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Stan Collymore demands ban on alcohol for all footballers after Jack Grealish criticism

Stan Collymore demands that there is ban on alcohol for all footballers after the criticism thrown at Jack Grealish this summer.

Grealish has been enjoying himself having won the Premier League title, and understandably is celebrating it in style like anyone would.

He partied on the stage and on the bus tour of Manchester and then went off to celebrate in Ibiza, something he defended himself from after being slammed.

After then playing in England’s Nations League games, the 26-year-old flew out to Las Vegas, ahead of a weird season that will stop part way through for the World Cup.

England star Jack Grealish leaves club with brunette beauty after a wild  night out in Las Vegas

He continued drinking in Vegas, and who could blame him, yet Collymore criticised his lifestyle choices, claiming the England player could become the ‘next Gazza.’

There has been plenty defending Grealish from the former Liverpool striker’s comments, however he ain’t backing down, calling the defence of the Grealish ‘appalling,’ and calling for all players to be banned from drinking alcohol.

“The reaction to the article I wrote about Jack Grealish last week has been massive, with many agreeing he needs to curb his partying ways to ­ensure he gets the most out of his talent – but plenty ­disagreeing as well,” the retired player wrote in his Mirror column.

“I’ve actually been appalled by the number of pundits, ­professionals, former ­professionals and ­supporters who fell into the latter camp, and who have spent the past few days lapping up pictures of him partying in Las Vegas and cheering on Jack The Lad.

“I can guarantee him now that those same people will be the ones ­hammering him for being a lush when he has a dip in form.

“…I know the trauma I went through due to my own naivety in my playing days and I see the similarities. He needs to learn he’s not just Jack from Brum any more, he’s public property, and that’s why my message remains, ‘Please, kid, change tack and take it from me that the ‘prize’ of what you’re doing isn’t good.’

“I’d be saying this to any player whose party-boy antics saw him ­regularly wind up on the front pages of newspapers and websites – and I hope soon he will heed my advice. As crazy as this will sound to ­non-sports people, I’d actually like to see football clubs outlawing the ­consumption of alcohol by players altogether.

“The science is clear – alcohol ­seriously decreases athletic ­performance, which is why Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and James Milner steer clear. Doing so hasn’t done those three any harm, has it?

“Look, I get that in football, where the close season is short, the ­temptation to get hammered is strong even for those who drink almost ­nothing during the season. And it’s not easy for such as Grealish, Phil Foden or any number of young British players because ­having a ­skinful and letting your hair down is very much a part of our culture.

“But perhaps if football ­implemented a no-drinking rule it might just have a positive effect on our wider society. And if lorry drivers and machine operators are tested regularly for the levels of alcohol in their systems, why not do it with our footballers?

“The sport has unwritten rules about not riding motorbikes or participating in extreme sports, so why not throw drinking into the mix as well?

“Because, like drugs, alcohol is a toxin and if you even have a pint or two, particularly when you’re not used to it, it can be detrimental to your sleep, which, in turn, has a knock-on effect on performance.”

Jack Grealish leaves Las Vegas nightclub with a mystery brunette after  'partying until 3:30am' | Daily Mail Online

Grealish hit back at those hating on him for getting drunk: “I know people were saying last week, ‘Oh, he’s doing too much’. But what? I’ve just won the Premier League. It’s a dream come true. Why can’t I go on holiday?”

“There’s people that are at England with me now who went to Vegas, Ibiza, Marbella, all these places. No one said a word, but because it was me, people were saying things.’

“I’m doing what I have loved doing my whole life. I’m the most expensive British player but I’m also the Jack from Solihull who my friends and family know. I’ll never let that leave me, no matter what anyone says.”

Collymore compared him to being the new Gazza, saying: “I recoil every time I see him on the front a newspaper because my concern is that, with the acquiescence of the media, he is painting himself as, ‘the new Gazza’. Everyone has been looking for one and we thought it might be Phil Foden for a while, but if Jack isn’t careful it’s going to be him.

“As soon as I read he was going to Las Vegas with a load of mates, I thought the media was setting the scene for a wild weekend. For all we knew, they could have been going off on a Buddhist retreat — but obviously the narrative is already right because of course he was going to stick on the Beatles sunglasses with his bleached blond hair and all the gear.

