the most beautiful and unique sporting pyramid.

This is how Twitter users reacted with Stan Collymore disgusted at the 10 Premier League clubs who voted AGAINST the new £900m EFL deal…

@agbnufc_: The nasty oil clubs actually wanted to help the EFL. 😭 The peoples club, Liverpool tho?

@JamieBriody: Why would we not want a deal that will benefit us next season? 😂 #nffc

@Brady1892: So lets get this straight, in a deal to help EFL clubs, rich clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea rejected the deal out of hand. And clubs like Man City and Newcastle would have voted for it, not quite the narrative the media like to peddle 😉😂😂

@Pete_Owlsfan: When one of those clubs are in Reading’s position in a decade, I will remember who they are and what they did this week – and unlike with Reading, I’ll actually be glad

@Jasonsnell17: It’s absolutely shameful that 6 of those clubs have come through the EFL in the last 10 years some owners have short memories

@_kjs1874: Aston Villa founded the Football League. Director William McGregor penned the letter to other clubs and The Football League was formed. His statue stands outside Villa Park as a reminder of this. To see us now shun it is a disgrace and an insult to the history of this great club

@JUSTIN_AVFC_: Disgusted that Aston Villa’s name is one of the 10!!! The money that’s in the premier league is obscene and should filter down to all levels!! And non league!! Shame on them all. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham, Aston Villa, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

@chris_armin: Makes me sick that the media push the narrative that State owned clubs are ruining football. When in essence it’s the Yanks that are the money hungry, corrupt cabal. Desperate to change the game for the extra dollar. #nufc #mcfc #epl

@nanjayman: 5 of those 10 could easily find themselves back in the EFL, surprised they’ve voted against it.

@Martin_Watkins7: Surprised but glad to see United aren’t one of the clubs. Liverpool is a funny one though given their morale high ground on most things 😂

@jasoncubbage: Not surprised at the cartel clubs but shocked clubs like Wolves, Forest, Palace & Bournemouth (of all clubs) are part of this. They have very short memories, some of them nearly went bust in their EFL days. Shameful & short sighted. Football karma can be a bitch.

@theafcbfanpage: Very disappointing. Hopefully someone asks about this at the upcoming fans forum #afcb

@DanStacey03: So so so disappointed in Wolves, Bournemouth, Forest and Crystal Palace. All EFL clubs at heart yet can’t part with a tiny portion of their riches to help out the 72. Grim

@hammersmad: Disgusting that West Ham are on this list. We’ve spent more than enough time in the EFL to understand the importance of the whole football pyramid.

@oshnewport: Bournemouth? Dear lord….

@GilesyL14: If it’s true that we are against this, Parish needs to remember where we came from. He’d be the biggest gobshite out there in favour of this deal were we not in the Prem. The Premier League would be nothing without the football league pyramid supporting it.

@NostalgicNUFC85: Absolute disgrace from the prem teams who shot this down. Did they forget coming from Division 1 & below. Notice the pattern of certain clubs that always vote against everything. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea always these clubs.

@Chris_G_Howard: How long until people actually realise it’s American owners are the threat and not City/Newcastle?

@korsikoff: On the face of it, this looks to be an appalling lack of awareness from #afcb. Forgetting over 90 years of history in the lower leagues and the struggles we almost continuously faced. And we might be back there sooner rather than later…..

@GraemeMcV: At least Everton, who certainly need the tv money, do the right thing.

@jimmymcbride1: You can bet your life savings if Man Utd had of been one of the clubs the headlines would have been totally different than what they are …

@Bartholomew53: Every single club in the football league made the PL a top league from grassroot football to the top off the old first division unfortunately the PL has now destroyed football as a sport

@caiwill__: You can tell it’s all to do with American owners

@Danelfyn: I’ve always said that the top 6 should break off into the european leagues and let the rest of us play proper football 👊

@treacleMoss: They want to keep the same “closed shop” and keep the PL boring and uncompetitive. “The most exciting league in the world”…. My arse

@MolyneauxMike: Football is eating itself. The PL makes the EFL uncompetitive with its parachute payments. Until there is some sanity and proper wealth distribution the Championship clubs should refuse to play the relegated PL clubs. It’s a simple but a nuclear option – call the PL bluff.

@peteburns7: As a fan of a league 1 club I’d be happy if we got promoted to the championship & play there for a long time, the football is real, the fans are proper, the officials let it down a bit, but hopefully will improve, I mean if we got to the prem it’s not like we’d win the thing is it

@mjgarrity72: Greed – don’t care about the game or the fans

@tonyvally: The super league may have been a blessing. Get rid of the selfish, greedy clubs & leave football to those who value the sport rather than money. Rampant greed has ruined the game.

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