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Spennymoor v Darlington halted as fans fight with objects thrown at players

Spennymoor v Darlington had to be halted as fans decided to fight with objects thrown at players from the crowd in the Boxing Day fixture.

Darlington appealed for witnesses following the drama that played out in the stands after it had interrupted the game, with the referee delaying it for a short period during the first half of the contest, which ended 1-1.

Stewards and police managed to restore order as players waited for the match to restart again, however the events clearly marred the encounter.

A Quakers statement published after the game read: “There have been several incidents inside and outside the Spennymoor ground this afternoon.

“If you have witnessed any disorder, then please email dave.watson@darlingtonfc in the strictest confidence.

“The DFC board condemns any anti-social behaviour, and we urge any Darlington fan who witnessed any such behaviour inside or outside the ground to contact us.

“We stated pre-match that if any Darlington supporter is found to have been involved in anti-social behaviour, then they will be banned from Blackwell Meadows.”

After the National League North fixture on social media, Darlo keeper Tommy Taylor claimed coins had been thrown in his direction.

There had been a number of contentious refereeing decisions, and Taylor said: “At what point do the governing bodies look at the standard of officiating at all levels of the football pyramid and realise that it is way below par?! On the plus side I’m a couple of quid up from all the coins thrown at me today.”

Twitter users reacted as Spennymoor v Darlington gets halted as fans fight with objects thrown at players…

@reevedarlo: Two teenagers outside ground throwing bricks over thr fence into darlo fans caused trouble

@GordonJJ71: I was one of the Darlo fans that got hit with one of the bricks, reported to police inside stadium but nothing done about it.

@IAmDanielBrown_: Your fans ripping fences down again.. need to grow up

@SpennymoorBay; Horrible bastards embarrassing for your club.

@MathewHackworth: Looks like Darlo fans that, swinging on fences looks like perfectly normal behaviour.

@ClarkoNUFC: What the fuck 😂😂

@Markodarlo: Someone said Thommo was slagging the Darlo fans off at some point up there end. Was that during this or when he got sent off?

@matthew_bartram: We shouted to him and Curtis to go and tell the spenny fans to calm down, Curtis shrugged his shoulders and tommo heavily hinted he thought our lot were at fault

@darlo_paul12: 110% clearly spenny fans chucking stuff at us!! Spenny need to be fined disgraceful!

@DannyJohn95: Darlington football club at it again picking on there own fans before they actually knows what happened.. ur an absolute joke of a club at times wow

@calbeagle18: Spennymoor.. wouldn’t expect anything less. Scummy little idiots.

@LynnoJay: Becoming a joke of a club now aren’t we, blaming our own fans for shite that they done & started how does that make sense then ? Your supposed to back your supporters & get the right story first!

@stanatlynn: Bit late for that you have had this problem even in your league days and they are still there taking the piss out of Darlington Football Club

@TheVOTTE: 19 seconds in, the Kiddy doing the cut throat signs 😂😂

@connor_ctfc: Good bit of non league pave

@tom2691: Slit throat guestures and chucking ale at each other. Good job there was a big 1 metre fence that no one could climb over to get to the other fans or it could have been mayhem

@Cpat81043530: Shame of County Durham

@onesamaaron: Spennymoor Town learning lessons from last years mess with comical organisation once again. Segregation an utter farce. Uncle Brad and his merry mob blinded to the fact they think their own fans do no wrong, stewards no idea where to let us out whilst the home fans left to meet

@DRACLAD: But it was the Darlo fans fault apparently. See Spennymoor still don’t know how to segregate properly and the stewards took far too long to intervene in situation

@ConnorLowe_: All ears as to how the darlo fans are going to get this spun and blamed onto us this time

@MikeyDfc93: That kid probably wears nappies and would absolutely soli him self if darlo got close to him!

@TimHickman1994: Always getting myself into sticky situations you know, just love the frisk

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