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Stamford Bridge gets vandalised as Norwich and West Ham fans taunt Chelsea with chants

Stamford Bridge gets vandalised overnight as Norwich City and West Ham fans taunt Chelsea with chants before and during their games.

Blues fans showed their continued support for Abramovich, with his name heard from the away end before kick-off against Norwich City.

The oligarch had his assets frozen and sanctions placed upon him by the Government due to his ‘connections’ to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The club was granted a special licence to play matches and pay its staff, however they remain under strict conditions that prevent Abramovich from personally profiting from any new revenue.

Despite their future being up in their air, Chelsea fans gathered outside Carrow Road on Thursday evening to show continued love for Roman, whose millions helped propel the club to its most successful-ever period.

Visiting supporters loudly chanted his name before breaking out into cries of ‘Chelsea get sanctioned, everywhere we go’, prompting rival fans and pundits to deride them.

Norwich City’s fans responded with tongue in cheek chants of: ‘Chelsea are bankrupt, everywhere they go’ and ‘Where’s your money gone?’ – something that West Ham fans also sang before their Europa League game against Sevilla on Thursday.

It comes after the oligarch’s name was chanted by Chelsea fans during a minute’s applause for Ukraine at Burney on Saturday, sparking widespread condemnation.

The Chelsea Supporter’s Trust and manager Thomas Tuchel had previously urged all Chelsea fans not to sing the name of owner Roman Abramovich during moments of solidarity with Ukraine.

Blues fans at Burnley last Saturday ruined a pre-match minute of applause for the citizens of Ukraine by chanting the name of the Russian billionaire who has bankrolled their enormous success in recent years.

Chelsea fans have been urged to stop singing in support of their owner Roman Abramovich by a Government minister.

“I’m a football fan myself, I’m a [Crystal] Palace fan, in south London. So I understand why fans are very attached to their football clubs,” Philp told BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme on Friday morning.

“But Roman Abramovich is someone who has been sanctioned now, yesterday morning, for his very close links to Vladimir Putin and the Putin regime.

“And I just say respectfully to the Chelsea fans, I know he’s done a lot for the club, but the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and what the Russian regime are doing to civilians – shelling maternity hospitals and shooting civilians who are fleeing down humanitarian corridors – and that is more important than football.

“And I say that as a football fan myself, and I would just ask them to keep that in mind.”

Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea face an uncertain future but has promised the team will keep competing on the pitch.

Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea face an uncertain future but has promised the team will keep competing on the pitch.

“As long as we have enough shirts and a bus to drive to the games, we’ll be there and will compete hard,” boss Tuchel told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“We take it day by day. I didn’t see that coming yesterday and I don’t know what is coming tomorrow.”

Tuchel added that the off-field developments had proved “another level of distraction”.

The German added: “Of course the subject is there, the talks are going on, so there is a certain distraction. The level of impact it has – the news of today is big – in time we don’t know how big.

“We cannot influence it.”

Tuchel says that he is “still happy” to be manager of the club after Abramovich was sanctioned.

“I’m not sure I am concerned, but I am aware of it.

“It changes almost every day. I am still happy to be here and still happy to be manager of a strong team. I know there is a lot of noise around.

“It is quite a big change from yesterday to today but we can’t influence it, we didn’t cause the situation.

“In the moment, it seems that business, let’s say football-wise, is more or less protected, but let’s see.

“I feel privileged to have the chance to be involved in games, coaching and football that I love.”

Pat Nevin, former Chelsea winger, said to BBC Radio 5 Live: “We are in unchartered water, but the football side, what will happen to the club now? No-one knows. I can tell you something, it’s very serious.

“I heard someone say recently the wage bill is £28m a week. Where will you get that if you can’t trade? If this carries on for a period of time, it’s strange looking to see how the club is viable in its current form.

“It’s not hyperbole to say the future of the club is in serious danger.

“I can’t say ‘everything will be OK’. I think the club will survive. Will it look the same after all this is over? No, I don’t think that will be the case.”

Twitter users reacted as Stamford Bridge gets vandalised while Norwich and West Ham fans taunt Chelsea with chants…

@jstanuddaw00l: Chelsea fans apparently spent 12 hours learning a football chant that contains more than one word

@Mattwoodruff_: Can’t wait for them to go bust

@btodd_13: They really are thick as shit

@Maltby29TTV: This mob are actually clueless

@itsjonnyboy_: What is wrong with them? I’ve never understood the love in with Abramovich, let alone now. City fans have detestable owners too, but they don’t idealise their owners like Chelsea do. They don’t, on the whole, criticise them but there isn’t a love-in with them like at Chelsea.

@OwenWebbORourke: Had a season ticket holder say it was “bollocks” when I said I guarantee they’ll sing his name today. Said they loved the club before he was there and after he will be there. Aren’t aways meant to more of the diehards?

@cj_garrett: Proper scummy from Chelsea fans, that.

@Tristan_ATFC: Makes a difference from “CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA”

@curlyx_kiara: genuinely hope for the worst for them

@danlad_hassan: Maybe Chelsea fans should start a protest

@tradu81: Brilliant. CFC fans need to voice the injustice here.

@hizzre: Fax but they’re not going to listen to that

@KinoPalmer: CFC wasn’t the ones who went and bomb them people in the Middle East. Leave us alone.

@BG23_CFC: The Truth has been spoken 👏👏 Witch hunt against Chelsea is embarrassing and unfair. It’ll change nothing about the war

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