“What Jack has done is basically what I did after signing for Liverpool in 1995. I treated all my mates to a holiday in Ayia Napa and the paps were there, getting photos of me doing bungee jumps and coming out of bars, having a pint in squares with a young Frank Lampard and Jamie Redknapp. So I know what’s coming for Jack and what’s coming is, firstly, they say, ‘Good looking lad, all right, Jack, he’s enjoying it’. And he’ll be thinking, ‘I can play football and go out, what a great life this is’.

“But then he’ll have a run of bad games and the dye will be cast, and once it’s cast it’s very difficult to get off. I guarantee Jurgen Klopp will be seeing the photos and thinking, ‘I dodged a bullet there’. While his boss at City, Pep Guardiola, will be saying, ‘Okay, you’re pickling your liver. Well, let’s see what you’re like in pre-season compared to the other boys’.

“The problem then comes when you get an injury because if City bring someone else in and decide to biff Jack off, I just don’t want him to be the circus I was, where you go from club to club to club looking to be happy, you then go to Bradford who are struggling, then to Spain to try to rescue your career, and before you know it you’re done and dusted at 31.

“He has choices to make now — he can either keep playing football and partying, although I’m yet to know of anyone who can do both well. Or he can become like Kevin De Bruyne, who you rarely hear of beyond football. When he’s finished, he’ll still only be early-30s and a good-looking boy, and there’ll be plenty of time to do all the things he wants to do then.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’ll win trophies with City if he goes on the toot seven days a week but he won’t be the top man. Fans are already saying, ‘Come on, he won the Premier League last year’, but how much did he contribute? I just want him to do well — he’s from my neck of the woods and he reminds me of me a bit, a bit gullible, perhaps, and not as in control of everything as he thinks. He’s looked after by Jonathan Barnett, Gareth Bale’s agent, and he needs to step up now and say, ‘Are we supporting Jack to be an elite athlete or a clothes or hair model?’ They have handled Gareth perfectly and now I want them to do the same with Jack.”

Ally McCoist, meanwhile, defended Grealish and said he “doesn’t have a problem” with him partying in Las Vegas.

“If Grealish is going to party, when is the right time to do it? Now is the time,” McCoist told talkSPORT, before adding: “All I’m seeing from him is what a normal young man would do on holiday.”

Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Barry Bannan, who played with Grealish during his spell at Aston Villa, also showed support for his ex-teammate.

“What is Jack Grealish actually doing wrong by being in Vegas, enjoying his time off?” he said on Twitter. “Lay off the kids back, most other Premier League players doing exact same but nothing being said.”

Twitter users gave their thoughts while Stan Collymore demands a ban on alcohol for all footballers after the Jack Grealish criticism…

@Daviekeir: Football is losing its personality

@philsmith_91: Coming from the bloke who use to knock his misses about after a few. Get in the sea Collymore

@_Bran_98: Let them enjoy success… also it’s a personal choice, just cause some enjoy a drink there others that don’t. Imagine your work putting in your contract you can’t drink outside of work hours

@CFCMnotho: They are humans as well ffs, let them have fun

@akrxm94: I don’t drink alcohol and never have but this is so stupid, the lad is on holiday. The football season was over and wants to have fun? Unless he has hurt someone, I don’t see what the issue is if he’s on holiday and drinking?

@leesimpson97: Stan Collymore trying to stay relevant in 2022?

@jackstone1800: I’m not sure he’s the best person to be giving advice to footballers on what they should be doing in their personal life 😅🥊

@bigscottlee: The bloke is on holiday and still aloud a life. He’s the sportsman he dictates. Imagine you working in a warehouse and your boss says on your week off mate no drinking. I know what I’d say

@dreamerglory: Stan ‘I need to stay relevant’ collymore

@cuttsie18: Erm no. If this was in season behaviour then I get it. They are professional footballers they need to act appropriately especially given wages and their image for kids. But it’s off season, let them relax and enjoy their hols

@GLongworthBWFC: Not everyone beats up their Mrs after a beer Stan!

@RacingBlade: If a lad can’t go on holiday & have a few deserved drinks without being scrutinised by everyone then it’s a bad do , plus mr goody twoshoes Collymore never done owt wrong has he

@RickMcGurty94: Absolute garbage

@ras830: No way! Let them live a little! Their schedule is so damn tight all year. Let them enjoy themselves! They’re humans after all! 😅

@ROSSH1872: Some people can handle their drink without punching their mrs about.

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