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Southern League match abandoned at half time over incident; clubs release statement

Saturday’s Southern League match between Tamworth and Biggleswade Town had to be abandoned over an incident which occurred at half time.

The Premier Central Division match, which took place at Tamworth’s The Lamb ground from 3pm on the 11th of September 2021, was stopped at half-time with the hosts 1-0 up.

The club said that they are now investigating the incident with details of the abuse were not known when first stating the reason as the why the game was stopped.

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A statement on the Lambs’ website read: “Tamworth FC are disappointed that today’s Southern League Premier Central Division game against Biggleswade Town was abandoned at half-time due to an alleged racist incident.

“The club are now investigating the incident and a further statement will be released once all the facts are known.”

They had originally tweeted: “Sadly today’s Southern League1 game v Biggleswade has been abandoned. A formal statement from the clubs involved will be forthcoming in due course.”

Biggleswade tweeted: “Our game today against Tamworth FC was abandoned due to an incident. A full statement from the club will follow. Pleased to say the club committee, management, players and fans are all safely en route home home.”

The further statement by Biggleswade, issued the following day, read: “Our Chairman, management + players would like to 🙏 you all for all messages.#Waders family have no room for hate of any kind, the players abused feel supported by all. The situ is under invest. + until that has been concluded, there will be no further comment from the club. 💚⚽️”

Social media users reacted with the Southern League match abandoned over the alleged racist incident at half time…

@thecoldend: Hope it gets sorted. Your players did the right thing! You made us Enfield Town fans so welcome a few weeks ago. The Waders are a fantastic club.

@_the_leveller: Ashamed to be a Tamworth fan today, there’s no other word for it. Hope whoever is responsible is found, banned, and handed to police quickly. Respect to the waders players for doing the right thing, just very sorry that it was necessary.

@owencotterell: So proud of my former club today – without kicking a ball in anger, that’s one of the hardest things for the players to have done. Massive respect! #Waders #kickitout

@CardyFreddie: Sounds like @ChrisNunn1972 and everyone at the club have done exactly the right thing today, #KickItOut 👏💚

@Norfs08: Until it stops this should be the standard response. 🚶‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

@footballwoots: Zero surprise!

@Gazumped00: Respect to both clubs, staff and fans who acted positively. Need to stamp this out of the game

@AmpthillArmy: Disgusting. #KickItOut

@andrewthomas12: 👏🏻 fair play all the players having the bottle to make their voices heard. No room for it

@Tref_Griffiths: Proud of Waders taking a stand today. No place for it in football #kickitout

@_Dawesy: Hope the @SouthernLeague1 deal with this in a way which reflects the seriousness of the incident and clear repercussions are given to Tamworth and the fan(s) involved #NoToRacism

@DevonMints: Brilliant by both @Biggleswade1874 and @tamworthfc players today I believe. Both teams refused to play after a racist Tamworth supporter was being a braindead dickhead…

@Luca57580134: #NoRoomforRacism It’s disgusting in our game and in our world, happy to be around great people and a great club! Something has to be done.

@John38915986: Sad day indeed. Just no place for it. Both sets of players absolutely did the correct thing, shouldn’t have to put up with that. Must take a stance against this sort of behaviour.

@_the_leveller: Can we get a confidential whistleblowing line set up @tamworthfc so that we can report those responsible for this sort of thing direct to the club?

@gbfcartz78: Agree with the stance taken by the players here. Only action like this will change the mentality. It’s hard to blame the club for an idiotic fan, they need to deal with it appropriately and swiftly to send a clear message to all

@samrawlings93: Never expected anything like this to happen such a sad day for @tamworthfc hope the absolute low life gets what’s coming to them well done both teams for taking a stand #SayNoToRacism

@Kieran_Eliot: Sad day for my local football club! Need to find the bastard and deal with him!!

David L Archer:
Well done to whichever utter fucking prick has got the club in the shit. No “he didn’t say anything, he’s a good lad”, it’s bad enough for them to refuse to play. You utter arsehole. Is this the 2nd or 3rd incident in a year or two? The nuneaton player brought it up and I’m sure there was one more.
We have a black fucking manager.
We have black fucking players
We have Asian players
Are you fucking stupid???
Game abandoned due to racist abuse.

Conor Stroud: Disgraceful. It almost certainly occurred against Nuneaton and likewise today. Completely unacceptable. It’s not the Dark Ages anymore – whoever said something shouldn’t be allowed to attend again.

Mark Axon: As someone who only visits the Lamb at games against the Boro, there has been a noticeable increase in abuse towards the bench and players in the past few seasons.
Ban the racist and other abusers, close the Shed and put some distance between the dugouts and spectators.

Jimmy Beestone: Get them out of our f**king club. Simple as that. Don’t care if they’re your mate. Don’t care if they ‘were only having banter’, someone knows who was responsible and needs to say something. Congrats to both sets of players for doing the right thing. Is there a confidential method for someone to name those responsible to the club, and if not, can we get one established?

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